Parsee Mizuhashi

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Parsee Mizuhashi
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Jealousy Beneath the Earth's Crust









Bridge Overseer


Manipulation of Jealousy


Subterranean Animism


Green-Eyed Jealousy


3 (Boss)


Parsee is the bridge princess of the bridge leading to the underground world. All she has been doing was guarding the bridge and warn humans away who may want to cross it in order to go to Hell. Many years of guarding and watching human and youkai pass by as they like and seeing them enjoy their freedom they had, made Parsee ending up in being eaten by her own envy. The jealousy kept on adding up until she gained the ability to control the envy of others. Her own jealousy, however, may lead her to snap and attack bypassers if Parsee builds up a grudge against them.


This youkai is the eccentric type. When people are trying to cross the bridge to the Underworld she usually try's to convince them to return to the earths surface, telling them that the underground youkai are very precarious. However, if the travelers ignore her endeavor, she will go mad and attack them. Her behavior is rather difficult to foresee. Due to her sullen charisma and her jealous character she wasn't really able to make (lots of) friends. Sometimes she might get sarcastic.

Powers: Capable of manipulating jealousy, Parsee is not only extremely jealous herself, she can also evoke the envy of others, when she feels like it. It mostly depends on her mood and on the person in question. The effect of her ability may vary from target to target. People with strong willpower probably won't be overwhelmed by it.

Spellcards: The danmaku is pretty much bullet-only. You shouldn't be careless though, since her spellcards can easily surround you with static bullets, making it difficult to escape. The spells vary from the "Midnight Anathema Ritual" with shot 5-inch nails shattering on wall contact and releasing flames of jealousy, "Large Box and Small Box" in which a fake Parsee is summoned, over "Shiro's Ashes which sprinkles ashes from which flowers will bloom, to "Green-Eyed Monster", where Parsee summons an invisible slave which will pursue the target, sparkling danmaku. There are nice details to the spellcards, but in the end it means regular bullet dodging with the risk of getting encircled.



Yuugi Hoshiguma ~ Probably Parsee's best friend in the Underworld, Yuugi Hoshiguma is one of the Oni who managed to befriend the bridge princess pretty easily, even despite the negative vibes of jealousy she might occassionally feel coming from Parsee. Encounters with her often end in drinking and fun which Parsee appreciates to have sometimes, to keep her mood up during the often dull guard duties. The fact that the busty Oni seems to have a talent for gather friends around her, Yuugi's presence almost guarantees that something fun will happen, though Parsee hopes that it doesn't involve broken bones, considering Yuugi's incredible strength.

Utsuho Reiuji ~ The Hell Raven with the power to control Nuclear Fusion and Fission is a suprisingly kind person, even though she is kind of birdbrained at times. Not unlike Yuugi, Parsee appreciates Utsuho's company as well, even though she could try to cause a little less destruction sometimes. Parsee keeps an eye on Utsuho when she's around and tries to prevent her from doing something stupid like blowing up the entire area they are in and similar things. She does have respect for Utsuho, especially after the fierce battle they had during Patchouli's Descend to Hell, when she learned that she better should not get on Utsuho's bad side.

Rin Kaenbyou ~ The Kasha that comes by the bridge a lot with her cart, carrying corpses. Always good for an occasional chat, Rin serves as a welcome distraction for the hashihime, whenever the cat is not in a hurry. Parsee was worried about the kasha as she disappeared one fall, and gave the remaining members of the Komeiji family the support she could offer. Later on Parsee even promised Rin to help Utsuho as the hell raven was assumed to be stuck in a freshly opened crater, even though her saving attempt did not go as expected.

Tenshi Hinanai ~ A Tennyo in Ancient Hell? What a rare sight. Apparently, Tenshi was curious to see what hell was like and descended, Parsee being her first encounter. Her brattish behaviour and bragging about being superior to Underground dwellers ticked Parsee off slightly, but after they had a friendly duel Parsee kind of grew to like the celestial for some reason, even though she lost. Even though Parsee is on friendly terms with the celestial she tries to avoid mentioning her in conversations with the Komeiji family, as most of them seem to have a deep grudge against her.

Komachi Onozuka ~ A friendly Shinigami Parsee met one cold evening inside a bar of the human village. Even though Komachi offers enough reason for Parsee to get jealous of her, Parsee thinks highly of Komachi as a friend she can talk to about topics of a deeper philosophical nature. Even though Komachi seems to be more stern than others, Parsee enjoys having her around for some small talk and drinks, alone as well as with more persons around.

Yuuka Kazami ~ Yuuka seems to be a person of peculiar interest to Parsee. Descending down to hell one day and meeting a lonely hashihime on her throne Yuuka starts some light conversation which soon turns out to be more of a flirt than just simple small-talk. Having never really thought about such things as really dating someone before, Parsee felt a little nervous when Yuuka was around, though she kind of felt some sort of attraction from the Flower Youkai.

Ashe Gray ~ A fairy who passed the bridge at some point. As for most fairies, Parsee initially didn't really care much about her initially, but the talkative fairy could not stop talking... which gave Parsee a massive headache after a while since trying to explain all sorts of abstract terms to Ashe was starting to get difficult - on the other hand though, the little girl's curiousity is what makes her awfully adorable, and Parsee couldn't really get mad at her. There is just hope left that the fairy forgets about her plan to bring all her friends along next time dropping by...

Mokou Fujiwara ~ An immortal who passed the bridge at some point. She was on her way to the Palace, and Parsee found her hanging out at the bridge, some casual conversation ensuing. Parsee learns a few things from her, about a party which was supposedly held at the SDM, and of Mokou's yakitori stand. She did not quite understand why Mokou got upset as she said Immortality was something she was sort of envious of... but this didn't really make her a bad person per se.


Ubeka ~ A paper youkai Parsee has met on the surface, and after that sometimes. Not a bad person and despite his archaic way to talk actually a pleasant conversation partner. However, his thing for pranks makes Parsee be a little wary of him. Waking up with her face covered in artistic outpours is not a way she likes to end a dream.

Naoki Yuuto ~ A tanuki who seems to have a similar profession like the prankster mentioned above. Pranks seem to be a bit of a thing Parsee does not like be the target of... but aside from that and despite his somewhat odd behaviour, Parsee does not really dislike him or anything like that.

Tokiko ~ A friend Utsuho brought to hell to show her to the Palace's library. Parsee can't really say much about her aside from her being a polite youkai, and that she seemed to be a little anxious of something, but she can't say that for sure.


Hatate Himekaidou ~ A tengu reporter from Youkai Mountain. Parsee is not sure if Hatate had any other motivation other than doing research about Old Hell for her newspaper. The interview was not particularly the problem with this girl, since she was friendly and not even as pushy as Parsee heard reporters usually was. No, what majorily ticked her off was that attempt of hers to take an upskirt snapshot of her undergarments whereafter she took off. She apologized - but still, Parsee is worried about what happened with that picture. If she knew Hatate had it still on her camera, and a few others could already take a look during a certain incident...


Demetra Yahschin ~ Whatever the hell is wrong with this woman? Even after some confrontations with this nymph, Parsee still hadn't figured it out to a satisfying degree. But she returns the irrational hatred with equal amounts of contempt and scorn - and danmaku, as it had happened several times that their arguments have gotten violent at some point.



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