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Reimu Hakurei
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The Shrine Maiden of Paradise










Shrine Maiden of Hakurei


The Ability to Fly




Maiden's Capriccio ~ Dream Battle, Spring Lane ~ Colorful Path


5 (Final Boss)


Reimu has a ... colorful ... history with Gensokyo. As the resident Hakurei shrine maiden, it's been up to her to solve the major incidents rising up over the last few years. It was on this path, after some particularly dangerous encounters, that she spoke with some of the more powerful Youkai. This discussion led to the Spell Card rules as they exist today. Since then, Youkai extermination has become less of a permanent thing. Reimu has continued on, bringing an end to Incidents as they appear - Sometimes unwillingly.


Reimu is not a bad person. She's quite polite, and enjoys her tea in the afternoon. The youkai, however, have generated this belief that she is some kind of unrepentant jerkass who regularly goes on rampages. This isn't true in the least, but is rooted in the fact that most youkai tend to run into her when she's already on the route to Incident-Solving. This means she's generally encountered while annoyed, frustrated, and in a hurry. Which basically means 'Get out of my way or I'll get you out of my way'. Also, as people don't generally visit her shrine, she may seem insistent about donations. She doesn't get very many, after all.



Marisa Kirisame ~ They met initially as enemies, but over the years Reimu has forged an odd sort of friendship with Marisa. They get along, but are very competitive, almost like friendly rivals. Marisa's habit of taking things without asking is a source of annoyance for Reimu, but it's easily forgiven by the time she goes and reclaims whatever was "borrowed".

Yukari Yakumo ~ The border youkai. Yukari had once slept for so long that Reimu completely forgotten she existed. The two get along well enough, but Reimu doesn't show her friendship with Yukari outwardly. Most of their time together is spent with Yukari teasing Reimu, and Reimu tolerating it. Yukari is one of the youkai who helped set up the Great Hakurei Barrier, and also helped institute the Spell Card System, so there's clearly a lot of trust that Reimu just doesn't display openly.

Yuuka Kazami ~ The sunflower youkai. Before the Spell Card system was created, Reimu considered Yuuka extremely dangerous. Nowadays, the flower girl has mellowed out considerably, and even visits the shrine semi-regularly. Reimu sometimes turns to Yuuka for advice in more worldly matters, but generally keeps her at a distance if only because of their past.

Remilia Scarlet ~ The mistress of the Scarlet Devil Mansion. When Reimu first met Remilia, she was convinced she could never like the bratty little vampire. However, it turns out that after working together a few times, they get along surprisingly well. Reimu enjoys visiting the mansion, and the two can spend literally hours just chatting away as the young girls they really are at heart. She doesn't visit the mansion as often as she could, though.

Suika Ibuki ~ An Oni from the underground who decided she is friends with Reimu. Despite her normally blase attitude, it's really hard for Reimu to resist Suika's enthusiasm. She often finds herself trying to reign in the little oni before something gets broken. At the same time, though, she appreciates Suika's company, energy, and honesty. An oni never lies, after all.

Professional Respect[edit]

Alice Margatroid ~ The seven-colored puppeteer is someone Reimu keeps at a distance. One could say the two are similar, and that is why they don't get along very easily. At the same time, Alice has helped some a few incidents over the years, so Reimu holds a bit of respect for the girl's abilities.

Keine Kamishirasawa ~ The half-youkai guardian of the village. The two respect one another equally, and Reimu recognizes that their positions are very similar even if their areas of influence are different. In the past, she didn't really think a schoolteacher could protect the village, but has since learned that Keine is much stronger than she looks, and more than capable of the task. She isn't above asking Keine for advice, and has offered advice and encouragement in return.

Sakuya Izayoi ~ The perfect maid of the Scarlet Devil Mansion. Reimu keeps her distance because she recognizes that Sakuya is a very dangerous woman. She doesn't feel threatened, however, and shares a mutual respect for her. As part of that respect, Reimu doesn't visit the Scarlet Devil Mansion unless invited, or something seems wrong.

Youmu Konpaku ~ The swordswoman from the netherworld. Though Reimu recognizes that Youmu is serious in mind like Sakuya, she also notes that the killer instinct isn't as overpowering in Youmu. Youmu's younger apparent age makes her a bit easier to get along with, even though she and Reimu are a lot alike. Reimu has a lot of respect for her abilities, though her intuition seems to be off.

Sanae Kochiya ~ The Shrine Maiden of the wind, Reimu has trouble seeing Sanae as anything other than Kanako's lackey. However, with her involvement insolving the Treasure Ship and Mausoleum incidents, there's some grudging respect in there somewhere. The idea that, maybe, the shrine maiden isn't just like the gods she represents. Then again, Sanae does a lot of things that Reimu thinks aren't suitable for a shrine maiden, and as a result she comes off as inexperienced.


Utsuho Reiuji ~ The Searing Divine Flame from the Old Hell. Battling Utsuho was one of the toughest experiences in Reimu's life, and she honestly feels the hell raven was not simply trying to defeat her, but kill her. However, since her defeat, Utsuho has revealed herself to be a fairly nice person, and later conversations have painted her more as a victim of the Moriya Shrine gods than a true monster. Reimu feels sorry for Utsuho, and might befriend the raven down the road once she can get over their brutal first encounter.

Yuugi Hoshiguma ~ The second Diva of the Mountain, Yuugi the Strong. An oni met in the Old Hell, Reimu didn't initially pay Yuugi much mind when they first met. It wasn't until she learned that Yuugi and Suika were old friends, and she started seeing the taller oni around above ground, that she really took notice. Reimu holds a lot of respect for Yuugi, though keeps her at an emotional distance because she's not sure her body could survive being open friends with two oni at once.


Satori Komeiji ~ The list of youkai Reimu never wants to fight again is very short, but Satori is on it. There's something very unpleasant about having one's mind read, and Reimu does not want a repeat performance. Having seen Satori's power in action, she worries what might happen if the girl gets more clever with it against her -- As Reimu has faced nearly ever major face in Gensokyo so far, Satori would have an awful lot of ammunition.

Flandre Scarlet ~ Yeah. No. Reimu doesn't hate Flan or anything, but she's ever vigilant around the younger Scarlet sister.

Kanako Yasaka ~ When Kanako first appeared, she tried to overthrow the Hakurei shrine. Reimu naturally went up the mountain and kicked her butt. But it seems like the goddess of the mountain is still trying to cause trouble everywhere she can. What she did to Utsuho, the whole mess with the Hisou Tensoku, and attempting to shut down Reimu's shrine have all proven that Kanako is a greedy, manipulative woman who will do anything to get what she wants.


Tenshi Hinanai ~ Tenshi incited the Scarlet Mist incident, and used earthquakes to destroy Reimu's shrine not once, but twice. Reimu views this girl as petty, childish, and in severe need of a beating. Especially when she revealed that all the chaos she'd caused in Gensokyo was the result of being bored.



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