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Miko Toyosatomimi
Shoutoku Taoist










Former Prince(-ess), now spreading the Tao


Power to listen to ten people speaking at the same time, and being able to understand each and everyone of them


Ten Desires


Shoutoku Legend ~ True Administrator


5 (Final Boss)


The life Toyosatomimi no Miko's begins on the 7th of February 574 when she is given birth in a stable as an emperor's and a princess' child. Already during Miko's childhood her intellect was recognized by many and she was recognized as a genius at an early age.

What made this girl different from everyone else was her ability to listen to ten people at the same time, which became apparent when she started to give advice to many people, being able to hear each one of their worries and complaints at the same time and in return delivering advices to each one of them. Soon after this was discovered, rumors were spread across the land which increased Miko's popularity significantly.

Miko was afraid of one thing in specific, which is death, the fate that will reach each mortal some day. Not being able to find a solution for her own sorrows, Miko became dissatisfied with her own fate. However, once Seiga reached out for Miko and spread Taoism to her, which is essentially nature worship, and following the necessary rituals, Taoism could grant immortality to it's followers, which made Miko convert due to her death anxiousness.

Miko was recommended by Seiga to make the appearance of a buddhist, which was supposed to keep the nation calm since there were ambivalent opinions on Taoism and it's overall credibility. Following Seiga's advice, Miko spread buddhism throughout Japan, while she devoted herself to experiments with Taoism. Pursuing the goal of acquiring immortality, Miko obtained superhuman abilities which made her even more famous as a legend, but on the flipside, experiments involving highly detrimental materials such as cinnabar ruined Miko's body and health and she was running out of time which she needed to reach her goal.

The fact that if no actions were taken her body would eventually decay because she took huge risks during her experiments, forced Miko to decide for an alternative which was becoming a shikaisen, which basically required her own death which would be followed by her resurrection whereafter her body would stop againg and giving into the noxious materials used before. However, being afraid of death, Miko did not want to undergo the procedure on her own and eventually convinced Futo to become her test subject. After confirming that Futo continued to sleep without decaying, Miko went to perform the secret technique of becoming a shikaisen herself.

She planned to be resurrected once the nation felt the need for a saint, but Japan was controlled by buddhism for more than thousand years, and buddhist monks kept on sealing Miko inside her tomb, preventing her resurrection. Figuring that she had no need to rush, Miko thought that she would be fine with resurrecting at a later point, and she resumed her millenial sleep.

Eventually, the time for her resurrection came, which was triggered by the fading believe into the legends of Toyosatomimi no Miko from the old days, and this resulted in the whole Mausoleum her tomb was in, as well as a few of her allies, being transferred to Gensokyo, where they could still continue to exist. With the buddhists constantly sealing her away, Miko finally resurrected.

By that time, however, another buddhist temple was build right above the mausoleum. It is unclear to others if it was purely from coincidence or not, but Miko is fairly certain that Byakuren Hijiri was trying to continue the work of the other monks...


Being a saint, Miko tries to maintain a certain tone of politeness and she apologizes if she thinks she had been rude towards others in a certain way. Given her ability she developed, however, she has a great personality flaw of not listening to other people, often relying on her ability to see desires and interpret other's personalities, instead of listening what is actually said. One might take it as if Miko was generally ignorant, but she tries her best to understand others in her own ways. Another thing is that she is not reluctant to taking risks. Her overall attitude tends to get disparaging when dealing with people belonging to Gensokyo's buddhist fraction.


Miko holds the power to listen to ten people speaking at the same time, and being able to understand each and everyone of them. Reading into someone's ten desires grants Miko the possibility to guess their personality based on their desires, and she can roughly prognosticate what actions they are going to take influenced by their wishes. This is not to be confused with mind-reading, since Miko is not able to actually read what exactly someone is thinking, but she can recognize other's deepest desires. Aside from that, the saint has gained several superhuman traits over the course of her experiments with Taoism, including things such as strength, speed, stamina, surpassing the abilities of most other humans.


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Stage: "Starry Skies of Small Desires

Theme: "Shoutoku Legend ~ True Administrator"






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