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Tomomi Oyama








A few hundred years.


Strength, shooting a lot of projectiles at once.


Original character.


3 (Boss)


Tomomi began life as a normal wolf, way back before Gensokyo existed. After years of existence, she became enlightened and became a youkai, right around the time the Hakurei barrier went up. Since then, she's continued to live a fairly simple existence, running around the Great Youkai Forest, eating, sleeping, and getting into fights. When she discovered that humans traveling through the forest were prone to feeding her if she didn't instantly eat them, she took up protecting them from the other youkai of the area. Fighting off the other youkai was more fun than beating up humans, and she got fed either way, after all.

At one point, the okami saved the life of a skilled mortal bowyer. To reward her, he spent weeks putting his finest work into a bow, and the result was her weapon, the Hundred Missiles Bow. The wolf wasn't very keen on the idea of using a ranged weapon at first, but it grew on her pretty quickly, and now she's inseparable from it.


Tomomi is best described as tomboyish. She's reckless and has little sense of self-preservation, so she rarely turns down a challenge or a fight... and since the words 'collateral damage' don't seem to mean much to her, one fight can usually lead to another. Since she's lived most of her life alone in the forest and was a normal animal to begin with, she's not too well-versed in book learning or society. One side effect of this is that she's very straightforward and has almost no concept of subterfuge: she usually speaks her mind and has almost zero ability to read sarcasm or see through lies. Fortunately, she's just as quick to trust as she is to anger, and anybody who gives her a snack will have a friend for life. She's especially prone to trusting and protecting humans and really weak youkai, since they're not even much fun to fight. (Well, unless she's really hungry and they don't have anything to feed her. She is a predator, after all.)







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