Nue Houjuu

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Nue Houjuu
Unidentified Flying Fantastic Girl










Scaring People


Power to Hide True Form by Seeds of Non-Identification (This includes changing into things such as energy spheres and pieces of the Soaring Vault to UFOs)


Undefined Fantastic Object


Heian Alien


4 (Elite Boss)


Being someone of such little public prestige (aside of the myths of some odd unidentified creature disturbing the peace of the innocents), there is very little to be accounted for of Houjuu Nue outside of more recent accounts. Alas, however, SOME of those stories paint a basic truth: in the 800 years of her existence, Nue was a shape changing being who never revealed her full form to anyone, whether appearing as a little black cloud over the Emperor's House, or as an inky mist in the dead of night to pray on the numerous fears of humans; sometimes she was beaten by them and sometimes she beat them in turn, and so it was a distinct cycle that had evolved from a routine into that of a full blown occupation for her…for a time. Gradually though, the scares became right too frequent for her liking, and the nostalgia of ever open faced scream and agape stare just didn't possess that luster it used to! Whether she was sealed there, or by her own choice, Nue eventually migrated underground and decided to dwell in the darkness there for a time…and so centuries began to pass. Fast forward quite some time later! An incident which caused a geyser to erupt with such ferocity finally drew Nue out of her slumber and above ground to catch wave of what was going on! From a distance, she happened upon Murasa and her crew of Youkai that had were also driven above ground and had collected themselves to plan upon something. Her newer surroundings meant new fun was to be had, and so lingering nearby, Nue decided to play a little prank: so she put the Seed of Non-Identification into the fragments of Tokibura. Noticing how a shrine maiden and a witch were collecting these fragments, she hid herself and followed them around the whole way. Sometimes she helped them…other times, she hindered them, but when Byakuren Hijiri was finally released from her sealing, now was the time to strike! Revealing herself to congratulate Reimu, Nue demanded a fight at once with the notably powerful Shrine Maiden and so she the mastermind of the Treasure Ship Incident was pit against the Maiden Hakurei in a grand battle! Suffice to say…Nue was beaten after the struggle and prepared herself to face punishment for her meddling. To her infinite surprise, Byakuren pardoned her and did not hold it against her for ostracizing her return. No, Nue demanded, she felt this was not proper closure…and so in a spur, she decided to follow the monk for a time being and learn what she could from her. Perhaps even happily, she has been residing at Byakuren's temple ever since…


Whilst her appearance may suggest that of something dark and sinister, and sometimes you would INDEED be right to make such a statement given her long standing occupations, Nue is by no means a character steeped in evil powers or alternatively the picture of virtue and prominence (as much as a certain Monk would strive for her to be). What is unknown, after all, cannot have a definition of anything short of neutrality; and Nue is quite good at hiding herself both physically and emotionally from others' perceptions…of course, even SHE has some character about her. At the most casual of instances, the one and only Heian Alien is someone who likes to be the life of the party from a distance; delighting in surprising and even sometimes scaring the unsuspecting, and perhaps one may even call her the nosy and meddling sort in the way she tends to merely observe and rarely intervenes unless fun may follow. For all her impish and prankster natures however, Nue is at least learning how to be a better person since the Treasure Incident…of course, she'll never truly linger off from being at least a little feared and a little mysterious. Where would she have her fun then?

Spell Cards: Nue's Spell Cards utilize a lot of sweeping, interlocking energy lasers and miniature energy orbs moving along curving paths or even lining up behind her for for wide angle firing. Usually generating the bulk of these attacks are her Seeds of Non-Interpretation which take the form of colored UFOs, as such, it can be assumed that these very same objects are also utilized as her Options. Alone however, she can produce beams of energy from her trident or palms.







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