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Nitori Kawashiro
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Manipulation of water


Mountain of Faith


The Kappa of Akutagawa Ryuunosuke ~ Candid Friend


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Nitori is a kappa engineer living near the base of Youkai Mountain in a valley who would meticulously work on new gizmos and inventions. Although with the arrival of the pair of new gods upon the mountain, little did she know life was going to change after fateful encounter with a human... If anything the kappa's warnings were ignored and the magician's speed and power demonstrated that if anyone could deal with the new threat it'd be her.

During The Evil Spirit Geyser incident she had moved to try and get Marisa to move to investigate the oddities being reported underground a possible nuclear pile down there? Something most definite to investigate but no kappa in their right mind would go down there through the oni lived so she had an idea.

A bit of work later and along with Alice and Patchouli had managed to get the magician to move down. Each member of the team would work to support her remotely as the incident unfolded. But the discovery under the mountain was beyond what any Kappa could believe, and soon the fusion reactor was completed and the boon of the underground was realized. Of course, there was the matter of working with the Hell Raven of the fires and figuring just what to do with all this new power. Still with the relative calm Nitori went back to working on her inventions.


Although having overcome the majority of her anxiety of humans but still being a bit nervous when brought into new social conditions (usually with groups of humans). Why not paralyzing it often leads to her needing time to warm up to new people. Of course she's a bit awkward around humans, although considering her first real encounter was with Marisa and Reimu, it'd be naturally a bit odd for her to interact with other humans. Always industrious and experimenting it isn't unheard of her to hold up in her house to work on something when inspiration strikes. Naturally curious she may be found looking around for sources of inspiration although she does have a tendency to fall back to of going back to her Optical camouflage if startled.

Equipment and Gadgets[edit]

  • Optical Camouflage - Another thing that Nitori is known for. This invention allows for Nitori to vanish from sight. While not perfect, as it tend to leave a blurring around the kappa and is somewhat fragile in a fight. While Nitori's usual outfit is best known for housing the technology she's shown it off to be equipped to a yukata although this outfit is a bit more unstable than the one for her usual outfit. Only seen one at the Harvest Festival.
  • Backpacks
    • Extending Arm [E-ARM] - Nitori's signature Extending Arms. This pair of arms not only are useful for firing laser shots from the finger tips but also for acting as extra arms for when Nitori works on things. This backpack is the one the Kappa usually wears when she leaves the house. While very reliable it was badly damaged during the final battle at the tower and required a major overhaul. Repairs were completed despite the difficulty of acquiring the components within the Barrier.
    • Rocket Pack [BST] - A experimental backpack meant to give Nitori a short lived burst of speed. Utilizing a pair of high power rockets this pack could lead to Nitori having a chance to even a short time to be among the speedier Gensokyians. Heavily armored to help keep the rockets in place and protect Nitori from injury if they exploded this backpack is still very much a work in progress. It's only test flight had a near catastrophic failure and it wasn't for Aya's quick thinking Nitori would have lost the pack. A second test flight resulted in the lost of the BST backpack due to an engine failure and forced ejection of the pack.



Momiji Inubashiri - A friend from the mountain and frequent Dai Shōgi opponent. Plays against her every week or so and exchanges stories with.

Minoriko Aki - Local goddess, Nice enough person. On good terms with her and built the FairyScare to guard her fields.

Aya Shameimaru - A Tengu reporter she'd encountered often and over time built up a rapport with, decent enough relationship and well considering that Aya is usually the first Tengu she goes to in order to report on some breakthrough its pays to be on good terms with.


Alice Margatroid - After working together to help The Evil Spirit Geyser incident they've in part kept in touch at times.

Kogasa Tatara - A Karakasa that she had met at the Flower viewing, had became friendly with and having saved her from further embarrassment from Yuugi's actions. In an encounter after the Festival at the Scarlet Devil Mansion she managed to at least have give Kogasa an idea where she could find her. Kogasa's a nice enough youkai probably could become a good friend

Suwako Moriya - One of her Goddesses. Nitori fought alongside her during the attack on the Moriya shrine by the Elementals of Light and Darkness


Rumia - Encountered during The Village Exodus incident but after where Nitori played a part in solving, afterward took the young youkai on a fishing trip to try and give her some options other than eating humans. Nitori once again encountered Rumia only to find her going after a pair of Outsiders, Makoto and Meiya, and leading to the Darkness youkai fleeing. Nitori later on encountered her afterwards and had a conversation about how things are and to help calm Rumia's fears and give some advice

Keine Kamishirasawa - A human teacher in the Village who is also one of the guardians of the Village. A fellow believer that youkai and humans can get along although it is a bit worrisome with how Keine and Yuugi are working together. But Keine's trying to keep the Oni in check so that's another plus

Hina Kagiyama - A local curse goddess. Not what you'd expect for one with her ability, sociable and a nice enough but not one to interrupt when she's gathering misfortune, less be caught in a backlash.

