Medicine Melancholy

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Medicine Melancholy
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Little Sweet Poison











Manipulation of Poison


Phantasmagoria of Flower View


Poison Body ~ Forsaken Doll


3 (Boss)


3' 5"


A doll Tsukumogami best known for living mostly on the suzuran infested Nameless Hill. Medicine is a relatively young tsukumogami spawned from an abandoned ventriloquism doll. Due to the fact she was abandoned upon the Nameless Hill in a suzuran field she absorbed the toxins and when she awoke as a youkai, she had not only an immunity to the poisons but the control of them. When there was an odd blooming of the suzuran, Medicine was curious and when strange people came to her fields she was more than willing to show them how strong she and Su-san was. After a number of visitors came to her field, Medicine felt that she was strong enough to be able to leave the Nameless Hill.

With her wandering Medicine found herself in a strange field of giant sunflowers and countered a strange youkai who loved sunflowers in the same way Medicine liked her Su-san. After that, encountered Medicine found herself in an odd field of poisonous flowers where she encountered a tall woman who told her what those flowers were. But her final encounter in this adventure was a fateful encounter with the Yama. After that, Medicine returned home in where she met the rabbit that had come from before...


The young doll's personality is rather odd, while she often seems to be so cheerful and content when she's within her field in the Nameless Hill and around her rather small circle of friends, tends to have a rather dark streak when it comes to humans. She harbors a deep hatred of humans spawned from the fact she was abandoned on the hill, which had become her home. Although with how young Medicine is, she can be easily deceived by clever humans who make her think that they're in fact not human, thus avoiding her hate.



Yuuka Kazami ~ Medicine views Yuuka as something of a mentor, bordering on an adoptive mother. She visits the sunflower field every so often to play and be around the older youkai, usually when she gets tired of always living in the Nameless Hill almost entirely alone.

Rumia ~ Ever since their team-up during the zombie incident, Rumia and Medicine have become decent friends. Medicine appreciates the fact that Rumia has a bit of a sadistic side to her when it comes to eating humans, a bonding point which eventually caused them to organize an attack on the human village. Even after the incident their relationship still continued persist and thus Medicine considers Rumia to be her best friend... Well outside Su-san.


Alice Margatroid ~ While Alice treats her dolls very well she still has them being her slaves which just makes things confusing for her as Alice seems to view dolls as being held in very good regard. To Medicine, this makes the relationship incredibly complicated as the doll as Alice has offered her a place to stay and the dollmaker only uses dolls who let her use them, although Alice has a habit of making them into bombs…


Nori Takeshi~ Even though both Medicine and Nori share a dislike of humans, Medicine grew to hate the devil due to the perception that he was aiming to take Rumia away to make his own. Their collaboration during the Incident was one of convenience at best, but quickly broke down when they were confronted by a group lead by Keine.

Keine Kamishirasawa~ As a defender of the Human Village and humans overall Keine has earned the ire of Medicine and after the incident Medicine had tried to get back at her with what were 'clever' plans which were quickly foiled as they were rather easy to see through. Even though Keine thinks that she can get Medicine to change a little it looks like the doll stubbornly refuses to change.


Humans ~ Medicine inherently hates any and all humans. She treats them with lethal hostility, and won't hesitate to try and kill them with her poison if given the chance, even going out of her way to cause them harm.



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