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Youkai of Darkness









Eating people


Manipulation of Darkness


Embodiment of Scarlet Devil


Apparitions Stalk the Night


3 (Boss)


Rumia is a rather weak Youkai who is usually restlessly wandering around enveloped by a blob of darkness. People fear the dark mass so Rumia rarely has contact with human and youkai. The actual reason why she keeps on taking shelter in her orb is her profound aversion to sunlight and summer heat, her darkness negates all light rays and warmth. When someone accidentally gets lost in the darkness, Rumia sometimes doesn't even notice, since she can't see at all. The ribbon in her hair is actually an amulet which Rumia can't get rid of.

Her title is "The Youkai of the Dusk", most probably originating from her living on the 'dark side' (ahaha).


Rumia's behavior can be easily described as childish most of the time. Since she doesn't deal with other people very often she seems weird, acting very random, which may annoy others. If she gets in a fight she prefers to escape if the opponent seems too strong, as long as she has no defined goal at the moment.


Humans should avoid her. Rumia stated once that a youkai's job was attacking humans. This includes not only attacking them, in Rumia's case it goes even that far that the darkness youkai eats her victims. Even though she may look like a little girl, especially humans shouldn't judge just from her appeareance, she is strong enough to pin humans (at least those without supernatural powers) down and the rest is history.

Manipulation of Darkness[edit]

Rumia possesses a power which allows her to make her surroundings dark whether it is night or day.


The omitted darkness is one of a special kind, dimming everything, making all lightsources like torches useless. It basically works like a censor bar when it is used at full strength. Rumia can even control the intensity of the darkness which allows her to make it transparent, which usually results in things looking darker than they usually are. The semitransparency is most commonly used when Rumia is interacting with other people.


Her power has a negative side-effect: Rumia can't see through her own emitted darkness when used with full force which usually ends up in her bumping into trees.

On a side note: Rumia is not capable of using this ability on new moon nights. These are the rare occasions when Rumia's true form can be easily seen.

The Red Ribbon[edit]

The red ribbon on Rumia's head which she is not able to remove is rumored to be more of a seal than a decorative ribbon. In canon, ZUN states that it is indeed a seal, though he never revealed what is actually sealed within. Fanon made up a lot of theories what might happen at the ribbons removal by itself. The rumors range from the world falling in total eclipse, the apocalypse or even Rumia gaining her infamous (and fanonically made up) EX-form.

In TouhouMUCK, it is still not really decided what might happen, though it is most likely that the EX-form idea will be discarded.


The spellcards as well as her non-spell attacks are based on simple energy-bullet patterns and lasers, mostly directly aimed on her enemy. Since they are aimed just a few of them at one time it is easy to dodge them.



Rumia has a total of two themesongs. 'Apparitions Stalk the Night' is her boss theme. This one is rather short due to the heroine's encounter with her back in EOSD. It is a fast little piece with a rather strong melody, which also tends to sound a little bit playful. Maybe that is a way to show Rumia's childish nature? Anyways, the title is really fitting, when you imagine a little girl suddenly appearing in front of you at night.

'A Soul as Red as a Ground Cherry' is the Stage one theme in EOSD. Since Rumia appears as a midboss in the stage part, it is also considered one of her themes. This tune seems to try demonstrating the eeriness of the night. It is slower than Rumia's boss theme, but it seems like it is trying to build up suspense.



Cirno ~ This Ice fairy is a fun person to hang around and is very strong on top of that! Good thing that Rumia is on good terms with Cirno, you can call it best friends status. Recently Cirno did Rumia a favor and this will be returned soon by being the fairy's training partner to help her finding the right technique of freezing darkness!

Medicine Melancholy ~ A doll she met throughout the zombie incident and teamed up with. After a while Rumia realized that Medicine and her had similar interest in killing humans - which led both of them to set up a plan on how they could kill (and in Rumia's case, eat) the residents of the human village. Even though there have been some hard times (mostly of breathing in poison) Rumia has grown to be quite fond of the poison doll and her companion.

Kinko Tachibana ~ A safe tsukumogami she met in Youkai Forest once and later teamed up with throughout the zombie incident. Kinko is a very kind youkai Rumia also likes. When they first met, Kinko offered Rumia to create a sword and a telescope for her in exchange for a selfmade mask. Later on Rumia learned to appreciate Kinko's strong side in combat against the zombies as well.

Sakuya Izayoi ~ The head maid of the Scarlet Devil Manor. Rumia has not met her a lot of times, but the fact that Sakuya spared Rumia a meal when she was lurking around the mansion's grounds was a very welcome change for her instead of getting rejected by the gatekeeper all the time.

