Minamitsu Murasa

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Minamitsu Murasa
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Miserable Depths of the Ocean






Ghost (Funayurei)




Volunteer at Myouren Temple


Power to Cause Shipwrecks


Undefined Fantastic Object


Interdimensional Voyage of a Ghostly Passenger Ship, Captain Murasa


4 (Elite Boss)


5' 5"


About a thousand years ago, Minamitsu was involved in a shipwreck in the middle of a cursed ocean. She drowned to death when she got her leg trapped in the chain of the ship's anchor, the same anchor she keeps on her back now. However, due to her lingering attachment to the world of the living, she was bound to the ocean she died in and spent her days sinking ships in any way she could think of.

Over time, humans feared her and their fears turned her into a youkai, a funayurei. They began to call her Murasa, based on her original name, and after a time they called upon a Buddhist monk named Byakuren Hijiri to vanquish Murasa. Murasa knew that by sinking a ship with such a well-known monk on it, fear of her would increase and she might even be able to free herself from that cursed ocean and attack the humans directly.

However, when Byakuren came, the monk didn't even put up a fight. Within seconds, Murasa had already torn the ship to pieces. Murasa was discouraged, thinking that there wasn't any pride to be had in defeating such a powerless person. As she thought this, however, the monk suddenly appeared above the ocean, riding a shining ship; the same ship that was the cause of Murasa's death. Byakuren knew that Murasa had been sinking all those ships because she was looking for this one to exact revenge on it and free herself from the cursed ocean. She offered that Murasa could captain the ship, thus freeing herself.

Hundreds of years later, Byakuren had been captured and sealed in Makai, and Murasa and the other youkai saved by the monk were trapped underground with the Holy Palanquin. Unexpectedly, the ship was freed by Utsuho's geyser, and Murasa was determined to repay Byakuren by freeing her from Makai. With the unwitting assistance of Reimu, Marisa, and Sanae, she succeeded.


Minamitsu Murasa is a generally cheerful person, quite laid back and relaxed. She's extremely devoted to Byakuren, almost viewing her as a mother figure. She still gets withdrawals at times from back when she used to sink ships, so on occasion she'll sink toy ships in the bath when nobody's around. She also loves the ocean, though in a place like Gensokyo that becomes a difficult thing to enjoy. The closest thing she has is the bank of the Sanzu river, so she can occasionally be seen there, just sitting back with a pipe and enjoying the broad expanse of water. She also enjoys playing pranks sometimes, mainly involving sneaking up on people while she's in her ghost form.

Ghost form: Murasa can revert to her ghost form from back when she used to sink ships. In this form, she becomes all green, shackles with broken chains appear on her wrists and ankles, her clothes become tattered and seaworn, her eyes turn a very pale green, and she and the area around her have a strange "old film" effect. She is also constantly followed by the smell of rotten fish and kelp. This is usually used for some of her spellcards, but she also enjoys scaring people with it on occasion, just for kicks.







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