Minoriko Aki

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Minoriko Aki
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Symbol of Abundance and Plenty






Harvest god



Blessing people with a good harvest, running a sweet potato stand


Power to control an abundant harvest


Mountain of Faith


Because Princess Inada is Scolding Me


3 (Boss)


Minoriko is a benevolent goddess who guarantee's people a plentiful harvest. Both her and Shizuha Aki, her older sister, rule together over the season of Autumn. When the harvest festival begins she is being called to the Human Village to guarantee the humans a good harvesting season. Other than ruling over the harvest season she also runs a food stand where she sells sweet potatoes and all sorts of other fruit and crops. When the winter starts, she and her sister retreat and prefer to stay home as long as the cold months last.


Minoriko is a friendly, cheery person and quite dependable and responsible-minded if it comes to her business. Given the fact that she is a god Minoriko is quite proud at times and tends to be a bit boastful when provoked. She is quite inexperienced when it comes to other things than bringing people an abundant harvest and tends to mess up tasks. Minoriko has something like a superiority complex in regards to her older sister Shizuha Aki. This feeling is mutual, since that counts for Shizuha as well.


The official description of Minoriko's ability is a little bit vague. It is obvious though, that her powers are not useful in combat in any way. Minoriko is able to control the harvest by giving earth nutrition which results in better growth of the plants and therefore guarantees better crops. The harvest goddess is also capable of using danmaku, but it's not quite effective compared to others (and especially in comparison of gods).




Because Princess Inada is Scolding Me



Shizuha Aki ~ The harvest goddess' dear older sister, the goddess of the autumn colors. Naturally they have sisterly feelings for each other as siblings and both of them seem to shine the most when they work together towards their goal to make Autumn the best time of the year. Even though there have been some misunderstandings which were mainly caused through Minoriko's almost unhealthy working morale, the two eventually managed to speak it of their chests and eventually got closer to each other.

Aya Shameimaru ~ A tengu reporter from the mountain. Aya is a good friend of Minoriko, and she asked her sometime if she could help her train her abilities in the photography departement as a model, what Minoriko gladly agreed to do to help her friend.

Hina Kagiyama ~ A goddess with the ability to absorb someones misfortunes who resides in Youkai Forest. She is a good friend of Minoriko's, who appreciates her friend's abilities and who believes that her ability to absorb misfortune helps her a lot with her own business. Hina occasionally drops by for teatime and smalltalk with the harvest goddess.

Business Friendly[edit]

Nitori Kawashiro ~ A kappa mechanic from the mountain. Nitori seems to have great faith in Minoriko and her sister, and offers Minoriko occasionally to build something, rarely asking for anything in return since she deems the harvest goddess' blessing as enough payment. (Nitori's not getting away with this though, since Minoriko hardly accepts giving nothing in return) Despite their relations mainly originating from their businesses, Minoriko sometimes manages to have lengthier conversations with the shy kappa about life and such stuff, and she occasionally learns about Nitori's personality, such as her fear (well, phobia almost) towards oni.

Keine Kamishirasawa ~ The guardian of the Human Village. Keine is one of the few people who were helping in terms of preparations for Minoriko's Harvest Moon Festival. The goddess is glad that she was not too mad about the racket that occured at some point, but she hopes that the mayor did not end up yelling at her for the damage that was created throughout some of artist's performances. Minoriko feels somewhat guilty about that, since she apparently hadn't looked into security measures enough, yet she is glad that in the end, no one really got injured.





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