Pazzo Malatesta

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Pazzo Malatesta
Delusional Actress











Can conjure objects and can manipulate the objects she conjures


Original Character


The Prestige (Stage), The Mask of Arcana (Boss), Masque of the Red Death (Extra)


3 (Boss)


6' 2"


In the city of Florence, Italy, there lived a man whose goal was to make the world's best actor. Over time, he gathered several other like-minded people, and they began carrying out a plan that would make their mutual dream come true. To do so, they opened a theater where they performed many different plays, ranging from Hamlet to Titus Andronicus to even the King in Yellow. They were the best performances anyone had ever seen, partially due to their extreme realism. What the audiences didn't seem to realize was that anytime a character was supposed to die in the plays, the actor playing them actually died as well. When they died, their souls were transferred into a large harlequin doll that was kept backstage. The plan was that if the actors' consciousnesses were all transferred during the height of their performances into a single body, then the resulting automaton would gain all their skill and be able to act in any role, outclassing every actor or actress in history. Eventually it was discovered that the actors were actually dying, and the remaining actors and the man who started it all were arrested and held in an insane asylum for the rest of their lives. But the harlequin doll was never discovered, and eventually all the souls in her body brought her to life. The plan succeeded; Pazzo Malatesta, the greatest actress in history, was created. Unfortunately, she was too good of an actress. The fact that all the people used to give her life died in the middle of their performance caused her to think that the show was still going on, thinking that the world is one big play. Eventually she wandered into Gensokyo, the perfect setting for her grandest performance yet; her own life.


Pazzo is eccentric, spontaneous, and chaotic. She is incapable of staying still for more than a few seconds, and always accentuates her speech with broad, flourishing gestures. Because her mind is made up of the consciousnesses of several different people, her actions tend to be completely unpredictable and often without clear reason. Adding to this is the fact that she thinks that the entire world is just one huge performance, so she takes absolutely nothing seriously. This makes her seem insensitive much of the time, as she finds tragedy and humor at the expense of others to be more entertaining for her "audience".

Spell Cards[edit]

Performance Sign "Rising Curtain"

Comedy Sign "What You Will"

Tragedy Sign "Titus Andronicus"

Opera Sign "The Phantom of the Opera"

Suspense Sign "The Pit and the Pendulum"

Supernatural Sign "Masque of the Red Death"

Cursed Sign "The King in Yellow"







Specific logs[edit]

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