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Taiyou Hikari
Radiant Star in the Depths of Hell









Distribution of Light / Archivation of Demons


Manipulation of light


Original Character



4 (Elite Boss)



A very old and very powerful Devil having long resided in the realm of Makai (though certainly he is far younger than Shinki), much of the nature of Taiyou's history, where he came from, his length of existence, and his interconnection with the human realm is a story which, to this day, he has kept in close guard to himself for the sake of maintaining a more mysterious vibe or…at least as he claims. Then again, this is exactly why we have these nifty little profiles, with which to detail just such events and occurrences!

Nonetheless, the time wherein he first made his debut anywhere else can be traced long back into the time of the great King Solomon, to the hours spanning days upon which he penned the Lesser Keys and detailed all of the Goetia through great study and even greater shows of his power...for as so the old legends told, Solomon was a man wise and powerful in the arts of the Occult, of Demonology and Conjuration; such that he stole from Hell all 72 of its Barons, Presidents, Marquises, Princes, and Nobles and sealed them all into the text which was later known as the Lesser Key of Solomon, disguised as a magic ring. With them under his power and the wealth and knowledge that came with, the King poured himself further between his rule of Israel and the control of his "Servants" (spawning much legend in the so deemed apocryphal texts by later civilization) until his death and the divide of his kingdom... When you make a pause like that, it can only imply something of further interest was to take place. Much was recorded, copied, and expanded upon of Solomon's studies; but no one has ever before come across his original Keys and to that extent, the ring he had sealed it into…

The truth, however, is of far greater intrigue; for when in those days to ensure that his knowledge and his power was hidden from unworthy hands; the feebly aged King used both the ring and his remaining hold over the arcane to summon a receptacle; a being to not only carry on the original Key, but to carry his work onward and create a record of the universe's magical beings far into the future. Drawn forth by the presence of this calling, a radiant devil, posing as if an angel, appeared before the king in a show of mystique and claimed to come answering his calling. In his advanced age, old Solomon was forced to oblige the devil's request, and entrusted to him the ring, but not before naming him the unwritten 73rd demon as a last traditional rite. Sending him off then into Hell, the wandering demon landed into Makai just as Solomon fell on his deathbed that very same evening.

Peace, however, is only so satisfying for the first 2892 years of proceeding life in the realm of Demons, and it was therein that the devil at long last proclaimed himself both a successful master in the work to which he had been entrusted...and far too bored with the rest which followed. If anything, he desired to learn more about the world in an expression of insatiable hunger! He wanted to visit the worlds outside of Makai, the Human World especially since he had left its reaches, study all the fine specimens which inhabited it! If demons existed outside, he wanted to learn of them; and if magicians bore fruits of successful work themselves, then he wished to be the one the converse with, learn from, and test them. Quite to his fortune, this year marked a rather unusual event about to take place when a certain cavern burst forth amidst a swell of demonic power and to his knowledge, a great abundance of Youkai drove out into the world over…and so he hid amongst the waves and pressed onward into a new world, into Gensokyo, and into the place which would become his new home the next year on.


An extremely long lived devil, most wise and ever more so filled with an abundance of jokes and trickery, Taiyou Hikari ( "Sunlight" ) likes to pride himself in being one of this land's most odd ended inhabitants. Ever a showy and yet enigmatic figure heralded in the many rare times he has ever ventured from his comfortable zones to interact with other people; Mister Hikari is nonetheless a joyous friend to one and all a manner of living thing: be they human, youkai, or anywhere in between. Though it goes to say that when he DOES appear, he often does so with a confident stride, plenty of flair, and yet ultimately with a sense of high refinement and personal accomplishment. With that in mind, one should also be careful around him as he is just as tricky and filled with ulterior motive as any other devil worth his salt is. Ultimately, it's not much of a surprise that he finds it quite a pleasant experience with which to make friends with people, no matter whom they are...but whilst he is indeed a loyal and sagely sort of man; do make certain that you have plenty of time to kill before actually talking to him. If anything he likes doing more...it's talking, A LOT of talking...and usually the headache inducing kind.


A devil embodying the power of light is a rather unusual combination for one whom roams the darkest depths of hell, but Taiyou is nonetheless a highly formidable fighter should situation prove necessary, such that he claims to be an absolute master of his ability through many years of study and training. Though while these are his CLAIMS, for all intents and purposes, his arsenal of spells are categorized almost entirely upon creating, controlling, and ultimately wielding the form of Light and all of its distinct principals; so then he could better be called an absolute master of Light magic. As such, it is natural to assume that many of Taiyou's Spell Cards utilize the principal of compressing light into thin lasers and high precision blasts...and such assumptions would be quite correct! Such is the depth of training and analysis into this natural ability, that Taiyou is capable of many relating feat; from bending his visage into optical invisibility via a mirage to compressing light into the palm of his hand like a sword, or even burst traveling near, but not fast than, the speed of light itself in order to disorient and surprise opponents. While this makes him an extremely fast and wicked accurate duelist, he is of course far from an invincible fighter either…

Spell Cards[edit]

Glint "Light Speed Bullet"[edit]

Star Sign "Michael's Sword"[edit]

Illumination "North Star"[edit]

Light Sign "Lux Natura"[edit]

Mirage Sign "Fata Morgana"[edit]

Dawn "Star of Morning, Child of Venus"[edit]







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