Nanabi Tsukishiro

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Nanabi Tsukishiro
Seven-Tailed Chef








Apparent age is 20, real age is roughly 600+ old




Manipulation of a kitsune's ability


Original Character


Blue Skies (Stage theme) , TAIJI (Boss theme)


4 (Boss)


6' 2.92"


Nanabi was a mischievous two-tailed fox back then. He likes to steal food and chicken from a village. He was such an annoyance that the village got tired in trying to deal with him. That is, until one day one dango store owner got fed up and set up a trap to catch him.

It worked.

Before the old man would kill the fox, his wife pleaded to release the fox. He reluctantly agreed, releasing the mischievous fox from the trap. Nanabi stared at the old woman for a few seconds before disappearing into the woods. From that day, the stealing stopped abruptly. Weeks later, a man showed up looking for work at the dango stall that the old couple managed. They gleefully accepted the help, and the man worked with them. One day, they closed their shop late. While her husband had gone back to their house upstairs, she resumed cleaning and putting on the rest of the shutters on the windows. While doing so, she saw Nanabi in his disguise walking into the bushes, before walking out in his true form.

She was astonished.

The next day she went to talk about what she saw to the disguised Nanabi. The fox revealed his true intentions, before attempting to leave. However, she requested the fox to stay working with them, until the husband one day fell ill and left the store under his wife's care. At the old woman's request, Nanabi revealed his true form to the old man. The old man was slightly surprised, but the surprise made him smile before he passed away. Nanabi continues managing the foodstore with the old man's wife until she too became ill months later.

Nanabi promised to her that he would never steal again, and she asked Nanabi to prepare and sell food for other people, like what they did before. She passed away soon after that exchange of words.And after her funeral, Nanabi begins his trek on learning about preparing food, gathering centuries of culinary knowledge before finally wandering into Gensokyo.


Nanabi is a rather cheerful fox, he likes to smile a lot to entertain his customers and always try avoid unnecessary fights. He rarely frowns or become angry, unless he was forced to. On occasions he displays his habit of hugging random persons, usually girls and little children to cheer them up.

The seven-tailed fox will almost always try to attract friends with his cooking rather than making enemies, making him a rather friendly youkai.


Nanabi doesn't have any specific ability, but he still have the traditional kitsune's ability of creating illusions.


Nanabi has a number of spellcards he can use for in spellcard battles. As a side info, most of his cards patterns are lifted from DoDonPachi.

  • [Trance Sign] Fifteen Seconds Incantation

Activates hyper mode, increases power of shot and laser for twofold, and increases the enemy's bullet speed by a fold for 15 seconds. Fighter card only.

  • [Kitsune Strike] Strafe Run

Few chibitsune dolls will be summoned to drop various bombs in a single run. Bomb card only.

  • [Laser Sign] Hyper Ripple

Same as Strafe Run, chibitsunes drops hyper-charged energy balls instead of bombs. Bomb card when using a bomb to cancel Hyper mode.

  • [Pulse Sign] Recoil Tail, Side to Side
  • [Red Moon Sign] Pulse Laser Cannon

Hard-ranked card. which will shoot a straight, fire beam at half the size of Master Spark. Heavy vertical movement penalty is induced when card is active as a bomb. As a boss card on the other hand, Nanabi will fire the laser several times.

  • [Black Dance] Hyper Cannon

Lunatic-ranked card. Charging the card requires Nanabi to spin in a circle, shooting black shots as he does so. After a number of revolutions, Nanabi will be centered on the enemy before unleashing a large black laser with the size of Master Spark. Huge movement penalty and recoil, black shots are able to cancel bullets, and when used as a boss card, the laser will be shot several times.







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