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Taro Kuroyoko
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Amateur Magician from Beyond










High School Student


Use of black magic






2 (Midboss)


Taro is one of those people you rarely see outside and who do not have many friends, due to his extreme obsession with otaku culture in general, which is mostly frowned upon these days by a lot of people. His obsession, however, can also cause some problems, aside from being a social outcast. Even though he visits high school, he tends to have a day off when a new videogame is released on this day in order to be one of the first to get it in the morning and then to completely devote himself to gaming. Same counts for newly published anime volumes, manga chapter and such things. This also results in him being a below average student, he is not bad, but not that good either, which doesn't actually bother him as much.

Even though he is a reclusive shut-in, Taro also has contact with other human beings, especially those who are into geeky stuff, too. It happens that he gets invited over or invites people to have some hours of playing, or watching some DVDs and all these things. One of these rare occasions of Taro being actually outside and being seen with a small group of people is when he goes to conventions, small ones, big ones, everything what matches his interest and can satisfy his needs with goods, cosplay and much more.

Taro is a boy with many odds. One of them is trying out things he saw in anime since he was a kid. Magic mostly, especially black magic. He doesn't know why actually black magic, but maybe it was because of it being more 'explosive'. Healing magic is just boring, compared to blowing up things with fire and such. What is special about this oddity is that he actually kept it a secret, even from his friends, probably due to the naivety of believing in such things as magic working in the real world. Having this childish side of his exposed would be embarrassing after all.

He kept on practicing these things, when he wasn't busy playing or something, for all that time being in solitude without really getting any success from it. Over time it became a habit. Taro, when he was alone somewhere and his portable gaming devices ran out of electricity, started to /try/ casting stuff, like elemental magic for example. It was a bad habit, actually.

Though one day it turned out that this practice was worth something. That happened this night, when he was on a field trip and he and some of his friends spent the night at an abandoned shrine. Soon after having fallen asleep Taro woke up. It was still night-time and pretty dark. Taro thought he heard something outside the shrine and went to look to check if it was something to worry about. Though apparently he must have imagined things since he didn't come across anything after having proceeded through the dark and when he figured it would be a good idea to return he realized he lost his way.

For some reason he couldn't find his way back to the shrine and eventually got lost in the forest nearby. Taro was getting quite nervous after a while since with the time passing he got this feeling that his surroundings were not the same as before they went to rest. Since no one of the others seemed to be around he tried to cast a light (or a fire, to be precise) just to distract himself from being alone in the forest. It just worked this time, when he made a gesture with his hand and suddenly a little fireball appeared above his open palm. What the hell?! Surprised at this discovery he tried other things, like making an icicle and such. Eventually Taro realized that he arrived in an alternate reality. He was damn lucky that one night, since before he discovered his ability no youkai crossed his way in the Forest of Magic.


Taro, being the reclusive little nerd he is, is a rather shy being, at least when he has to deal with new people. If someone is able to befriend him, he can be a friendly guy, and more open than before. However, this doesn't apply to female persons, to whom he trys to keep at least a little distance, since he gets nervous when girls are around. He is said to be a pervert, even though he highly denies it. Maybe that's why he gets so nervous?

Outward Appearance[edit]

As one of the rather reclusive humans, fond of otaku fandom in general, from the world beyond the Border, Taro Kuroyoko is a rather ... uninteresting adolescent, just telling by the looks. Taro's face features a pair of cyan colored eyes and a few beard stubbles growing out. On his nose her wears a pair of translucent glasses, his brown hair normally is not groomed or treated in a similar way, which makes his hair look a little messy. His face is not a quite manly one, it is more rounded than having cruggy features. His body is not very well developed though: As a typical otaku he never exercised a lot, except in school which didn't do him as much good as was actually expected from sports... his endurance is of a short-living nature and his health is also rather frail, which results from sitting home most of the time, back when he was in the outside world. His height is a little under average, maybe less than half a feet from the usual male, and he is not really trained, pretty skinny.

