Nori Takeshi

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Nori Takeshi
The Organized/Chaotic Devil


The General






Creating/Removing Chaos


Organizer for the Myouren Temple


Unknown (Probably around 8,000 years)


Original Character

Theme song

Wowaka - World's End Dancehall


3 (Boss)


7' 6"

"I have forced myself to contradict myself in order to avoid conforming to my own taste."

Basic Information[edit]


The man is very large and intimidating upon first seeing him, as his form of being was meant to strike fear into the hearts that see him, though he’s more of a mental fearing beast when it comes to such a thing. He stands about seven and a half feet tall, a bit burly looking due to his many years of raging and terrorizing, which explains his wingless nature, though if one looks closely enough they can see something pressing against the back part of his clothing as they are the remaining nubs that was once his glorious wingspan.

His hair is neatly trimmed in a short fashion though the black hair is mostly hidden by his hat; his large red eyes are also something that can be feared though it is in his nature so there is no stopping that. He wears old world war one officer uniform attire, though no one has a clue to its origin except those from the outside world might think its European. He must have got it from one of his victims that stumbled into Makai at one point.

The jacket is a charcoal color with two breast pockets and has to six big buttons that go from his lower stomach all the way up to his neck. His pants are the same color fitted with a black leather belt which is mostly hidden by the jacket. He was a pair of neatly spit-shined boots that go up past his ankles but that part is hidden by the pant leggings. And of course his hat, the one thing he can never remove as the amulet not only keeps him for going into his chaotic rage but also keeps him for removing it. He can adjust it easily, but lifting it is like a human child trying to lift a house. Now anyone else can take it off, but that will be plain dumb, wouldn’t it.


Getting Sealed inside Makai by the Dragon for thousands of years wasn’t too bad for this newly acquired devil. His interest was organizing the people sent here for torment after all so he had no real interest, even more so with a new power he was starting to acquire.

He learned how to increase and decrease chaos around him. To increase it, he gives those around him a ill-feeling that something bad is about to happen, increasing paranoia and panic to the point where they go into a chaotic state that turns them insane. It also has another property that is causes mistakes and calamity that once again cause the fear of doing that again to rise, forcing their minds to break if they had no choice in the matter.

The decreased affected is of course the effects remove, having everything completely organized and full of confidence without that sick feeling. This was used mostly for him and other devils to keep everything neatly planned for smooth torturing.

But all good things must come to an end as using this power at high levels tends to have an effect on the mind and after years upon years of use. First is started with his mind wanted more of the power, to increase it to a very powerful level in which he could control larger and larger areas and maybe a good portion of Makai. But that was the snapping limit at Takeshi’s mind finally cracked under the corruption.

For a good number of years he terrorized anyone and anything, even ripping out his own wings as they just got in the way, soon dubbing him as the ‘wingless devil’, though most of the lower class devils would still run and hide from his sight, though luckily he never strayed far from his own little territory so most would avoid that area.

One day someone new was brave enough to show up or more or less had no idea what was in the area other than the rumors. A woman who was banned to Makai by the humans came cross the insane devil, forcing the two to fight. After all long, drawn out battle the devil that lost his mind lost, but the woman didn’t finish him off. Instead she helped cure him by giving him what seems to be a very formal looking hat, a cap one would get in the outside world from a military officer. It had a seal on it to where it restricts his power enough to allow him to gain back control of his mind, thus the chaos devil was he once more.

After a few more years, the little devil had manage to collect a wardrobe to go with his hat, now giving him the appearance of a human military (looks to be from the World War II era), soon giving him the new nick name ‘The general’ though he has no military background. With his new look and new controlled mind he goes back to work for Makai, every so often checking up on Miss Byakuren, feeling like he owes her a huge debt.

Many more years pass rumors of some one Red and White appearing causing trouble for all concern but he didn’t care, as if it didn’t interfere with his work it was nothing to him. More reports of devils going out and outsiders coming in, still meant nothing to him so long as they didn’t bother him and no one bothered Hijiri. When the chaos stopped he figured the outsiders got tired of coming into Makai and resumed what he was going like he always has.

It was not too long after when a strange noise it heard, causing quite the ruckus that even Nori had to check out, though when he arrived it seem that it was after the fight what seemed to be against three humans. The Devil was about to step in when he overheard them talking, just hiding for now and listening to their conversation. When that was said and done, it would seem like they we’re going to leave and the chaos devil just couldn’t have that as he still had a debt to pay off, so he would follow them the best he could, before approaching Hijiri, explaining to her that he will help her out from now on, seeing as he owes her more than he owes Makai who left him in that insane state.

