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Remilia Scarlet
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The Scarlet Devil










Mistress of the Scarlet Devil Mansion


Manipulation of Fate


Embodiment of Scarlet Devil


Septette for a Dead Princess


5 (Final Boss)


Remilia has been mistress of the Scarlet Devil Mansion for over 500 years, but she only appeared in Gensokyo, along with her home, in Gensokyo Year 118 (2003 C.E.) during the Scarlet Mist incident. The incident was, of course, caused by Remilia, who wished to blanket Gensokyo in thick reddish mist so that she could walk around freely during the day. Remilia was eventually found out and stopped by Reimu and Marisa, and, in a move typical for Remilia, she would reveal that she could walk around during the day with the aid of a simple parasol and the mist was merely her own selfish disregard for others. Remilia's egocentric nature has shown itself several times since throughout subsequent incidents, where Sakuya would be used as a proxy for solving the problems for Remilia's own self-serving reasons. The one exception to this is the Imperishable Night incident, which of course only took place at night. Because of this, Remilia took a personal hand in solving the matter, though still primarily for her own gain. Little is known of Remilia before she appeared in Gensokyo, though she does claim to be a descendent of Tepes, though she is not a descendent of the Vlad Tepes. Of course, Remilia would never clarify that, preferring to add to her reputation. Remilia was also well known as the Scarlet Devil long before she moved to Gensokyo, as she has a tendency to spill blood on her clothing while she feeds. It's obvious from her style of dress and her home that she was from somewhere in Europe, though where specifically is unknown and Remilia is known to be purposely vague about her origins. Since arriving, Remilia's influence in Gensokyo has grown considerably and she revels in it, taking delight in being a well known individual to be respected and feared in equal measure. (Or at least that's how she thinks others view her.) Currently Remilia has little in the way of ambition, and she mostly keeps to her mansion, occasionally amusing herself with guests who either purposely or accidentally find themselves on the island the mansion grounds rest on.


Remilia bears herself as a European noblewoman, placing great importance on manners and etiquette. As such, she would never harm a guest of her mansion, or allow them to be harmed on the grounds. (Unless they were an intruder, of course.) As such both the guest rooms and the rooms of the servants of the mansion are luxurious by any standard, though even they pale in comparison to Remilia's own bedchamber which is as large as most houses, and contains private a bathroom and washroom with magically provided running water. This is typical of Remilia: She will provide for her guests as etiquette dictates but she will always ensure they know who the mistress is. Remilia is actually quite self-centered and arrogant underneath her veil of grace and poise, acting more like a bratty child some times than the elegant lady she wishes others to see her as.

Spell Cards: Remilia has quite a few spell cards, mostly using her vampiric magic or her physical strength to best advantage. She also possesses Gungnir, the mythical spear of the Norse god Odin that always hits it's mark and she uses it for some of her spell cards.







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