Utsuho Reiuji ~ A friendly hell raven Rumia met at some point. A fun person to converse with. Rumia and Utsuho have been roaming around a few places a while ago, trying to find something to give Rumia a possibility to see in the dark. They also investigated the Bamboo Forest Fire a bit.

Lily White ~ The fairy of spring Rumia met at some point. They have met a few times and kind of got along together from the beginning. Not much else to note here.

Sunny Milk ~ A mischievous fairy Rumia met before the flower viewing party in the Netherworld. Sunny asked Rumia to help organizing a prank... though she kinda forgot about it when the time has come. There was no aftermath yet. But from the meetings alone Rumia thinks that Sunny is also a nice fairy.

Manah Shadowsong ~ A Metal/Wind fairy Rumia meet at the flower viewing party in the Netherworld. She was part of Sunny's plan, and played with Rumia for a while, but she forgot about the plan eventually at some point. It seems like fairies are getting along with the darkness youkai in general.

Ishimaru Kaito ~ Apparently a fellow darkness youkai! Rumia met him in Youkai Forest and got him interested in the plan she has made up with Medicine regarding the Human Village. Even though the cross-examination was awkward, Rumia still thinks Ishimaru is a nice enough person. And being of the same kidney is a bonus!


Naoki Yuuto ~ A tanuki youkai and the guardian of Youkai Forest. He can be nice, though he is confusing sometimes. Their last meeting was a little bit unpleasant for Rumia, even though she got a nice meal from it. Not a lost case, but Rumia does not really know if Naoki is on her side... knowing from her food preferences and all that.

Momiji Inubashiri ~ A white wolf tengu patrolling around Youkai Mountain. Momiji is a really, really nice person to begin with. Rumia thought they's get along without any difficulties. What kinda ruined it though was that Momiji kept Rumia from eating a few fishers, very much to the darkness youkai's displeasure. Momiji compensated with a roasted boar, but Momiji having stopped her from having her favorite meant quite a loss of faith in the tengu.

Hatate Himekaidou ~ A crow tengu Rumia encountered as an opponent in the zombie incident. Even though there was a battle it felt more like a quarrel for Hatate's camera, which contained one clue leading to the conclusion. Hatate was more of an annoyance than a real enemy to Rumia - possibly due to the fact it was a 3vs1 battle in favor of Rumia's team? She even felt sorry for Hatate seeing her crushed like that. Team Nightshade was too strong.

Hong Meiling ~ The gateguard of the Scarlet Devil Manor. Rumia has been roaming about the mansion's grounds sometimes and asked Meiling a few times to let her in because she was curious about how the mansion looked from the inside. She has been always rejected.

Ubeka ~ A rascal and prankster youkai Rumia met once in the Human Village at night. Tenshi told her to mug him but she somewhat failed doing so. What is this guy doing nowadays? She never heard from him again since then.

Tenshi Hinanai ~ A celestial Rumia met once in the human village at night. She was interested in the sword Rumia was carrying and made her into 'her servant' - she also told her to mug Ubeka. Since then Rumia didn't her anything about her as well.

Reimu Hakurei ~ The Hakurei Shrine miko. Rumia ranks her as borderline neutral with a tendency of going down. Rumia got beaten up back then during the Scarlet Mist incident what still makes Rumia tend to keep a distance from the Miko. Reimu was also one part of Rumia's second encounter during the zombie incident. The thing which gave her a neutral rank is that Reimu prevented Yukari to run a train over Rumia.


Yuuka Kazami ~ An elder flower youkai and part of Rumia's second encounter during the zombie incident. There is not that much to say about Yuuka from Rumia's perspective, since she just dealt with her indirectly or rather not at all. It is Yuuka's piercing stare what tells more than thousand words, and what makes her extremely scarey.

Yukari Yakumo ~ The youkai of the boundary, part of Rumia's second encounter during the zombie incident and Rumia's immediate foe. There is not much to say about Yukari as well, it should be just noted that she beat the living crap out of the darkness youkai, followed her till the end and used her powers in such a profession it's almost hax. So yeah, Rumia is basically somewhat traumatized.

Sanae Kochiya ~ The Good girl miko from the Moriya Shrine Rumia met someday outside the Human Village. Sanae was searching for a way to gather faith from the human kids and she got the idea to beat up a terrible youkai in front of them. She lured Rumia into a trap by using a living pig and feeding it to her. Up to that point everything was alright, but then Sanae surprised Rumia by an attempt to exterminate her. Sanae basically abused Rumia's credulity in a very very mean way. If she had a(-nother) chance, Rumia would eat her alive.



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