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Kyou Nigatsu & Sora Inazuma
Steel Devil of the Human Village




Male/Female (depending on the form taken)





Fish tempura stand owner


Kyou - Turning into Sora and back. Sora - Manipulation of lightning.


Original Character


Clock Tower




In ages long past there was a terrible Raiju Youkai. She'd terrorize the human village and the surrounding landscape, bringing with her electrical torment. The then Hakurei shrine maiden was enlisted to deal with the problem when the villagers were unable to. A great battle ensued and the shrine maiden emerged victorious. As punishment the maiden decided to seal the youkai away, instead of granting her a swift death. Unfortunately try as she might, the shrine maiden couldn't keep the youkai sealed away in anything, the youkai was just too stubborn. The shrine maiden decided to use her most powerful sealing technique, and a maiden of the Nigatsu family of the village volunteered to become the vessel. The sealing magic worked, and the shrine maiden left instructions to pass the seal onto the next generation lest the youkai has a chance to escape. That youkai was Sora Inazuma.

All was well in the Nigatsu family up until the most recent generation. Sora remained sealed and passed along from mother to daughter for so long that neither the humans, or the youkai recalled exactally why the seal had been placed, simply that it had to continue. As far as the youkai was concerned though, it was Hakurei's fault for sealing her in the human in the first place. Then Kyou was born, the first male born in countless generations without a sister. As such he was the first male of the family to be marked to be the next vessel for the youkai. As such Kyou was raised and tuaght what he'd need to know about becoming the next vessel in case a girl wasn't born into the family. By the time Kyou was 15, his mother had fallen deathly ill. With no other option, Kyou's mother was forced to perform the ritual that transfered Sora into Kyou.


Kyou is generally kind hearted, though easily annoyed at his current situation. He'd love nothing more than to lead a normal life, but he can't ignore Sora, atleast not without consequence. Also being a human in a land of youkai means he has to rely on Sora's powers for day to day surival, so he has to atleast try to appease her. Sora on the other hand is quite proud, despite her situation. She doesn't like being reffered to as a cat, and refuses to be seen in male clothing. She certainly has no love towards the decendants of the Hakurei Shrine Maiden that sealed her so long ago. However in her time speant sealed with the Nigatsu family, she's developed a fondness for them and doesn't mind lending her powers to them as needed, which in turn gives her a brief sense of freedom.


Kyou looks and sounds like a girl. This is due to the unyeilding insistance of Sora. Unless someone is telepathic, can see through clothing, gets too up close and personal with Kyou, catches Kyou undressed, or Kyou comes out and says so, there's no way by looking and listening to Kyou to know that he isn't a she.


Due to having inherited his family's bloodline seal, he's able to transform into Sora through the power of the magic that keeps her sealed within him, provided the two are cooperating with each other that is. Once in 'Sora Mode', he's able to make use of her powers of manipulating lightning.


Sora is a raiju youkai, as such her spell cards reflect her electrical tendencies. Lightning Claw, Lightning Rod, and Ball Lightning are her primary spell cards.

Lightning Claw: Sora swipes out with her hands, creating claw slashes made of lightning element bullets that're concentrated at first, then spread out the further away they travel from her.

Lightning Rod: Sora launches long, silvery bullets. While these bullets are by themselves harmless, if they connect a beam of lightning instantly follows, giving the hapless target a nasty zapping.

Ball Lightning: Sora's signature, and strongest Spell Card. She summons four spheres of lightning to circle around her while traveling away before dissapearing, in alternating waves. This is often combined with the electrical slashes as seen in her Lightning Claw Spell Card.







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