Yuugi Hoshiguma

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Yuugi Hoshiguma
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Ruinous Super Strength












Manipulation of Supernatural Phenomena


Subterranean Animism


A Flower-Studded Sake Dish on Mt. Ooe


5 (Final Boss)


A long time ago, oni were the undisputed masters of Youkai Mountain, served by it's inhabitants of tengu and kappa; Yuugi and Suika at the time were recognized as two of the Four Deva's of the Mountain, oni of supreme strength and vigor. However Yuugi eventually realized that they were seen as a nuisance to the humans (to put it nicely), and she had decided that it would be best for everyone to move elsewhere, which led to what was recorded into oni history as 'The Great Move to the Underground'. Simple, I know. The oni, especially Yuugi, wasted little time attempting to befriend their new underground neighbors, though were only really allowed to take over what is known as Ancient City as their new home so long as they sealed the evil spirits of hell. Her good friend Suika was unhappy with this new lifestyle however, and she eventually separated, Yuugi guaranteeing that should she return, she'd be welcomed with open arms. Since then Yuugi's remained a popular ambassador of sorts to the clan.


In one word, Yuugi could be described as simple. Like most oni, she's all about having fun, drinking alcohol, and getting into competitions, especially if brawling is involved in the blink of an eye. She isn't educated, but she isn't dumb by any means, she's been around for a long time and because of her curios nature, has seen and learned a lot of things. But she can be tricked by things she doesn't fully understand, and depending on emotion behind the tricks (it usually involves technology), she generally takes it in good stride, and generally doesn't take it personally. But if one is caught by her bullying the weak, her reaction may become much less than friendly. It's rare that she isn't smiling about something, and there's generally a charismatic air about her even when she's being noisy (which she often is), and that, combined with her fearlessness and somewhat clumsy rational generally lands her the part of leader or big sister to her fellow oni. Yuugi is strong. Like, extremely strong, and she's well aware this- When faced with a challenge, she tends to handicap herself, as she wants nothing more in a battle than for both sides to have a chance of winning- her usual handicap is to win without spilling sake from her saucer. Yet with all that rowdiness, Yuugi seems to make an honest effort to be gentle- perhaps as a way of turning away her older self. Were one to ask, the thing she values most is 'friendship'. And seeing as she's incapable of lying...







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