Komachi Onozuka

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Komachi Onozuka
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Ferryman Shinigami








Unknown (Possibly Immortal)


Carries Dead Spirits to the Yama (Shikieiki Yamaxanadu)


Manipulation of Distance


Phantasmagoria of Flower View


Higan Retour ~ Riverside View


4 (Elite Boss)


"Looks like I can't work today. Nope."


When a person dies, their spirit must cross the river to the Netherworld. It is Komachi's duty to ferry the dead across the river. The width and depth of the river changes depending on her mood. Also, if someone has done too much evil during their lifetime, they may even not be able to cross the river. A shinigami judges one to be good or bad not by the amount of crimes, but by money. That is to say, not the money that the deceased may have had while they were alive, but rather the total amount of those who yearned and missed that person from the bottom of their hearts. By the way, judging the amount of crimes of the dead is not Komachi's job and would be handled after crossing the river, but that's a story for another time. After death, when she requests a passage fee from them, people tend to be surprised since the money they have on hand doesn't correspond to their own assets, but on the assets of his or her surrounding friends. Very rich people tend to be despised during their life, and are astonished to see how little they have after death. Komachi always demands those she guides to pay all the money they have, and anyone who hesitates to pay the full sum is dropped into the river midway through the journey. The river is made infinitely wide, and the unfortunate spirit is soon consumed by huge fishes and sea dinosaurs which were extinct in world of the living. Komachi is widely known in Gensokyo as being a slacker shinigami. Her pace of working is slow and when the "flower incident" hit (every 60 years, a great many spirits are 'produced' in the outer world that migrate here), she didn't feel any urgency and kept going at her own pace or outright ran away from work at times. This huge quantity of spirits that hadn't yet been brought to the Yama for judging led to all the flowers of all seasons blooming as they got possessed. Maybe she spends too much time around the dead, as she sure does talk about death and suicide every other sentence when not complaining about her workload. Still, she's a rather carefree individual.


Komachi is well known for her Good-nature and laid back personality, but its the care-free part that got her well known as a slacker. She often gets scolded by her boss Shikieiki or 'Shiki' but it doesn't seem to stop her care-free ways. She also enjoys riling up her opponents and telling anecdotes. One of her favorite things to do is to talk. She is good with holding one-side conversations, though sometimes she can talk without mentioning 'death' or 'suicide', more or less due to hanging around ghosts for so long. However, this is also a good or bad thing, depending on whom crosses the river with Komachi. Some might say the long converastion could be delightful during the crossing or just another test before arriving to receive final judgement.

BOAT SIGN: Calls forth a little bit of the Sanzu River water and thrash the opponent with a boat.

DEATH SIGN: Striking the scythe on the ground, and shots will fall above the opponents from the sky.

DEATH SONG: A skill that leads the ghosts to form into a pack.

HELL: Slash at the enemy and prevent horizontal movements at the same time. Komachi can completely control the initiative as long as the effect lasts.

LIFE EXCHANGE: The unprecedented psyche-switching skill.

MALICE SIGN: Call upon strong homing demonic spirits.

SHORT LIVED: A fearsome skill that cuts the opponent's life in half.

SPIRIT SIGN: A shot that spreads ghosts over a wide area.

Streetwise: Average, skilled in Death.







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