He did help organize building of the Temple of Myouren though he was opposed to being so close to the human village, but he wasn’t one to talk back or argue with Byakuren, just with her other followers from time to time, though not usually being vocal means he just listens and does what needs to be done, still having reserved feelings for the humans but if Hijiri wants to seek an equal, peaceful world for both Youkai and Humans then he’ll help her see it to the end.

Currently, the devil helps out and lives at the temple as its planner for events such as festivals, events and Temple as he makes sure everything goes as smoothly as it came, easily spotted in and around the temple and around the human village as a human wearing an old era officer uniform. Not very social but he will talk with anyone that talks to him, if he doesn’t mind you annoying him that is.


It’s hard to tell what he’s thinking or feeling as he isn’t one to express himself often. Having two different sides to him often makes a difference though. Due to his power he often gives off a chaotic, ill-omen vibe if you get close enough to him. But despite his chaotic nature, this man is very organized and likes to keep things as such. Organized, sane and cool headed. He likes to keep things level-headed and simple if possible as confusion causes chaos.

Sadly the man without his hat to keep his power in check, the man becomes an insane devil, never holding back as his power is unleashed. He wants to start massive amounts of chaos, forcing others into destroying themselves like he once did back in Makai, a simple beast with the sole purpose to torment others for the sake of tormenting.

Luckily it was made sure that the hat doesn’t come off easily as he does need to sleep with it and keep it on at all times. So in a general view, he’s good for wanting something planned out and organized. Sadly, he holds a small bit of resentment towards humans, but he won’t show it, just means it’s a bit harder for a human to ask him a favor rather than a Youkai. He also has a selective memory, due to his power. What he doesn’t write down he forgets the next day.


Do not Torment[edit]



Spell Cards[edit]

  • Chaos Sign "Magic Mirror" This card is used mostly by his insane side. It repeats the last spell card his enemy used against him, only using his distorting and unstable Danmaku, making it look like its weak and cheaply copied, then with a sudden burst it increases in both strength and speed after the small delay. The small delay is usually gained through a stunted person, realizing that their own spell card was now being used against them. Granted it’s not an exact copy of the spell card as there are some things he cannot copy and it’s just a work of his chaotic powers put in to throw off and confuse his opponent. Grained someone that is unphased and reacts quickly can avoid this.
  • Devil Sign "Didn’t quit the Day Job" Nori always love to torment souls that truly deserved it, making them regret ever crossing him for selfish gains. With this card he creates black, distorting vines that would spread out and force someone to be encased in a very small open area, as touching the vine would feel like a small shock, but extreme painful mentally as anyone would have all those withdrawn emotions and selfish thoughts suddenly rise and cloud the mind. Granted one with a good will can overcome it, but others would find themselves clenching their heads in pain. But for those that don’t touch it as forced to dodge in a small area in front of him as he shoots off slow and small stands of lasers for them to dodge. Granted this makes him immobile, but he figures they would carelessly dodge into the vine and be beaten mentally.
  • Organized Sign "Take a Note" A simple spell card. This is the only time his Danmaku is his own as it looks like scattered sheets of paper whip around and block both their views, granted it could hurt if running into it as they are still his unstable looking energy, then with a fountain pen like Danmaku, only about the size of a human shoots through the barrier of paper Danmaku and towards the opponent.
  • Insane Sign "The Hat is Off" There might be a change that his hat and seal falls off. In this case one of the first things he does is activate this spell card as it just causes an energy field of chaos around him, very painful to the mind and body as he would try to ram someone with it. Granted it is very short ranged, but with this power being unleashed it would be foolish to take this head on unless someone had a good plan. The spell doesn’t last long, thankfully, but that’s just the beginning of his insanity.

Nori in a Sense[edit]

A Devil who is good at causing chaos. He's not evil or good as he doesn't care so long as it’s chaotic. Most of the times they fill someone's mind with paranoia and force people against each other though other times he can help start a frantic rebellion against an oppressing government. They also can cause bad things to happen around people like scaffolding snapping and collapsing or something that cause people to become clumsy. Whatever can cause an aura of chaos, or in this case it was the humans being sent to Makai he would torment with mind and body. He’s also been known to show up on people’s shoulder as well, but who else sees that little devil that talks you into doing stupid things?


It’s no surprise with Nori’s figure that he has a big weakness towards any form of food that has a delightful taste to it. From a good home cooked meal to a simple vine of grapes found on their stems, this man cannot resist the simple pleasures that sways him from whatever he was doing into an eating frenzy. He claims that the food outside of Makai is far better, but he may just be saying that to say that Hijiri’s food is simply better to the extent always wanting her to cook for him but not put it in direct terms.



Specific logs[edit]

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