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Joking Youkai Gentleman






Youkai (Fusion of two Shikigamis)


Some decades, he appears as a eventeen to eighteen year old boy




Can turn into a piece of paper to avoid damage and hide


Original Character





Not much is known of Ubeka's origins except for a tale starting in the depths of Makai. Once there were two Shikigami paper strips, children of Makai's queen and goddess Shinki. They loved playing tricks and were always seen together. Yet, while one of them was very cautious about his pranks and did not like getting into trouble, the other one was almost aggressive about it and often overdid things. To noone's surprise this got him many enemies and eventually they took revenge for what he had done to them. Thus, he died. There was no end to the other shikigami's sadness as he found the remains of his best friend. In his misery he blamed himself for not warning him of the dangers and stopping him from some of his more extreme deeds. And so he decided to bring his friend back to life becoming his conscience in exchange and ceasing to exist. Thus the youkai Ubeka was created. Still very confused of what had become of him he was brought before his mother and master Shinki who dismissed him from his services to her and sent him away from Makai. After a hazardous journey through Makai where he had been ambushed several times and tried to locate his missing friend Ubeka made it to Gensokyo where he has stayed ever since. Yet, since his quest is far from over, he may eventually return to the realm of devils and demons and try figure everything out again.

One spirit thinks, another spirit corrects. One spirit communicates, another spirit talks. One spirit lives, another spirit is happy about that.


Although talking in a very polite, old-fashioned way, Ubeka can be somewhat bold. He seems quite simple-minded and in some situations he resembles a clumsy child rather than a more than hundred years old youkai. But behind that behavior he's a very contemplative person and at some points sly. It is known that he's especially kind to women and shows great respect for them... even though some think he abuses his power to peek on them. Not to mention they're still not safe from his tricks he plays on people all the time.

Appearance: Ubeka looks like a seventeen to eighteen year old boy of 172cm height with a green eye and a purple one, pointy ears and messy blonde hair. His ponytail at the other hand is long and flowing, it's being hold by a copper hair tie. He's wearing a dark blue Kosode and an indogo-coloured Hakama with two white stripes at the bottom as well as another white Kimono with blue stripes on the collar above both tied together by an orange sash. Finally he also wears Zori sandals and a blue Haori with an orange collar and a gray zig-zag pattern on it draped over his shoulders. He's also got a sword. The tsuba is decorated with knobs and two long grey bands, while the handle is wrapped with orange silk ribbons and has two buttons. One is located at the tsuba, the other one at the pommel of the sword. The blade itself is a unique specimen, as the blade is split right-down in half until four inches from the tsuba. Inside the cavity five disc-like glowing crystals are located and being hold by metal bars connected to the rest of the blade via metallic veins. Ubeka doesn't appear to be very strong, actually he's even a little bit skinny.

The Signs: The two pieces of paper hanging from his tsuba are his former appearance. Ubeka made them in memorian of his former life. One sign means "fate" the other one "vengeance".

Powers: Ubeka has the power to turn himself into a gray piece of paper and possess acceptable sword fighting skills even though his long sword is broken in half. He is able to restore the blade with weak magic, which he can split off and use as danmakus or a laser, however it takes much time to recover the energy for these kinds of attacks. He doesn't use spellcards, but can shoot some loose bullets and lasers from his sword, powering them up with the two buttons on the sword's handle.



Makoto Asamiya and Naoki Yuuto ~ Through the S.O.S. incident Ubeka got to know these two fellas and soon started to count them to his friends. While he seems to be somewhat watching out for Makoto Ubeka still thinks he has to make it up to Naoki, that he knocked him out when he defeated the zombies and Meiling with his laser. Yuugi Hoshiguma ~ Ubeka thinks Yuugi is a very fun person to be around and he still thinks it good not having had to fight her, since an oni's strength probably surpasses his own by far. Still, it's troublesome for him to talk to or about her, not only because most of the time she seems to not be getting what he's talking about, but also because he still is somewhat embarrassed about the outcome of that fateful Spinning Bottle game.

Tenshi Hinanai ~ Ubeka first met the celestial in a kinda pitiful state and the image of her broken down, sobbing, but also getting worked up about her meaningless fight with some of the residents of the Earth Palace has burnt into his mind. However, he is very confident, that taking her along when pranking people will not only be fun, but also helpful to Tenshi to somewhat change her attitude.

Utsuho Reiuji ~ One of Ubeka's victims that he would like to prank again soon, since he thinks her reaction to the last one simply marvellous. ... but he'd never dare to ever mention Tenshi when she's listening.

Byakuren Hijiri and Nazrin ~ Though Ubeka has visited the Myouren Temple only once yet, he already grew to like the mouse youkai and Byakuren - the latter mostly since she seems to have experienced at least as many bad sides of Makai as he did. Nazrin on the other hand is fun to prank!

Shinki ~ Ubeka may be one of the few entities from Makai to still be very fond of Shinki. In the beginning he regarded her as annoying and got angry when she scolded him for his constant misbehaviour. After his transformation into a youkai, however, he became much more submissive towards her and nowadays thinks of her as a caring, gentle mother, yet he chose to leave her and Makai behind when she gave him the choice.





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