Zhen He

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Zhen He[edit]

Ability: Internal GPS: He always knows where he's at and where he's going and how to get there. Spacial awareness and all that.

Background: One of the Shinigami, Zhen He is a Messenger, taking messages amongst the other Shinigami. He's especially used to bring messages from Hell to other lands and back due to his abilities to navigate so well as well as his speediness... The only problem is a small quirk: he has no sense of urgency in his duties. Zhen He loves to explore life and what it holds, to stop and smell the roses, to talk to the neighboring peoples and to the neighboring peoples' dogs and to pause and see a beautiful sunset or a beautiful sunrise. Oh so much that can be done, despite being on a task. All in all, his speed combined with his ability to navigate help to counteract his lifelust, making for usually on-time messages.

Favorite AMV: Stargazer777's This is Halloween of the Homonculi

Favorite Song: Duke Lion by Big Dumb Face. It's so upbeat and silly, he just enjoys it.

Occupation: Shinigami Messenger

Personality: Despite the dark attire, Zhen He is an amiable sort with a chipper attitude. Always looking on the brighter side of life (and death), he is quick to smile and sans linger to frown. Easy-going if a bit energetic when his interest is peaked, Zhen He has a love for all things new and enjoys exploring or even revisiting old experiences. Smelling the same roses, speaking to old friends as well as sniffing a new fragrance or meeting new people. He seems to lack a sense of urgency, despite his occupation.