Mael Coluim Labhrainn

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Mael Coluim Labhrainn[edit]

Appearance (human): As a human, Mael is a light skinned, somewhat muscular man of around average height. He looks to be in his mid-forties, with silver hair and a chest-length, disheveled beard. His clothing is unremarkable, mainly consisting of tattered, brown rags, and under those much of his body is wrapped in tight black bandages. His most remarkable feature is his eyes, which are permanently covered by wax in this fashion.

Appearance (wraith): In his wraith form, he has basically the same appearance. However, his skin turns black, and his legs turn into black smoke. His eyes are no longer covered by wax, and are a burning red. Long, sharp, glowing blue claws come from his fingers.

Background: Long ago, there was a grand kingdom in Scotland. Two knights, brothers, who lived there were known far and wide for their skill in battle, and their prowess and tactical skill won the king many wars. Their names were Sirs Jock and Mael Coluim Labhrainn. Together they protected their glorious kingdom from any and all who would oppose them.
One day, the king looked at a certain valley near the kingdom. The Valley of Defilement was a hideous, disgusting place. The sun never managed to shine through there, and the very waters of the swamp at the bottom were infested with all manner of plague and poison. The air reeked of decay and death, and the valley crawled with demons and giant mosquitoes, slugs, and ticks. The valley was infamously known as a place where the kingdom's unwanted were left to rot; lepers, criminals, unwanted children and fetuses, the deformed or gravely disabled, anyone who was unwanted would be taken to die in the Valley of Defilement. Many people, however, didn't die, and along with all the monsters these former citizens made homes for themselves in the valley from rotten driftwood. The king finally decided to try and get rid of the valley and destroy it.
To do this, he sent a priestess to the valley accompanied by Jock Labhrainn. The priestess would go into the deepest part of the valley and cast a spell to cleanse it of all the filth that had accumulated, destroying the valley and everyone in it. Jock would accompany her to make sure no harm came to her until the spell was cast. The kingdom waited silently for months, but the pair never returned. Therefore, Mael Coluim was sent to go into the valley and find out what happened.
As Mael Coluim descended deeper into the valley, he was constantly confronted by the monsters and the deformed and diseased citizens that had been abandoned there. It took hours, but he eventually made it to the deepest part of the valley. There, he was amazed at what he saw. The priestess gave up her soul to create a haven for the wretched people of the valley to live in happiness, and in the process had become a demon in all but appearance. Mael Coluim's brother, Jock, had also given up his soul in the process. Mael Coluim knew that this was the opposite of what the king had requested, and his devotion to his kingdom overrode his bond with his brother. Mael Coluim went to kill the priestess, but Jock stood in his path and attacked him. In the scuffle, Jock fell into one of the plague-infested pools and was devoured by the monsters inside. As Mael Coluim moved to kill the priestess, she, in her grief at Jock's death, killed herself and cursed Mael Coluim. His eyes were covered over by wax, and for the rest of his life he would be forced to turn into a wraith every night and devour a soul every day to stay alive.
The death of the priestess also cleansed the valley, eliminating all the disease and the filthy beings within it. When Mael Coluim returned to his kingdom, he was met at first with cheers of success and praise. When the people saw how his eyes were covered by wax, however, he was forced to tell them about the curse laid on him. In fear, he was exiled from the kingdom on pain of death and made to wander the countryside. Eventually, Mael Coluim learned of a place called Gensokyo. He remembered the priestess and the paradise she had tried to create, and he decided to go there, where he could be accepted as what he was.

Home: A small shack in the Youkai Forest, away from most people.

Personality: Mael generally acts rude and annoyed toward almost everyone he meets, as though their mere existence is an annoyance to him. He'll often throw a mild insult at anyone he has a conversation with, but he never actually aims to be a complete dick. In fact, if you can get past his rough exterior, he's actually a very nice guy. He'll help people in need, and he actually can be quite noble to those whom he has formed a bond with. Few people really see this side of him, though, as most are turned away by his rudeness.

Powers: Manipulation of shadows; can change into wraith form at will, but is forced to do so every night; can eat the souls of others

Size: 6'1"

Species: Were-Wraith

Themesong: One Who Craves Souls & Tower Knight