Shou Toramaru - Encountered at the Myouren Temple, Shou's views on conflict and the purpose of the temple were agreeable with Nitori's own views and helped answer a number of questions that were lingering on her.


Tokiko - Encountered on the way to the Human village, not really much to say about her but she seemed to be a decent enough Youkai.

Manah Shadowsong - First met during the Fairy Prank of the Flower Viewing only briefly and later in the skies over Misty Lake. Seems to be a bit smart for a fairy.

Natsuki Inaba - An Earth Rabbit encountered at the Flower Viewing. A bit odd but seemed to be okay.

Letty Whiterock - A Yuki Onna that Nitori encountered during a blizzard, Nitori would have been a victim of a number of pranks if her oversized backpack hadn't accidentally knocked out Letty.

Reimu Hakurei - The Red-White, first encountered during The Rival Shrine, an icon of Gensokyo. Had worked alongside with during the The Village Exodus incident but had had a bit rough time after the creation of an Omikuji Vending Machine for Sanae. Hopefully relationships haven't been permanently damaged

Sanae Kochiya - The Moriya Shrine Miko. A font of knowledge about the Outside world and at times friendly although sometimes what she goes off about seems to make no sense or just shows that she's got a lot to learn about Gensokyo or maybe Outsiders are more different than the Villagers than Nitori thought.

Mystia Lorelei - A Nightsparrow who hired Nitori to work on repairing her Lamprey Cart

Shingyoku - A mysterious magical construct that decided to visit. Seems curious about things although is rather full of information.

Chrissy White - A strange Outsider woman who seems to be struggling with coping with Gensokyo. Nitori took a commission from her to copy her guitar which had found its way into Nitori's inventory of found goods

Tomomi Oyama - An wolf youkai Nitori encountered at the edge of the Youkai Forest.

Remilia Scarlet - The Scarlet Devil. An overflight of the area while testing out some equipment Nitori was helping test for another kappa lead to a brief discussion with the Vampiress


Naoki Yuuto - Has been encountered twice but while in disguise so she really doesn't know the person but Each time he was met he was causing a bit of mischief.

Ubeka - Another Prankster she ran into. Although this one seems to be an aspiring actor although one who speaks a bit archaically


Sunny Milk - Along with Luna Child stole Nitori's Extending Arm backpack as part of an apparent plot to try and turn her against Marisa.

Luna Child - Along with Sunny Milk tole Nitori's Extending Arm backpack as part of an apparent plot to try and turn her against Marisa.

Hajime Mitsuru - Played a prank on Nitori by causing one of her cucumbers to become a Monstrous Cucumber (although it was an illusion).

Tenshi Hinanai - When encountered in the skies above rainstorm the celestial attempted to persuade Nitori to make her a machine for some unknown reason. When Nitori refused the Celestial tried to get her to listen, by force.

Yuugi Hoshiguma - An Oni encountered in person for the first time at the Flower Viewing, decided it'd be fun pull her into a rather... compromising position and have Aya take pictures of it. If it wasn't for Kogasa's fast actions and use of her umbrella. Later encounters lead to Nitori's further humiliation, including one at the Autumn festival. Still seeing how Yuugi was around human children and later her actions at the battle at the final showdown at the base of the tower and later actions lead to Nitori starting to question if maybe it was just bad luck with Yuugi to have things turn out this way.




Specific logs[edit]

First Flight - Nitori tests out a new invention
Fairy-Scare Test Run! - Nitori shows off the FairyScare to Minoriko
The Song before the Storm - Getting a Proposition to do some maintenance on a certain MealCart

The Stolen Backpack Arc

What is Lost - A pair of fairies pull of a great heist.
Searching for Clues - Nitori moves to search for her backpack and has a run in with a book reader
Reunion - Recovering lost goods and finding those who were responsible

Nitori's Participation in Payback is a Miko

Payback is a Miko: A blueprint for revenge - A visit to the Moriya Shrine turns out to be the start of something more
Payback is a Miko: Reviewing the Blueprints - Sanae visits to get an update
Payback's a Miko: Finishing Touches - The final setup and a test run
Payback's a Miko: Diverting The Media - The Aftermath