Tenshi Hinanai

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Tenshi Hinanai
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Daughter of Bhavagra









Celestial Troublemaker


Manipulation of Land and Weather


Scarlet Weather Rhapsody


Catastrophe in Bhava-agra ~ Wonderful Heaven


4 (Elite Boss)


Tenshi is a family member of the Hinanai clan, which were tasked to protect and watch over the keystones by the Oomura-no-Kami. As their reward for serving it, they were sent to heaven to live happily throughout the rest of their lives. However, Tenshi ascended along side her parents, merely on the goodwill of the spirit and her parents. As such, she isn't a true celestial spiritually, and is pretty much a normal human teenage girl in attitude. While she was on Earth, her original name was Chiko, though she changed it to Tenshi when she ascended. Looking down on the youkai causing incidents in Gensokyo, she decided she would cause one as well to relieve her boredom.


Bratty and slightly obnoxious, Tenshi tends to piss most people off with her proud and reckless nature, often not thinking of the consequences or others at all. However, while she is childish, she actually means no ill will, just doing annoying things to get people's attention to alleviate her boredom.

Powers: Descended from the Hinanai clan, this gives her control over the numerous keystones in Gensokyo, allowing her to stir up the earth spirits in the soil, effectively granting her power over earth. However, her preferred method of using the keystones is directly smashing her opponent with them. Her favorite weapon however is the powerful Celestial relic, Hisou no Tsurugi, which is a shapeshifting sword with the ability to exploit an opponent's weakness, no matter the circumstances. First, the sword converts the opponent's spiritual nature into scarlet mist, then into a form that can be seen. Once the opponent's nature has been revealed, the sword can change itself to channel the most effective attributes to counter that nature.

Spellcards: Tenshi uses keystones as danmaku, be it throwing them like rocks, using them as drills or dropping pillars from the heavens above. She is also capable of firing off powerful scarlet spirit beams that can cause major damage, as well as using the weather to her advantage. She is also adept in using the Hisou no Tsurugi in swordplay, if you can call "swordplay" random slashing.







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