Manah Shadowsong

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Manah Shadowsong
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Fairy of 1000 Blades









Maid and Guard



Original Character


Wolf's Breath (Stage), Love & Loss (Boss)


2 (Midboss)



Manah was born in the outside world, as such, with the rest of the fairies of that time. She has an inbred ability to live with very little magic. As an example if a fairy born in Gensokyo would almost immediately die in the outside world, because they live with so much magic. Anyway she was born about 500 years ago, in 10 years since she was born she was a perfect fairy example, loving to play pranks, running away when sighted, never caught by anyone with silly traps. At the end of the 10 year mark she was attacked by the church, thinking she was a demon of some kind, thanks to the small amount of Magic in the outside world she survived the attack, but just barely With the very small amount of Magic in the real world, even if she was surrounded by nature she would only have a 10% chance to pop and re-spawn. In this wounded and harmed state Mercy Shadowsong found her.

It had been two years since Manah was found. Over this time she learned much. Thanks to her duel elements and her ability to learn much like a sponge she grew up in a way. She could have left at any time but Manah felt connected for some reason to Mercy. You see, Mercy was a witch of that time, not a mistaken one but a real witch. She had the ability to see a glimpse of the future when she looked at someone, just an image. She used this power for the better of the town she lived next to and was well liked. She used the rest of her magical power to extend her lifespan, she still aged but it was slower, she looked about 20 but was really 50. Anyway Manah was taught by her, and raised by her. Mercy had seen that Manah would be a maid to someone important and taught her like that, as she felt she had to. Mercy's husband taught Manah how to use a sword. In those two years Manah learned far more then the average fairy for reasons unknown, and if one were to look past body type and her wings they would see a nice 20 year old girl mind. Quick witted and nice

It had now been 5 years since Manah's rescue. At this time she was well learned in how to use a sword by the staff of the manor, so good that she was able to easily win against all but the most skilled, where she always lost. Her sword skill was of a skill person, but not as good as the fabled warriors of Japan and China. Her maid skill was that of a normal maid. She made mistakes but not a lot of them. In a way she was the pinnacle of Fairy kind for the outside world. She was returning from the market with food, her wings covered in her cloak when she realized something was wrong. She made her way inside and discovered that the Church had attacked again. Only a week before Mercy had adopted Manah into her family, saying that she was like a daughter to her and wanted to make it complete, thus how Manah got her surname. Anyway Manah found that everyone everyone inside the manor was killed. Mercy, her mother in a way, was found tied to a bed, on fire, with her head cut off and missing. Manah snapped and she used all her magical power to exact revenge on the Hunters, people from the church who hunt witches. Using exact copies of her sword she hunted and killed all of them, for they were still in the house looking for her. She didn't care what happened and the last one she found was holding Mercy's head in a bag, as proof or something. Manah was so far gone at this time that after killing her, quite painfully, she ate her.

A lot of time has passed since that day, and Manah refuses to forget. She never changed clothes so her clothes were still stained with blood, her sword was clean though. Over time she became a myth, a story used to scare children to stay in bed at night, for she ate almost nothing but humans. But when she made her way to Gensokyo over a long period of time, she had all but forgotten those long years, her mind burned with the image of Mercy on the bed. She swore to herself that she would never forget, but that she needed to stop what she had done. She forced herself to forget the past, everything but Mercy and what had happened to her. Doing so she also gave up a few things, like she stopped eating meat, discovering that if she did her body wouldn't crave Human flesh as much. She had been changed permanently though and was shy and timid, avoiding everyone unless she couldn't, if someone attacked her she fought till she won or got popped. This made the other fairies avoid her. She got killed a lot when she first got to Gensokyo and knew that she was able to die forever now, but she hated it and tried to avoid getting popped as long as possible.

In the 30 years since she got to Gensokyo her power had reached its peak, She was far more powerful then she was in the outside world, but in all truth she was weaker if only slightly then Cirno, who she never met. Her attitude had returned to normal in the maid way, but her normal attitude was forever changed. She was timid and shy, prone to get scared often by the new and unknown. But if forced to fight, or what she called playing because Danmaku was but a game (she could read, very well, but not write) she lost that and gave her all, not giving up till either she or the opponent lost. She does remember every time she lost, her memory going up right to the moment of getting popped. She also started to work again as a maid for the Lunar Princess Kaguya Houraisen. But she was still afraid of her past and when left alone or under high stress she was prone to emotional fits, crying, or in extreme cases dangerous levels of anger.

'You are not the Manah of 30 years ago, but the Manah of Today' was something Kaguya Houraisen told her. And those words rattled in her brain, Kaguya Houraisen was her new cure, and in Manah's mind was her friend. Thanks to those little words Manah finally gave up, she finally decided that her past wasn't important, and only her future was. She still didn't change much after that, her personality didn't change, but the emotions under the surface had finally silenced, she was free of them, of her guilt that she didn't protect Mercy, or her fear the past would happen again. As like any fairy she was happy and wanted everyone else to be happy too.


Manah is a shy and timid fairy, she doesn't like things surprising her and can get scared easily in a new place. If she gets too scared her powers go out of control, blasting the area around her with high winds as she herself is surrounded by swords till she calms down. By herself or with friends she is really happy if soft voiced, willing to please her friends just to make them smile, in other words if her friends are happy she is happy. If she is working, in her maid mode, She shy soft voiced and normally happy looked, she will protect her master with all her life. In combat she is serious and won't stop fighting till either she wins, someone higher rank then her tells her to stop, or she loses which then she will accept her loss. Above all else Honor is very important to her, and if someone betrays her she will pay them back quite painfully, once the person is payed back she will act like nothing has happened between her and that person. She also hates to lie, not that she won't, she just prefers not to. Also her swords, the copies of them appear if a strong emotion passes through her, the stronger the emotion, the more visible the swords are


(Note, these are just the names, what they do is up to me) 'Blade Dance: ZAN' 'Metal Element: Steel Rain' 'Duel Element: Blade Tornado' 'Past: Small Innocent Devil' 'Forsaken Fairy: Perfect Little Maid' (These are just her most favorite and used spell cards, she has others but they are all along the same power. the Past spell card is unique in its sheer power and its cost)


Fairy Magic; Wind Magic within sight range, the wider spread and the farther out the less powerful she can make it; Metal Magic with unknown range, she can only control her own sword and copy it up to 1000 times, forming her Danmaku. The blades can move in very complex patterns. She can also use it in her close quarter combat; Swordplay, she can use this skill to deflect Danmaku, but as of currently can only deflect large Danmaku, anything small like cards, blades of air or energy she is unable to deflect in till she gets more training. The reason she can deflect them is because its about hitting them at the right angle, nothing more; Ability to learn; Ability to never forget unless she forces herself to







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