Suika Ibuki

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Suika Ibuki
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Little Pandemonium











Manipulation of density


Immaterial and Missing Power


Onigashima in the Fairyland: Missing Power, Broken Moon


6 (Extra Boss)


For a long time, Gensokyo was free of oni. They had faded into creatures of history, powerful yet fearsome creatures that were known for their overwhelming strength. Everyone was happier without them. But Suika wasn't happy at all. She knew what had really happened to the oni. Using her ability to control density, she made herself known in Gensokyo by gathering people together to have one party after another. It was her hope that by doing this, she would make the surface world seem so appealing to her fellow oni that they would leave their underground home to join her on the upper world. Sadly for her, an end was put to her plan before she managed to attract any other oni. She was later reunited with her friend Yuugi during the incident in the Hell of Blazing Fires, but the rest of the oni still remain underground, separate from the surface of Gensokyo.


While an oni, Suika is not a difficult person to get along with. A fun-loving and laid back girl, she lives life to its fullest, enjoying nothing more then a good fight or a good drink with friends. This fun-loving attitude might make her seem to come across as lazy and childish at times, but underneath her drunken exterior is a person that understands the world and the people around her a great deal better then it seems. Her oni heritage gives her a strong sense of morality, and her word is always good. She never lies and she always fulfills her promises if she is able. That same heritage, however, makes her have a competitive nature, and she'll almost never back down from a challenge, no matter how silly it may seem.

Bite-sized Suikas: Separate from her ability to control density, Suika has the ability to create little duplicates of herself. These tiny Suika clones are an extension of her main body, though they need not remain in contact with her and generally fade before long. In all other ways it is like they are just little versions of her, and are thus surprisingly strong for their size. They tend to speak in a higher pitched voice then the real deal.

Ability: The ability to manipulate 'density'. Using this ability, she can gather or scatter whatever she wishes. An item made less dense will become lighter and, eventually, assume a gaseous form, while one made more dense will become heavier. This can be used in another way as well. By gathering the feelings of people into one place, she can bring them together for a party. Scattering herself causes her to assume the form of a mist, while gathering herself allows her to grow to a gigantic size.







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