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Koishi Komeiji
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The Closed Eyes of Love






Youkai (Satori)



Vague Wanderer


Manipulation of the Subconscious


Subterranean Animism


Hartmann's Youkai Girl (South of Heaven arrange)
Wandering Koishi (Red Red Groovy - Come To Me, Ecstasy)
Flight from Chireiden & Herself (Star Ocean SS - We Form In Crystals)


4 (Elite Boss)


Koishi is the younger Komeiji, sister to Satori, and like her, also a satori. While Satori found her own ways to accept and cope with both the ups and downsides to her mind-reading ability, Koishi couldn't handle it. One day, through means she doesn't willingly discuss, she completely sealed her Third Eye, and "killed" the reason she felt feared and hated by others - in the process, sealing her own heart and feelings off from the world as well.

While this did work, and other people ceased to find her frightening, this changed her so much, it didn't mean anything to her at all. She became "static" in her new state, and unreceptive to attempts at opening her up again.

When Satori ordered her own pets to play with her sister, and even giving Koishi some to take care of herself, it only had a minimal affect - at times, she seemed almost to respond, and at others, as if she were only going through the motions. Only the encounter with the Heroines stirred her enough to feel interest and commonplace ambition. Not enough to truly open her heart again yet, but enough to stir it, and rouse long-forgotten parts and the first feeling of regret she's had in ages.


Koishi is at heart a lonely girl who mostly just wants to belong and be accepted. Ironically, in the process of doing the one thing she thought would give her this simple happiness, she completely closed herself off from it.

In the world she exists in now, she is utterly alone in a way no one else can truly comprehend. And the worst part is, she doesn't feel it - her obtaining a state of "highest happiness" as buddhism puts it, gives her a perpetually carefree feeling that prevents her from realizing what she's truly done to herself. Her heart is shut tight even from herself, and buried deep in a sea of false contentedness.

So she wanders the world like a forgotten ghost that can occasionally be seen by others, leaving and returning home when she pleases, unheralded and unannounced, living according to mercurial whims, and doing as she pleases. She maintains worldly connections, but distantly and at arms length, though she still feels them - her pets, her sister, her home, links she still feels and keeps up, but not with the same investment.

Since she's usually cheery, her interactions with others are almost always with this face, regardless of circumstance - this can make her seem disturbing, lacking in tact and/or empathy and sympathy, or peculiarly detached at varying times. But she can also be a bit Mischievous to get sharp reactions and connections, but seldom to the level of a real prankster - she enjoys a good tease, and otherwise prefers to go along with others' jokes, even at her own expense, since embarrassment too is something she doesn't feel strongly from such things.


Koishi possesses the power to Read and Manipulate the subconscious.


As a practical matter, Reading it means she can see the base instincts and impulses of others, but unlike Satori's ability, not words, thoughts and details, feelings, or desires - an excellent ability for protecting herself, and a near-useless one for understanding another creature's heart and needs, or communicating with someone who can't otherwise(like animals.)

Her ability to Manipulate it, however, is truly frightening. At its heart, this allows her to subtly play on others' capacity to Perceive and Recognize - without both, from another person's perspective, a thing simply doesn't exist on any level. Koishi mainly makes use of this to an extreme degree, to maintain a state of faux-Mu/Nirvana - a practical death of the "self". If she doesn't make her presence known to be acknowledged, both she, and any actions she commits, won't be recognized by others.

This gives her an invisibility that is more than perfect, allowing her to wander around unseen, unheard, and utterly unnoticed by all around her. It's not that others can't see her, but they literally can't perceive her or her actions' existence until she calls attention to herself to be recognized. Explanations for otherwise unexplainable phenomenon, are shifted onto the user's subconscious to fill in the gap of recognition.

Things she does that others could notice, won't be seen as the work of "some sneaky ninja person hiding around here," but instead shifted subconsciously to whatever other reasons the person might attribute them to - for example, she can eat another's food out from under them, and they will instead believe another in the room did it, they did it themselves before they knew it, etc.

Furthermore, even when recoginized, no creature save perhaps the Yama, can actually sense her as being "there" - you can see her, she's talking to you, she can even be touched, but has no "presence" or sense of self to be felt at all. Even her sister can't perceive her until she makes herself known, or detect/read her thoughts when she does.


Koishi's ability makes her a more "typical" duelist in the Spellcard system, since she can't pull danmaku out of another's heart. But her cards are unusual, in that they work subtly against an opponent's instincts, flavored with her own Koishi Twist - stronger youkai go for more power, more space control, more beautiful patterns, but Koishi's simply fly out in ways that always feel contrary to her opponent's natural reflex to evade.

This also makes her a more powerful dodger than she may seem on the surface, as few creatures can present danmaku in such a way, that her ability to read the subconscious impulse wouldn't help her. Against someone like her sister, who relies on the conscious mind to exert power, she may as well be invincible, though to overwhelming experience, skill, power, and lack of common sense - things the red-white and black-white have in spades - she's proven to be quite defeatable.



  • Satori Komeiji ~ Big Sis is Big Sis, and when she's around, frequently a target of Koishi's odd version of affection - often some exaggeration of basic closeness. She's frequently stumped by Satori's intense desire to get her "back to normal", and tends to gloss over the gloomier side of their relationship with either cheery dismissal, or absurdities.
  • Utsuho Reiuji ~ The Big Bird! Okuu getting her power was the talk of the Palace for quite some time, and inspired Koishi's whim to travel up to the mountain shrine to get some nasty bug or another for one of her own pets. She doesn't truly appreciate Utsuho's circumstances being responsible for the stirring in her heart at all, seeing her as just another familiar pet of Sis' told to play with her, albeit a particularly strong one. This strength just makes her more teasible to Koishi.
  • Rin Kaenbyou ~ Rin is a clever cat, and on some levels, Koishi can appreciate this. But again, as Yet Another Pet given Satori Directive to play with her, it makes her a mark for Koishi... in some ways, with a bit crueler treatment than Utsuho, due to her smarts needing a harder edge to get a good reaction from.
  • Kisume ~ Of all the other beings in the old hell outside of the Palace, Koishi likes the little bucket youkai the best. Her quietness makes her very low-maintenance company to keep - perfect for Koishi, who doesn't need to field lots of questions about her lifestyle from others than her sister. Friendships with low expectations are the best~
  • Reimu Hakurei ~ Reimu is interesting! Amazingly so, to Koishi's mind, though the closed satori is fearless of her altogether despite her strength. The miko's activities were able to chink a tiny tiny portion of Koishi's heart into stirring again, and this means many of her current whims and interests are leaning in the direction of Reimu and those around her, that she calls friends and acquaintances, and even those she dislikes or hates. In a quirky sense, to Koishi, Reimu is the first person she herself has truly recoginized since she closed off her heart.


  • Marisa Kirisame ~ Koishi is amused by Marisa, who not only ran roughshod over the palace of the earth spirits, but had the temerity to try to rip her sister off. Even though stealing is bad~ While she doesn't pique her interest to the same extent that Reimu does, the witch is probably worth following up on too.



Koishi doesn't actually dislike or distrust much of anyone, though she also can't be said to truly trust too many people either. One of the only things in the world that perturbs her is too much persistence on being all gloomy about her state and way of life - buzzkiller that she doesn't need from anyone other than her sister - so she'll tend to start avoiding being around people who bring it up too much.



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