Riyeko Sato

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Riyeko Sato


Gilvarado's Resident Summoner








No current occupation


The power to tame and seal away demons, calling them to battle when needed.




Revelations http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uJNZmSATdm0


2 (Midboss)




Riyeko was born in Gilvarado, a magical realm not to dissimilar to Gensokyo but much more dangerous. Her parents were immigrants from Japan, falling into Gilvarado and surviving long enough to raise her there. She was born with the innate ability to tame youkai and seal them away to be used as allies and in her time there had tamed a Sylph and a Fire Sprite. She attended a school for the magically gifted and was constantly taken advantage of because of her naturally reclusive and shy nature. Eventually she made way to Gensokyo, hoping to learn more about her magic skills and maybe find a dragon. (probably not though~) She is busy writing a book about her adventures in Gensokyo, hoping that one day she may be able to get back and publish it in Gilvarado so people can learn more about other magical realms.


A shy and reclusive person not willing to socialize due to years of being taken advantage of. She is willing to make if people make a genuine effort to befriend her, although this will take time if you just talk to her about any old thing. More willing to open up to other girls for obvious reasons.


She has neck-long light lilac hair that is combed to cover her right eye, she wears a cream blouse with a red and purple ribbon. She also wears a Blue checkered skirt that goes down to just above her knees and has high-heeled knee long white boots. She also has a grey cloak that covers her back and most of her front. Carries an Iron Staff with an Earth Jewel floating in the middle of it.


Riyeko's ability is to tame and seal away creatures so they may aid her in battle. The main drawback to this ability is that Riyeko herself knows no other magic other than this, and she needs to gain the trust of a creature before they're willing to help her, so without summons Riyeko herself is hopeless. However, this power also doesn't really have any limits, so if she can keep her arsenal growing then she can technically have "no limits"


Wind Summon: "Windy Day" - A simple spellcard, it involves Riyeko summoning her signature summon "Sylph" Who then starts to fire danmaku in a spiraling vortex in front of Riyeko. On harder versions of the card Sylph will make two vortexes rise from the bottom of the screen. (Or in IC case, two powerful gusts from behind her opponent). "This isn't really that strong an attack, the only good thing about it is that lighter things like ghosts or fairies will probably get blown away. But it's the easiest one to do at the moment..."

Fire Summon: "Flare Shield" - Riyeko's bomb. After declaring her attack's name she summons "Flame Sprite" who begins to spin around Riyeko, covering her in flame like danmaku which radiates intense heat a fixed distance from Riyeko. "Even though this is a bomb, apart from running straight into me there's no REAL threat. I guess the heat can melt a yuki-onna or another ice youkai, and might catch clothes on fire. Other than that It's really a situational card..."

Autumn Day "Burning Leaf Storm" Riyeko's second spellcard, it involves her summoning both Sylph and Fire Sprite. Fire Sprite fires flower shaped danmaku towards the enemy while Sylph spins around and fires wind danmaku near the middle. The wind danmaku determines where the fire danmaku will go, causing a whirlwind of flaming flowers. "It's a very beautiful card, and probably the only one that can do any real harm! I'm really proud of this one and I'm glad that Keine taught me about spellcards. I never knew they could be so beautiful"



Keine Kamishirasawa - "I'm so glad I met this person, not only did she save my life but she also helped me to create some spellcards! If I have any other questions I'm surely going to ask her!"


Kaede Fujisaki - "Kaede was the first youkai I ran into in my travels to Gensokyo. Fortunately he was very friendly and didn't hesitate to take me to the human village! I'm still a bit cautious of him, and I don't know why but I don't think I'll be seeing him any time soon..."

Suzume Michishun - "A rather strange human, she has these large metal gloves that were made out of a metal that a dog with no nose had? Or did the dog have a nose? Ah well, she seems harmless enough."

Hachime Gyan - "A tsukumogami! A rather strange one at that. He has the ability to steal other people's fortune. That may be why we were able to catch Esembria the other day..."


Letty Whiterock - "I almost died today, and it was this yuki-onna's fault... Well, she did teach me something. Never trust her, at all."

Esembria Roetcleit - "I caught her in the human village stealing money from people, with weird floating eye things. She tried to sneak her way out of trouble. I won't be trusting her anytime soon"


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