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Village Guard


The Ability to Shoot Danmaku of Any Shape and Colour







Meira is the only child that is born to the 13th generation of the once prestigious Meijin Family. As a girl, she was not deemed worthy to be the head of the family, and thus the authority of the Main Family could now be taken by the male heirs present in the Branch Family. However, this resulted in a lot of bloodshed between the branch families, and internal politics began to fill the words of the household. At the age of 18, Meira could no longer handle the day to day fear of assassination that plagued the mood of the Household, and as such stole the family relic, a sword which was passed down from generation to generation as a symbol of authority. Little did the inexperienced Meira know that the sword possessed power, and was once known as Mugen, Sword of Infinity.

Meira decided that the only way she could stop the bloodshed was to gain an authority that no-one could argue with, and decided to usurp the powers of the Hakurei Bloodline, believing that even she could defeat the young Shrine Maiden. However, her rosy dreams were shattered; the Shrine Maiden proved her skill and ability and effortlessly defeated Meira. After that event, Meira all but vanished from the eyes of her family, discarding her last name and title, leaving behind the life she once had and mixing into the day to day society, wishing to train herself to defeat the shrine maiden. She sold her clothing and bought instead some more normal clothes, and used the excess money from that sale to help her get by in the first few weeks. She cut her hair shorter and changed her entire image as a ruse to escape detection.

Meira tried several times to get into the Human Defence Force, however was rejected because she failed to meet the basic physical tests. Meira took on various odd jobs in the time to make ends meet, helping out in various places across the Human Village at first, whilst she aimed towards her ambition to join the Defence Force. It was in these jobs that she developed the basic skills that were denied to her during her life in the Meijin Household, and she began to appreciate the hard work the normal people put in to live their day to day lives. In the end, the Defence Force recognised her dedication, and allowed her to train with them, helping her build up the necessary skills necessary for the job. Meira didn’t have the necessary muscle weight, so instead of focusing on her strength; she decided to work on stamina and technique, using an unconventional technique where she parries attacks instead of taking them head on.

She eventually became a valued member of the Defence Force, but with that distinction came fame, and the shadows of her past life began to haunt her again, as agents sent by her old family began joining the Defence Force in an attempt to find information about her. The spying eventually ended in a confrontation, however, the Defence Force refused to give up Meira over to the hands of the Meijin Family, Meira had already proven her worth and dedication to protecting the Human Village, whilst the Meijin Family had, over the years, withdrawn itself from the responsibility, moving from the front to the back lines, and eventually disappearing from the scope entirely, moving over to more profitable and less risky endeavours such as business and politics. Meira was extremely moved by this show of trust, and promised to herself to protect her newfound friends and family as long as she was alive.

With time, she grew to like her new life filled with hardship and freedom, and her desire for revenge began to fade, and instead the changing day to day life charmed her. She realised that she never wanted to return to the life she once had, even she could get anything she wanted, it would not give her the same satisfaction as the life she lived now.


Character behaviour: While Meira has long left the rules and monotony of her past, Meira still retains some of her past habits of her life before as a sheltered member of the main family, which extends to her way of speaking and her day to day interactions. Otherwise, she is quite a pleasant person to talk to; she tries her best to listen to others. She lapses into a flurry of over-formal and stiff conversation when she encounters a topic that is difficult for her.

Positive characteristics: Meira is a self motivated person who tries her best to better herself, trying to cast off the influence from her childhood and become one with the community. While difficult at first, Meira gives her trust to people wholeheartedly, often relying on her neighbour’s advice on things. She takes things at face value, and gets swayed by multiple opinions, especially with regards to fads or new things.

Negative characteristics: Meira is blunt and quite condescending of people who don’t do something for themselves. Whilst much improved compared to her life in the Meijin Household, she still occasionally displays lack of tact, especially with regards to relationship issues. She also is quite wary of new people, considering that she is still a fugitive from the influence of her own family. In addition, Meira hasn’t QUITE mastered the nitty gritty of proper saving, and often purchases interesting or strange objects on a whim.

Vernacular (way of speaking): Meira tries to speak informally, but often slips into lapses of formal speaking when she gets carried away in a conversation. Social and other pressure, problems: Meira is quite uncomfortable in overly casual situations, she hasn’t quite gotten used to coping with the entire idea of “letting loose”









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