Vespa Kumabachi

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Vespa Kumabachi
Fierce Yellow Jacket






Oo-Suzumebachi Youkai (Beast)




Queen of Hornets


The Ability to Incite Fear


Original Character


Memory in Death (Stage), Biological Imperative (Boss), Terror Time (Extra)




In the world of hornets, one will only live long enough to become a youkai if it is either extremely crafty or extremely aggressive. Vespa is one of the latter. For the past hundred years, as a hornet, she has carved her niche as the most vicious of all hornets. The day she became a youkai, she also secured her position amongst the hives of hornets as superior to all other queens. As such, she has authority over almost every hornet in Gensokyo, though quickly discovered that another youkai could supersede her authority. Wriggle makes Vespa angry. Then again, as a hornet, a lot of things make Vespa angry. To try and distance herself from her hated rival, Vespa has moved most of her hornets out of the Bamboo Forest, settling in the Forest of Magic instead.


Hornets are infamous for being highly aggressive. Vespa is a credit to her kind, with a fierce temper and an habit for going straight to violence right away. She's easy to insult and will hang on to a grudge for a very long time. It can be quite hard to defuse her temper, too, a credit to the hornet's stubbornness when slighted. She considers herself a buff on youkai, and aspires to be like an oni: Indomitable and feared. As such, she's adopted the philosophy of oni: She will never tell a lie, and any friend she makes is a friend for life. As for her fellow Hornets, she's fond of them and cares for several nests in the Forest of Magic.



The claws on Vespa's gauntlet are actually her stinger, which carries the poison of her species. Getting stung is extremely painful, but the poison itself is only dangerous to those who are allergic to bee stings. Due to the painful shock, one good sting with all four points may be enough to Spell Break right away, depending on the victim.


Kumabachi, or 'Bear Bee', is the generic term for hornets. Vespa is, specifically, an Oo-Suzumebachi, or Great Sparrow Bee. Better known as the Japanese Giant Hornet, this is the largest modern insect in the world, with an average length of six centimeters. The hives most directly under Vespa's command have been known to produce hornets as long as fifteen centimeters, though.


Like all beast youkai, Vespa is omnivorous and will gleefully eat any normal foods typically favored by humans. However, she's still fairly young and wild. Vespa's favorite food is a common thing eaten by Japanese Giant Hornets - Bees. She's especially fond of honeybees, and considers a nest of live bees and combs to be a special treat.


Many of Vespa's spells induce fear and stress by restricting the victim's field of vision, in much the same way as Rumia or Mystia's darkness powers work. With the victim's vision clouded by fear, she then sends waves and spreads of danmaku in various patterns. She's known to slash the air with her claws, releasing messy fans of hornet-shaped danmaku four at a time. Some of her higher ranked cards are less fear-based and more movement-stress oriented, but she prefers a more aggressive attack.

Spell Cards[edit]

  • Slasher Sign "Unrelenting Killer"
  • Fear Sign "Crawling Nightmare"
  • Terror Sign "Die Of Fright"
  • Fright Sign "Running Through The Night"
  • Fright Night "Disembodied Watchful Eye"
  • Terror Time "It's Terror Time Again"







Wriggle Nightbug ~ Wriggle's ability to control insects supersedes Vespa's command over her own hornets. For this reason, Vespa strongly dislikes Wriggle and considers her a rival. If Wriggle would just leave her hornets alone, they might be able to get along.

Yuuka Kazami ~ Due to its incredible size and the abundance of flowers, the Garden of the Sun is the best place to find Vespa's favorite food - Honeybees. However, Yuuka's field is an unofficial "safe zone" for humans and youkai alike, which means Vespa isn't allowed to hunt there for fear of angering a vastly more powerful youkai. She considers Yuuka a killjoy who doesn't want her to enjoy good food.



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