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Devil (succubus)


Approximately 600




Limited transformation


Original Character



3 (Boss)



Before she came to be Beleth's servant, Set had been a wandering succubus roaming the outside world, claiming the souls of men wherever she went. It was all she knew how to do. This was her life for the first 100 years or so of her existance, before she came into Beleth's care.

Set was one of Beleth's most prized and loyal servants. Her main role was that of a messenger, delivering messages and negotiations to and from Beleth. When needed, however, she also acted as a personal guard of sorts, though her abilities were limited. Once or twice, Set had been called upon for an assassination task, as her ability to alter her form, and even copy those of others, were quite useful for such tasks.

However, all good things must come to an end. A decline in religious believes and an increase in younger, more ambitious demons lead to the exile of Beleth. Set, as the demon king's most loyal servant, left with him of her own accord. She spent the days in the company of her Master, riding across the land, though in her case she flew alongside his horse. It wasn't a peaceful life, with hunters hounding them wherever they went, but they lived on.

But not even this life lasted them. The hunters grew more intelligent, their technology increased, and they were more persistant. They came in greater numbers, so many that Set and Beleth alone couldn't fight them off. They were both critically injured, Beleth to the point of near-death. She thought she was truly going to die there. However, Beleth managed to save her. By possessing a human girl, Set was given a much-needed distraction to escape.

All was not lost. They met up soon afterwards, Beleth now having taken the mind of the girl as well as her body. The former demon king seemed to have amnesia of what he, or she, used to be, and Set was no longer a servant, but a sister. They travelled the lands together for many a day, but the human world is a cruel one to demon kind, so they decided to move on. To a new life and a new home. Gensokyo.


Set is a very calm, very laid-back succubus, with a dislike to fighting. However, she is also very protective of her master and 'sister', Beleth. She is also very affectionate, even to people she doesn't know, which tends to get her into trouble.


Set's ability is that she is able to transform to an extent, able to alter her body in many different ways. This is most apparent with her tail and wings, which she is often forced to shrink or even complettely remove in order to lessen damage from danmaku duels. Another ability of hers is to copy another person's appearance, by wrapping her tail around her target and absorbing energy from them. However, she is unable to copy inorganic lifeforms, such as dolls.







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