Shou Toramaru

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Shou Toramaru
Disciple of Vaisravana










Ability to gather treasure


Undefined Fantastic Object


The Tiger Patterned Vaisravana


5 (Final Boss)



Byakuren was a follower of Bishamonten and summoned him to her temple, however many youkai were scared of the warrior god and feared they would be exterminated. To help soothe relations, Byakuren chose the most honest and straightforward youkai on the mountain that was also the youkai that other youkai on the mountain trusted the most.

That youkai was Shou and she became a disciple of Bishamonten, representing him at the temple and gathering faith for him. Not entirely trusting her, Bishamonten sent Nazrin to keep an eye on her, but Shou was a model disciple, always putting her duty first.

She was, perhaps, too much of a model disciple since, when Byakuren was sealed, Shou refused to go with the others who went to free her, choosing instead to pretend to be human and remain at the temple to maintain it. During the next several hundred years, she came to regret that decision and when, at last, the others came back to a temple in great disarray, Shou did not hesitate to volunteer her and Nazrin's help.

When Byakuren was freed, Shou felt extremely remorseful, but Byakuren immediately forgave her. Shou, however, has not entirely forgiven herself since, she feels, Byakuren is the one who elevated her from a simple youkai into her current station and that her subsequent actions were a very poor repayment for these actions. Bluntly put, Shou feels she owes a debt to Byakuren, and she intends to repay it.


Shou is, above all, kind and eager to do her duties to Bishamonten to the best of her ability. That eagerness, however, is tempered by the fact that, through that eagerness, she has wronged Byakuren.

Shou also tends to be a bit naive sometimes, her kindness not lending itself well to suspicion of the motives of others. She has also, on occasions, left objects where they might be lost or stolen. When such a lapse occurs, Nazrin's help is often invaluable, the mouse's abilities helping her track down whatever was lost quickly and discreetly.

As a disciple of Bishamonten (Who, in japan, is considered to be a god of warriors and a punisher of evildoers as well as a generous god of wealth), Shou is no stranger to battle and, when she feels it is necessary, she does not hesitate.







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