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Natsuki Inaba
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Elemental Air


Natsuki was born and grew up in the Bamboo Forest of the Lost. Like many rabbits there she lived under the rulership ( and still does ) of Tewi Inaba. She looks up to the Youkai Rabbit as a modern day living legend among her kind, despite having a more open and straightforward personality than Tewi. She always was a bit of an explorer, having a wanderlust that took her far outside of the Bamboo Forest. She had a habit of losing her way more than a few times before she developed a better sense of direction. Her wanderings had taken her to places such as the Hakurei Shrine, the property surrounding Kourindou and even near the edges of Muenzuka ( when it seemed safe enough ). During these times she had come across a few books that were strategy guides and instruction booklets belonging to 8-bit RPGs games. She had mistaken these for some kind of ancient lore and/or lesson books on adventuring. Having read several of them had begun to shape her personality into something a bit different from other Youkai Rabbits, having adopted the game hints and instructions within as a new form of lifestyle. The other rabbits at Eientei find her a bit eccentric, if somewhat silly, but she pays no mind to any critique she receives about her behavior and Tewi seems to find her mannerisms entertaining so the others accept her as well.


Natsuki is a cheerful rabbit who is eager to explore, find adventure, beat up 'bad guys' and discover treasure. She carries a lot of archtypical personality traits that you would normally see in a generic fantasy world type of young adventurer. Due to her background she tends to speak with a lot of RPG terminology. She also has a habit of peppering a bit of hot blooded heroic drama into her conversations sometimes, wanting to appear as the big hero type in front of others, though like any Youkai rabbit if things get ugly she will not hesitate to run for the hills with her tail between her legs. She may get into her share of risky situations though she can tell the difference between a difficult challenge and walking straight into certain death. As such she'll try to keep a good distance between herself and Gensokyo's more dangerous inhabitants.

Ability: Natsuki has no special ability aside from being able to use danmaku much like the rest of the Youkai Rabbits who dwell near or within Eientei, she also has a set of spellcards she carries around in case of trouble. She has been known to carry around a small tree branch she found in the forest of magic that she has fashioned into a makeshift sword. She claims an old man had given it to her because it was dangerous to go alone. Due to its strange nature this branch can deflect smaller sized danmaku shots.







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