Sanae Kochiya

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Sanae Kochiya
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Human of the Wind Deified






Human, descendant of a goddess



Shrine Maiden of the Moriya Shrine


Power to cause miracles to occur


Mountain of Faith


Faith is for the Transient People


5 (Final Boss)


Sanae, Suwako and Kanako originally lived in the outside world at the Moriya Shrine. Sanae herself had inherited the power of her ancestors who had become living gods due to the faith they collected by calling upon miracles granted by the Wind Goddess Kanako. Unfortunately for them the people of the outside world were no longer generating sufficient faith for their survival. In order to escape falling into a powerless obscurity Kanako had enacted a plan to send the Shrine and the Lake to Gensokyo where they could subsist on the abundant faith the inhabitants of that land were generating. Sanae had hoped to dominate the Hakurei Shrine by intimidating its Shrine Maiden into submission with threats of her Divine Power and ancestry. Unfortunately Sanae and the Goddesses were soundly beaten. Afterwards the Moriya Shrine and the Youkai living on the mountain had come to an understand and they were able to live peacefully with one another. As of late Sanae has taken to Youkai hunting as a means to hone and develop her skills and to keep any fears of her becoming Youkai-Like at bay.


Sanae has gone through a lot over the past couple of years. Many events had some to shape her personality up to this point. She once took ( and still does ) a lot of pride in being a descendent of a goddess and being able to call upon the power of miracles. Her defeat at the mountain by the Miko and the Witch had shaken her confidence in her abilities, at that point on she knew she wasn't as extraordinary as she felt she originally was. Being from the outside world she ultimately realizes she'll never truly feel completely at ease in this world and that any complacency in the land of Gensokyo would only seek to undo her. Over time she's rebuilt her self-esteem to the point where she was able to carry out her daily rituals once more. Being around Youkai is something she never really gets used to, due to her fearing that she'll become very youkai-like due to prolonged contact. Having seen the way Marisa and Reimu socialize with youkai on a day to day basis she figures they're already a few steps away to the door of being yet another Youkai. To immunize herself from such influence, she has taken to hunting down and exterminating youkai in order to keep herself pure. Aside from the aforementioned traits she's got a lot in common with your average teenager from the outside world. Having been interested in things such as Manga, Extraterrestrials, Occult and other popular fads....especially giant robots.

Powers: Sanae has the power of flight as well as being able to create Danmaku Patterns and use the Spell Card System when combating others. Her power of miracles is similar to that of faith healers who would cure the ill and create rain in lands suffering from drought. She can also call upon blessings and curses to inflict a change in the likelihood of an action's success or failure. Unfortunately Sanae hasn't used those powers all that often and they're not terribly effective.







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