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Unnamed Book-Reading Youkai
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Girl Who Loves Books To Insanity






Beast Youkai


Being a tempting target, Danmaku, Literacy




Curiosities of Lotus Asia

Theme Song

Theme of Stardust Hidden in the Gap of Time (Read or Die OST)


IX. The Hermit


2 (Midboss)

"Just give me my books back!"

Basic Information[edit]


A short youkai girl, with birdlike wings on her back, and a red crested wing sprouting from her head, bearing a resemblance to the crested ibis from whence she received her nickname. Her hair is cut haphazardly short, white, with wide light blue streaks, most prominently on her bangs and sides. From the top of her head, two small blue horns poke out, almost resembling cute accessories rather than anything devilish, causing her to look far less threatening than she would have hoped to be.

Her age appears indeterminately young, of a girl in her early to middle teens, as is common for many youkai. Her outfit has a tendency towards the conservative, most often a black, almost gothic dress, with a blue trim to the seams and highlights, along with white lace along the edgings. Her sleeves are white and flared, with the same blue trim and white lace, stylish yet easy to move around in. A large blue ribbon at her waist gives the impression of a corset tied almost nonchalantly. A pair of high leather boots, carefully laced, complete the picture of a person who would not hesitate to demand to see the management of the establishment, her crimson eyes burning with righteous indignation.

Colder weather would see the additions of a pale blue scarf and white stockings, along with black fingerless gloves for a reluctant compromise between warmth and the ability to turn the pages of whatever book she happens to be holding at the time.


Like many youkai, the specific origin of this birdlike youkai is unrecorded and unimportant. Indeed, she would have remained unrecorded and unimportant, had she not been accosted one day by a violent shrine maiden in red who robbed her of the books she had been peacefully reading. When she chased the shrine maiden down to confront her, she was forced to deal with a flippant black-white magician instead.

After these humiliatingly swift defeats, the youkai made the occasional half-hearted attempt to reclaim her lost property, but decided to concentrate instead on protecting the books she still owned. She does continue to keep a lookout for more books to add to her collection, although with her relatively meagre danmaku skills compared to her rivals in the book-acquiring business, she has not met with much success.

To her chagrin, nobody seems to remember her name, calling her "Tokiko" instead, after the crested ibis she resembles. She has since resigned herself to this situation, accepting the moniker for herself.


Tokiko would rather spend her time peacefully reading and collecting books, but the controlled chaos of Gensokyo often means she has to deal with whatever problems have been thrown her way, usually by marching up to the likeliest suspect to complain. She does have a view of humans a few notches up from mild indifference, since humans write the most books. Fellow youkai are treated with wary respect, since chances are they are entirely capable of defeating her handily. She can be persistent, especially when she feels she has been wronged, but is easily flustered and confused by unexpected circumstances.

Tokiko is not as smart as she thinks she is.

Social Links[edit]


  • Kogasa Tatara (XVIII. The Moon) - "Uwaah, she scared me at first. But then we got to talking somehow, and she's actually really nice! She treated me to some tea, and told me about this, um, Myouren Temple? Maybe I'll visit it soon. A place like that is sure to have lots of books! I wonder why her umbrella is that weird eggplant colour, though?"
  • Utsuho Reiuji (XIX. The Sun) - "She ate a sun god! She can summon suns! It's dangerous to underestimate her. She also nearly killed me, when we went to visit the Hell of Blazing Fires. Doesn't she have any concept of danger? But she didn't mean anything bad by it, so I suppose it's okay."

Might Be Okay[edit]

  • Sakuya Izayoi (III. The Empress) - "She says she's a human, but she's working at the Scarlet Devil Mansion as the chief maid. That can't be something a normal human can do. Not only that, she can also vanish and reappear out of thin air! I wonder how she does that?"
  • Rinnosuke Morichika (IX. The Hermit) - "I tracked the red-white to his shop... what was it called? Kourindou? He has the books the red-white stole from me, but it doesn't look like he wants to give them back. I think he's friends with the red-white and the black-white. Maybe if I stop breaking down his door, he'll sell me some books?"
  • Parsee Mizuhashi (XII. The Hanged Man) - "The Underground is so hot! Standing guard at the bridge all the time must be a really tough job. I wonder if she gets bored? But she's still so nice and helpful. Maybe I should recommend some books to her to pass the time... ah, probably not. They'd burn up too easily down there."
  • Nitori Kawashiro (I. The Magician) - "She had something precious stolen from her, so I can definitely relate. She's been looking for it for some time already, so it can't be that easy to find. The culprit is unknown; could this be a great mystery?"
  • Nue Houjuu (XV. The Devil) - "She makes that Myouren Temple place sound really nice. Ah, but she also said that she's not working there. I wonder what her job is?"


