Luna Child

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Luna Child
Silent Moonlight










Able to control propagation of sounds


Great Fairy War



2 (Midboss)




Luna Child has lived with her two friends Sunny Milk and Star Sapphire for as long as she can remember ( time and memory isn't so much a pressing matter for fairies ). They've been known as 'The Three Mischievous Fairies' for as long as anyone can remember, due to their habit of causing travelers to become lost using the combined efforts of their individual powers. Lately they've taken to harassing the Hakurei Shrine Maiden in their efforts to pull the ultimate prank upon her so they can boast of their accomplishment of making one of the strongest humans in Gensokyo their own personal fool. So far they haven't made any significant progress in this endeavor. They also seem interested in the idea of being able to create an incident though they realize their power levels aren't strong enough to accomplish that on their own and the Shrine Maiden still continues to relegate them to the status of annoying but mostly harmless pests among Youkai despite their best efforts.


Luna Child has always felt her abilities left her at the biggest disadvantage, due to the fact that one could instantly tell if they were being used by the sounds in area suddenly growing silent. Because of this disadvantage she usually does the most complaining of the trio when they're out and about doing their various activities. Luna is the last of The Three Fairies to get motivated when a scheme is in the works, half the time it seems like she's almost being dragged along. This doesn't necessarily mean she doesn't like pulling pranks on people, it is that she'd rather have the power to be able to do such things on her own and without the others. She usually blames the other two fairies when things go wrong and she ends up taking the brunt of the retribution above all others. Sometimes the other two fairies do subtly manipulate Luna so that she's squarely resting in the path of oncoming trouble but it is mostly due to the fact that she is the least brightest of The Three Fairies. This isn't to say she's foolish or a stupid idiot ( that crown and title belongs to completely different fairy ), but she's dull-witted, not at all clever and is uneducated since she takes the least interest in learning about the world around her. Unfortunately she's ill convinced that if she had the power to fly solo she'd perform beyond all expectations without the others in the way but she is well aware of being nowhere near her goal. Luna is most energetic at night time and gets the least amount of sleep out of the three of them since she stays out late and wakes up early. This has given her a preference for high caffeine drinks such as coffee among others things in order to keep her going during the day. Even with a cup of coffee to start her off she'll usually carry a rather tired expression on her face until the late afternoon or near dusk when she starts perking up more.


Luna Child's outstanding ability is the power to cancel out sound. Her power is the most noticable of all the three as those who are perceptive can tell The Three Fairys are around, as it'll grow quiet in an instant as various sounds are masked. Aside from this she also has the ability of flight and creating Danmaku much like other fairys. She has also written a few spell cards which she uses either by herself or combined with the power of the other Three Fairys. Luna Child can replenish her power levels and heal damage done to her by basking in the moonlight. This might explain her preference for the nocturnal hours.







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