Mokou Fujiwara

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Mokou Fujiwara
Mokou 7.jpg
Human Immune to Death by Fire









Bamboo Forest Loner/Wanderer


Eternal youth and immortality, resistance to and manipulation of fire


Imperishable Night


Reach for the Moon, Immortal Smoke


5 (Final Boss)


Very little can be picked up on this being, considering she's well over a thousand years old. A white haired individual with red pants that roams the Bamboo Forest of the Lost. She's well known as a guide, almost happy to take people through the bamboo thicket to Eientei, or even out of the forest. There are rumors that spread in the human village that she herself is a human, but she has achieved immortality through means other then becoming a celestial, and that through her lifetime, she's learned enough spells to put herself on equal grounds with many stronger youkai. Some believe she's part of a group of specialized youkai exterminators, but she denies any accusation of such. She claims to be a health nut, and also states she owns a yakitori stand. However, no one has seen this stand, or learned of it's location.


The attitude of this tomboyish looking girl can be condensed into a few simple words: An aggressive loner. She hardly associates herself with humans, or youkai, keeping her past and her thoughts to herself, and hardly saying a word to any person she happens to rescue from the forest. She's also a very aggressive sort of girl, not afraid to throw threats at anyone threatening her immortal life. Because of her aggressive attitude and how bad her anger can get, she's usually prone to swearing now and then.

Powers: Mokou's main specialty is her manipulation over fire, as well as her resistance to said fire. Because of this, she is rumored to either be a phoenix in disguise, or be possessed by a phoenix.

Spellcards: Many of Mokou's spell cards are actually based off her rumored Phoenix origins, as well as stories on her past. Thankfully, it seems no one has made the connection to any of her spellcards.

Themesongs: Normal Theme: (Immortal Smoke) -- Boss Theme: (Battle on the fire bridge) -- Event Battle Theme: (Solitary Mercenary)



Satori Komeiji ~ Satori was one of the first 'strangers' that Mokou has met in her forest. Though some conversation and a few little friendly tasks, she's built up a bit of trust with her, atleast enough to call her so much of a friend.

Keine Kamishirasawa ~ A longtime friend of Mokou has been the history altering hakutaku, Keine. Though the friendship is mainly unknown to many people, it seems to have something that built up over years. There's a great amount of trust between the two.

Flandre Scarlet ~ After fighting this vampire in the Bamboo Forest, Mokou has taken a bit of a liking to her. Though her original plan was to turn Flandre to her side to fight Kaguya, she's actually taken up a sort of 'big brother' role to the vampire. She still wants to turn the vampire to fight Kaguya, though.



Kaguya Houraisen ~ Though there may be the occasional temporary truce between Mokou and Kaguya, facts are facts: She hates her everliving guts. After the disgrace and blow to the Fujiwara name from her, Mokou has been fighting with Kaguya for plenty of years, acting as a curse to end her life several times over as long as her immortal life will let her.



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