Miyo Mushimoto

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Miyo Mushimoto
The Sword That Cleaves Evil






Tsukumogami (O-Dachi)






The ability to cut anything


Original Character


Of The Northern Lands (Stage), Red Extermination (Boss), Slayer of Yamato-no-Orochi (EX)


In the 15th century, Japan was home to a legendary swordsman by the name of Miyamoto Musashi. The man who perfected the Way of the Sword, and inventor of the two-sword fighting style 'Niten Ryu'. Miyo Mushimoto was once the longer of the two swords in Musashi's daisho. He perished near the end of the 15th century, leaving behind his daisho which was never found.

As legendary blades of a great man, instilled with courage and humility, the twin swords of Musashi's daisho went on to become legends in their own right, wielded by hero after hero through Japanese history. The last time they were used in battle was during the Battle of Shiroyama, wielded by the leader of the Satsuma Rebellion during the final decline of the Samurai. In this battle, the swords were again lost, but unlike their previous disappearance, the legendary blades of Musashi's daisho would never be seen again by the outside world.

This is because, after again losing a master, the spirits of the swords fell into despair and fled from humanity into the recently-sealed land of youkai and gods, Gensokyo. Here, they remained lost and isolated. Eventually, they were separated. The longer of the two swords somehow wound up being 'collected' by a certain witch. It's quite recent that the spirit of the longsword became a youkai, rising out of a pile of scrap metal and rusted weapons in the yard of the Kirisame Magic Shop.


A very serious-minded young woman. She has been in the hands of her owner for so long that she's taken on several of his personality traits, such as his attention to detail and his indomitable will. She sports a serious and tactical mind, with an artistic flair as befits a balanced master samurai. She views the way of the sword as a way of life, and aspires to live as closely to the code her former master set in ink so many years ago. However, she's not as hard as she tries to appear. Though it's difficult to catch her off guard, she does show a soft side, particularly towards human children where she becomes a much more motherly and protective person.


Dancing Blade Miyo is a sword tsukumogami. She is capable of transforming back into the shape of a long-bladed katana that retains her ability to cut through anything. In this form, she is much lighter than a sword that size should be and instills knowledge of swordsmanship into whoever wields her.

Danmaku Miyo's danmaku comes in two forms. In the first form, the bullets are crescent shapes of varying lengths, hurled by swinging her sword or shed from a long cut through the air like a shockwave. In the second form, she sheds numerous swords and knives and hurls them. The second form is generally seen more often.



Keine Kamishirasawa ~ The first actual person Miyo met upon becoming a youkai, encountered outside the village at night. Miyo aided Keine in shooing off some marauding wolf youkai without a battle taking place. The two formed a friendship while discussing philosophies and history. Miyo realizes that Keine works hard to keep the villagers safe, and has volunteered her skills as a sword youkai to take some of the burden off the teacher's shoulders.







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