Rin Kaenbyou

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Rin Kaenbyou
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Hell's Traffic Accident






Beast (Kasha)



Controller of Spirits in the Remnants of the Hell of Blazing Fires


Power to Carry Away Corpses


Subterranean Animism


Corpse Voyage ~ Be of Good Cheer!


3 (Boss)


"If I kill you, human, my hellfire cart will get heavy~ Man, carrying off corpses is fun!"


One of Satori's pets, Rin is a Kasha tasked with controlling the evil spirits within the Hell of Blazing Fire. Along with her closest friend Utsuho, tasked with maintaining the flames, Orin (as she prefers to be called) helped keep a close eye on the maintenance of Hell. All was going peachy until one day Utsuho devoured the power of a god. Rin feared what might happen to Utsuho if Satori found out, and feared even more what might happen if she just left Utsuho to her own devices! So using her control of the spirits of the underworld she attempted to lure a strong youkai from the surface to face Utsuho. ... it seemed like such a good idea at the time.


Bright and cheerful, Rin doesn't seem to well fit her task of carrying corpses and evil spirits through the Hell of Blazing Fire. However she most certainly enjoys her task; at times a bit too much. She seems to confuse living people for corpses, calling them 'corpse sister' or 'corpse brother' and trying to cart them away before their time! Perhaps this is the reason she was sealed underground? She also seems to be a bit of a worrier. After Utsuho gained her new powers and went mad she worried so much about what Satori might do that she tried to draw in outsiders to deal with the problem instead. For her trouble she got Reimu and Marisa. She's also a bit hard headed and stubborn and, as it turns out, a pretty good cook!

Spell Cards: Rin's spell cards largely involve the manipulation of dead spirits and, occasionally, fairies just pretending to be dead. She can use spell cards and danmaku both inside of her cat form and her youkai form, making her a particularly sneaky opponent.







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