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Goddess of the Devil World










Goddess and Creator of Makai


Power of Creation


Mystic Square (PC-98)


Legendary Illusion ~ Infinite Being


5 (Final Boss)



In an instant, all Shinki created was cast into a sea of flame and ruin...all her hard work had been destroyed by a group of meddling Gensokyans who had blamed her for the incursion of Makaijin into their world. Rightly so, as Her children only wanted to explore, but for some reason, people were not as tolerant as she assumed they would be, and this odd group of a miko, witch, evil spirit and powerful youkai had come to apparently punish her. Though Shinki had done nothing wrong in her own opinion, ever since that day, Makai had been sealed and it was claimed never to be opened again. However, the Goddess of Makai sought to rebuild her shattered realm and restore order to it once again.

Perhaps then, she thought, the Gensokyans would re-open the barriers and seals placed on Makai's gates and let her people co-exist. However, that day never came, and all her children went their separate ways, leaving Shinki alone to manages her new generation of devils to rebuild Pandaemonium and create a new and orderly Makai for all. Fortunately for Shinki, an opportunity came to rise from the ashes...and possibly throw open Makai's doors once again! After all, she'd heard news of a mysterious group of people breaking into Hokkai, one of the deeper levels of Makai and rescuing the famed Byakuren Hijiri. Then she knew: This was her chance. The hole the Myouren crew had left when entering and leaving was large enough to be manipulated...and slowly but surely, the people of Gensokyo would find Makai's seal breaking open, setting Shinki and her children free...


Despite being a living god, Shinki is a rather friendly sort of person. She constantly gives off a motherly feeling to those around her. Sometimes she jokes that she is 'everyone's mother', as if she is skilled in resolving disputes both peacefully and through force if necessary. However, she always insists on being fair to those who deserve to be rewarded for good behavior, and treats others as she would like to be treated. That is, with respect and friendship. However, when that doesn't always work, and some people cannot be reasoned with, she knows how to equally punish those who harm her, her Makaijin children or her friends. After all, being the Queen of Devils doesn't mean she has to be cruel. In fact, Shinki is the opposite: polite, well mannered, charming, and highly intelligent. In summary: Shinki has all the power of a goddess, all the charm and grace of a true lady and all the gentleness of a mother all in one.



Alice Margatroid: Her own daughter, though adopted, and yet one of the dearest to her heart, Shinki truly misses Alice ever since she departed from Makai. Since Alice cut her ties to Shinki and the others after the events of Mystic Square, the Shinki was left to worry about her ever since then, and wanted to find her. However, Makai was sealed soon after, leaving Shinki to eventually give up searching. Shinki took Alice in when she found her way into Makai and assumed she was her mother and so The Goddess of Makai took pity on the poor thing and treated her just like her other children, encouraging her power to grow and flourish. However, now that she knows Alice is still quite well, and has grown somewhat, nothing will stop her from meeting Alice again. She would never think of dragging her back to Makai after she found another place to fit in, but a good mother always has to check on her children, doesn't she?

Yumeko: 'Of all my creations.' Shinki would often say before the invasion of Makai 'Yumeko is of the highest class.' Obviously so, since she was trained to become a maid every since Shinki made her in the image of a couple different intruders. As a result, her maid has mixed memories of what happened before Shinki, some contradictory, but she remains faithful nonetheless. A brilliant maid and formidable fighter, Yumeko is just as dear to Shinki as Alice was, and life without her would never be the same, since she has never left her side since the beginning.

Sariel: Under construction

Yuki: Under construction

Mai: Under construction




Reimu Hakurei: The miko that invaded into her realm during the events of Mystic Square, angered that her devils were forcibly emigrating from Makai to Gensokyo and causing trouble. Shinki didn't intend things to get out of hand in those ways, but that hadn't stopped Reimu from entering Makai in fury and having the audacity to fight her. (the aftermath of which destroyed quite a bit of Makai). Shinki does not trust Reimu very much, considering the animosity, but she has forgiven the shrine maiden somewhat. The question is...will Reimu still bear that grudge?

Marisa Kirisame: The thieving witch who tagged along with Reimu, hoping to steal magical spells and artifacts from Makai itself! How rude of this girl to burst into her world with that shrine maiden and her comrades and start harming her people, destroying her land! She put up as best a fight as she could against Marisa and the others, but could not hold out against it...The witch seemed to use raw power for her spells. A dangerous one indeed, not to be lightly crossed, Shinki harbours a deep distrust for her.


Yuuka Kazami: This youkai was another of the Gensokyan intruders into Makai, and she was the worst of them all. She didn't want revenge for her demons causing trouble, like Reimu, nor wanted to steal anything like Marisa. She had a far baser goal still...she found that destroying her people and their property, causing misery and havoc, was a /game/. Shinki did not take this lying down, and still absolutely hates Yuuka more than thought possible. One day, Shinki knows she'll meet the flower youkai again and make her pay for all the damage she'd done.



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