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Tanya Komori






Bat youkai





Detection of threats


Original Character





Tanya was once an ordinary bat. One evening while she was out enjoying her nightly routine of bat activities, some humans from the village attacked her. That would've been the end of the little bat if not for the kindness of a human that stepped in and rescued her. Her rescuer took her to his home and cared for her. In time she grew fond of him and looked at him as a father figure. Tiime passed and he would talk to her, even though he couldn't understand it when she tried to talk back. She learned a lot about him, that he was from some distant land called America, that he flew in something called an airplane. Most importantly she learned from him values of kindness and respect towards others, that even the humans of the village, with their faults, were still mostly good people. Thanks to him she had the hope that the villagers might some day come to befriend all bats, maybe even her.

One early morning, after a night of her usual bat activities, she returned home to find her home razed, her father on the verge of death at the hands of some youkai. Seeing this, she became overwhelmed with anger and hatred towards the attacker as well as the desperate desire to save her father. That's what it took to push the little bat into becomeing a youkai herself. Once the attacker was defeated, Tanya rushed to her father. With his final words, she became determined to protect the humans of the village. She modled her outift after the style of her fathers, and with his teachings in her heart, she set out to fulfill her duty.


Tanya is in general a nice and kind youkai. Despite how the humans of the village may view her and bats, she loves humans, the good ones atleast. She has a dislike for mean people and youkai, and absolutely hates vampires for giving bats a bad rep.


Tanya's spellcards revolve around a defensive stance while in the air. She seeks to defend the humans and the village, and her spellcards reflect that.

Bat Sign: Wing Flurry[edit]

With this spellcard Tanya summons three pairs of wings made of danmaku. The wings are then released in dense sprays of danmaku that spread out the further away from Tanya they travel. Unlike most danmaku, these spreads can be shot down if the would be target doesn't feel like trying to get out of the way.

Bat Sign: Feral Bats[edit]

In this spellcard the area behind her darkens, if it isn't night time and dark already, and seemingly hundreds of pairs of small glowing eyes appear behind her. Then danmaku bats emerge from the darkness to fly straight at the opponet at varying speeds.







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