Miki Mikiechi

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Miki Mikiechi
The Girl Who Writes And Is Written






Tsukumogami (Kyourinrin)




Singer and Artist


Manipulation of Paper and Inks


Original Character


Kyouka Suigetsu ~ Natural Fantasy (Stage), Look This Way, Baby! (Boss)


Many years ago, an aspiring young artist produced his very first manga comic, 'Story of a Vocalist Android', a story about a robot girl struggling to become a pop idol. It didn't sell very well, but the artist cherished it as his first publication. After a time, though, he finally became a success from a different story and 'Vocalist Android' was forgotten. The very first print eventually slipped through the cracks and into Gensokyo. Feeling rejected and lost, the old book became a youkai, who adopted the identity of the manga's main character - Miki Mikiechi.


While Miki is exceptionally young for a youkai, she's a very enthusiastic one. Unlike many youkai her age, she does not hunt or even try to scare humans. Rather, she goes out of her way to befriend them as well as other youkai. She measures her value in her friends, and tries her best to be personable to everyone. She has difficulty understanding loners, and those who reject her can incite either sadness or anger. Miki does not take rejection very well. Much like the character she's based herself on, Miki finds great joy in performing, and enjoys using danmaku to spice up her shows.



"Miki" combines the kanji for "Beautiful" and "Chronicle". Her surname adds the kanji for "Picture" and "Thousand", giving it the meaning "Beautiful Chronicle in One Thousand Pictures". She prefers to be called "Miki Miki". The common mistake of pronouncing her surname as 'Miki Ecchi' makes her angry, as she feels it accuses her of being a pervert.


Miki likes to give people nicknames. While she'll often act like she considers a nickname deeply, it will almost invariably wind up being the first one or two syllables of someone's first name, said twice - Like her own nickname, Miki Miki. Miki often excuses this by saying the original name is too long, even if her granted nickname contains more syllables.


The manga character that Miki Miki assumed the identity of when she became a youkai sports a distinctive voice, which she has emulated to the best of her ability. She sounds synthesized, almost robotic, but still maintains an impressive melodic range far outside human ability.


She's made out of paper. Very well painted and detailed paper, such that she looks and even feels very much like a human, but paper. She fears water and is terrified of fire, for obvious reasons.


Miki's spells combine her powers over ink and paper, hurling out clusters of paper danmaku accompanied by bullets made out of ink. The ink doesn't cause harm, but obscures her target's vision. The paper bullets, however, do cause damage. For her Singsong spell cards and related non-spells, she generates danmaku shaped like musical notes.

Spell Cards

  • Ink Sign -Circular Scrawl-
  • Ink Sign -Elegant Letters-
  • Folding -What The Future Holds-
  • Folding -Flight Of Paper Cranes-
  • Singsong -Sorrowful Sadness Story-
  • Singsong -Burst Into Song-







Hatate Himekaidou ~ Hatate lured Miki into an interview and then, under the pretext of a photoshoot, took indecent pictures. Miki is very unhappy about this, and wants the images destroyed.



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