As of recently, Taro was seen in scenes in two different sets of clothing:

1. Taro's stuff from back in Japan. Thit is nothing unusual, considering the place he came from: He usually wears a green shirt, while wearing a black coat over it. Over his legs he wears a plain old blue jeans and on his feet he wears a pair of black sneakers, striped in white.

2. Since Taro joined the crew of the Scarlet Devil Mansion under Patchouli's and Koakuma's supervision, the young mage is dressed in a style similar to Patchouli's assistant to meet with certain visual standards, as well as to define his affiliation to the great magician. Taro wears a black pair of pleat-front trousers, with black dress-shoes, while wearing a black button-down vest on top of a white dress shirt. The necktie Taro wears on top is kept in a red, scarlet tone. His outward appearance is overall more elegant, to meet with the mistress' expectations. It also exudes a certain feel of professionalism, even though he has still a long way to go, before he can name himself an expert magician.


Taro can defend himself using a variety of black magic. This ranges from elemental magic, but it also features things as poisoning or stunning enemies. Since he is a starter in Gensokyo he is not able to do very much though, it's enough to protect himself. His attacks are mostly like those basic spells you have in any RPG like 'Fireball','Lightning' and so on. He might figure out new things through practice in the future.


None yet, since he has not been properly introduced to the spellcard system yet.



Makoto Asamiya ~ One of Taro's friends from the Outside World, probably even his best friend? At least Taro felt that Makoto was one of the few people in his social environment who actually enjoyed interacting with him, without making fun of Taro's sporadically awkward personality and interests. The two were seperated at the night when their group decided to spend the night at an abandoned shrine on a fieldtrip, and Taro eventually found himself in Gensokyo. Currently Taro has no idea where Makoto went and his new experiences in Gensokyo seem to overshadow it sometimes, but the otaku is quite concerned about his friend, not having seen him in months, and maybe never going to meet again?

Patchouli Knowledge ~ The magician of the Viole, the great library embedded inside the Scarlet Devil Mansion. The frail, yet magically powerful girl along with her assistant crossed ways with Taro one day in the Human Village. Having heard of Patchouli and the library and having an interest in the development of his unpolished magical abilities, Taro asked for for permission to enter the library. After several tests, Taro would not only be able to access the library, but is also going to be taught by the master and her assistant as their apprentice! Having great respect for the two, Taro acts loyally around them, even though he shows signs of nervousness around the two sometimes. Patchouli is really cute...

Koakuma ~ Patchouli's assistant. This devil was accompanying Patchouli on the day Taro met her, and Taro was not really sure if Koakuma was just smiling a lot, with devil's nature being a rather impish one as far as he's heard, or possibly... nah, probably not. However, the devil seems to be glad about the addition to the team and Taro knows that he can learn a lot from her as well... The same about the respectful demeanor towards Patchouli applies to Koakuma as well since she is his superior, technically... And here we are again, another cute girl! Poor Taro...

Nitori Kawashiro ~ A youkai Taro met in the village someday. She seemed to be about as flustered as himself when the two of them more or less bumped into each other... In retrospective Taro was not sure if it was probably too gallant of him to invite Nitori to a restaurant on his account since she wanted to pay for himself in the end... However, awkwardness aside, Taro was able to learn a lot about spellcards and Gensokyo from Nitori, and it was the kappa who told him about something about the Viole Library, which was supposedly a place where he could learn more about magic.

Kogasa Tatara ~ A karakasa youkai Taro encountered one day at the Road of Liminality. Initially trying to suprise him, but the suprise not working out as intended, the two get into conversation and they end up talking for a while and Taro eventually realizes that he possesses the ability to float! As a storm draws closer, Kogasa gives Taro a lift to the Human Village, and arriving there, the two seek shelter together. It felt kinda romantic, but... both were too flustered at being huddled up so close under the umbrella... When Kogasa left, she gave Taro a black umbrella as a present, which he still uses on rainy days!





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