  • Reimu Hakurei (VIII. Justice) - "Ah, it's the red one! She took my books! And I was just minding my own business, too! And, and she even gave them away to someone else! Why would someone do something like that? What? She's the Hakurei Miko? It's her job to exterminate youkai? You mean she acts like this all the time?"
  • Marisa Kirisame (XVII. The Star) - "The black-white must be a minion of the red one. When I was momentarily confused, she tricked me into a danmaku duel with her. What kind of human has such monstrous power? I'm still seeing stars..."
  • Akira Kamiko (XVIII. The Moon) - "He tricked me! And even after I tried to help him, too! I thought he was a nice person, but he must have been laughing at me all along. Ah, it makes me so angry just to think about it!"


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Individual Logs[edit]

  • 2011 April 2 - Outflying a geyser (Book: The Lensman Saga by E.E. "Doc" Smith (may not actually exist, but the individual books like Triplanetary are too slim))
  • 2011 April 3 - 'Ere the other side she sees (continuation of the above)
  • 2011 April 21 - Bigger on the inside than it looks on the outside (Book: The Moon Is A Harsh Mistress by Robert Heinlein)

Additional Information[edit]

Encounter Chance[edit]

  • Youkai Forest: 35%
    • Home: 25%
    • Exploring: 7%
    • Enjoying the stream around Misty Lake: 3%
  • Human Village: 40%
    • Shopping and sightseeing: 15%
    • Browsing in the Yomenaido Bookstore: 25%
  • Wandering: 25%
    • Strolling with no objective in mind: 2%
    • Looking for interesting books: 8%
    • Stopped at the side of the road, having found an interesting book, and is now presenting a great target to passing muggers: 15%

Tokiko's Home[edit]

Tokiko lives in an abandoned European-style two-storey house found in the middle of the Youkai Forest. She does not know who its owner was, nor when the house was abandoned, but by now she has made it her own. The house is deep inside the forest, without any landmarks or points of interest in the vicinity. Tokiko lives on the ground floor of the house, since the upper floor may not be structurally sound.

The house is indifferently-kept, being clean enough to live in, but not much more than that. Books are strewn about, although some effort had been made to set up improvised bookshelves, as well as use existing cupboards.

There is a small living area and kitchen.

Completely Non-Canonical Stuff That Have No Bearing Whatsoever On Anything And No Reason To Exist Other Than Fun And Boredom[edit]



IX. The Hermit

"I don't see why I have to worry about things like incidents or flower-viewing or the Hakurei Border or whatever. I've got my collection to read, see? That's all I want to do, other than maybe go look for more volumes to add to... hey, is that a book a new release?"

Spell Cards[edit]

  • Reading Sign "Leap Before You Look" (Easy) - "I'm going to chase you down to give you a quick lesson. It's just a simple spellcard. No need to be so scared."
    • Tokiko quickly homes in on the opponent to unleash a single burst of danmaku, before returning to her former position.
  • Reading Sign "The Adventures Of A Bookshelf Detective" - "I can chase you even farther, and the lesson won't be so quick. There's no escape, so just give me what I want!"
    • Tokiko and two familiars spread out, with one homing towards the opponent, and the other two take up positions elsewhere. Danmaku bursts are synchronized.
  • Glossary Page "Sometimes They Come Back" - "Even I don't know what's going to happen, so it's best to be careful~"
    • Tokiko fires a wide barrage of shots that move in unpredictable directions, curving and occasionally reversing. Higher difficulties means more shot movement.
  • Bookmark "Abandon The Books And Go Out On The Town" - "Eh? But I want to stay right here! Is there something out there that's really better than reading?"
    • Tokiko remains in place, moving minimally, streaming shots towards the opponent, while two familiars bounce around spraying danmaku indiscriminately.
  • Afterword "The Light From Passing Days" (EX) - "Books have a lot of history. Don't underestimate what you can learn from them, even if you don't understand them at first."
    • Tokiko fires constant barrages of danmaku which curve and loop, with two familiars on each side firing aimed lasers.
  • Colophon "Do Sleeping Books Dream Of Republication" (Fighting) - "That's so cruel... even books have feelings too, you know?"
    • Tokiko sends out several barrages of danmaku-bookmarks that seek out several books from behind the opponent, after which she reels them all in together.