Kogasa Tatara

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Kogasa Tatara
The Merry Forgotten Umbrella






Tsukumogami (Karakasa)





Ability to Surprise Human


Undefined Fantastic Object


Beware the Umbrella Left There Forever


3 (Boss)



A karakasa youkai, which classified under Tsukumogami.

Once a normal umbrella in the human world, her owner forgot her, and nobody else that passed by within several years wanted to touch her or pick her up, due to her unpopular purple color. Times and years passes, and the umbrella slowly grows to resent human. The resentful nature grows, and thus the karakasa youkai is born. Carried by the wind that carried youkai forgotten by human being, Kogasa arrived in Gensokyo.

Her debut first occurs in the Treasure Ship incident, as a roadblock for the trio, Reimu Hakurei, Marisa Kirisame, and Sanae Kochiya. While Kogasa's intent was only to scare them a little, they were at best not impressed, and the resulting danmaku battle beated Kogasa down. Her revenge during the night went about the same direction.

After the event of Treasure Ship incident, Kogasa has been spending some times loitering around Myouren Temple and Human Village, and has connections in both place.


Anywhere from mischievous to sadistic prankster, Kogasa is nonetheless a kind youkai. She is a bit careless and headstrong when it comes to picking the target of her "surprise", often landing her in bad spot. She tries her best to make up for her pranks, often apologize right after and makes amends. She considers other's properties to be precious to them, and will not attempt pranks that may damage someone's personal belongings - after all, being a Tsukumogami of such an origin, she understands how fortunate it is to be loved and treasured as an item. A bit of jealousy, however, is only healthy.

She drifts in the sky, wandering from places to places, and seldom settles down to one place prior to the events of Unidentified Fantastic Object. As such, she has a bit of wanderlust in her. She'll be fairly willing to travel to exotic location and explore to uncover secret of Gensokyo, perhaps even get involved in incidents in such a way.

Kogasa's pranks are meant to surprise people, even though people rarely are surprised by her. She is studious, but only to the art of surprising human being. In other matters, she prefers a more hands-on approach and experience. That is to say, instead of a rigid schooling system, Kogasa prefers one that is more of a mentor-student relationship.

Her Tsukumogami nature landed her in many situations, and she turned out to have become... Something of a philosopher, with her own strong view on matters such as Life and Death, Gensokyo's Future, and such matters. Lately, she seems to be interested in Youkai education system.

As a flaw, Kogasa's easily discouraged in combat. Theatrical-type danmaku and spellcards aren't that bad, but anything relatively serious becomes an issue. If there's not really an important reason for Kogasa to want to win in a danmaku battle, she'll most likely take it easy. Beware, however, of catching Kogasa's fancy during night time, under a downpour...

Kogasa is some sort of a crybaby, at times. It's easy to bully her and cause her to cry, often including insulting her umbrella's color. Except it's about 50-50 chance of making her cry or angering her. Those finding Kogasa in their way might be able to abuse this, somehow.



  • Minamitsu Murasa (Friend): Kogasa is glad that Murasa didn't seem to have changed much after all these time. Having met Murasa once again in the Hakugyukurou Flower Viewing, and even performed a theatrical spellcard together, Kogasa is gladly reminded of the reasons why she became friend with the Captain in the first place.
  • Komachi Onozuka (Trusted Older-Sister-like Authority Figure?): Calling her "Onozuka-sama" and often receive advice in life from the shinigami, amongst other things such as support, Kogasa considers Komachi as an onee-sama figure, and visits her often by the Sanzu Riverside.
  • Tokiko (Friend, Strange Encounter): That was a weird, but fun, day. Tokiko is a nice beast youkai, well-mannered and gladly forgotten Kogasa for her silly pranks. Kogasa took Tokiko out for some tea in the Human Village, referred her to Myouren Temple, and is only too glad to call her a friend.
  • Taro Kuroyoko (Student in Art of Flight, Interest): The prank against Taro didn't go as smooth as it should, all in all, but Taro seems to be a really nice budding magician! Kogasa can't help but feel endeared to the little mage after she was compelled to teach him flight after a small accident, and ended up giving Taro an umbrella as parting gift. Though, Taro's stares at times were sort of weird...
  • Hajime Mitsuru (Fellow Prankster?): Kogasa didn't know Hajime for that long, but they had a friendly conversation together. She's a cool girl that was willing to guide her through the Forest of Magic! Kogasa shouldn't be too terribly lost while in the area now, thanks to Hajime. Perhaps Kogasa should go back and visit her a few more times?
  • Remilia Scarlet (Friendly Vampire Hostess): The vampire is the mistress of the Scarlet Devil Mansion, yet she was guarding the gate. However, she was kind enough to welcome a lost traveler into her mansion, treat her with tea and snacks, and offer her a soft bed on top of a bath. That type of hospitality was a bit strange, but she did repay her with a bit of pleasant time, tales of her travel around Gensokyo, so... It should be fine?
  • Sanae Kochiya (Defeated by in Undefined Fantastic Object, Friend?): Encountering Sanae again in a strange journey guiding Nori around and entering a bit of 3-wayed conflict, Kogasa is glad to have a chance to settle the difference with a handpicked gift from Kourindou after forcing the fight to come to a close at Kogasa's own expense. There are words left unspoken, but Kogasa is only thankful that she's got a chance to express her feeling.

Neutral, Friendly[edit]

  • Nori Takeshi (Guiding through Gensokyo): A mixture of thanks for Nori's gallant action in the conflict between Sanae and Nori and a bit annoyed at how Nori used her as a shield, but ultimately glad that she was at least useful... All in all, Kogasa can't decide if she should like the gallant and valiant defender, or hate the gruff and harsh devil.
  • Minoriko Aki (Human Village Acquaintance): Minoriko remains something of an enigma to Kogasa, but they meet enough on the street, by the market, and such, for Kogasa to consider Minoriko as someone that she'd gladly help in times of trouble. Oh, perhaps one day Kogasa will meet the famed Minoriko's sister? ...
  • Seirensen Crews (Acquaintance): Kogasa have not returned to Myouren Temple in a while. She really wants to get in touch with all her friends back in Myouren Temple, once in a while, and perhaps sits and have some tea, or something.
  • Houjuu Nue (Acquaintance?+): Same reason as rest of the temple crew. Well, perhaps she'd met Nue a few times on the street already, but didn't recognize her?! That would be embarrassing.
  • Kaguya Houraisan (New friend/tour guide/tour-ed guide): (Ongoing-RP, will write about later)
  • Manah Shadowsong (New friend/tour guide/tour-ed guide): (Ongoing-RP, will write about later)
  • Yuuka Kazami (Elegant caretaker of the Garden of the Sun): (Ongoing-RP, will write about later)
  • Youmu Konpaku (Amazing gardener girl): Kogasa wasn't sure if she'd left a good first impression with the half-ghost girl back in the Hakugyukurou Flower Viewing. However, Kogasa is very impressed with the girl, the fact that she tended to the entire Hakugyukurou's garden, and all. Kogasa hope they can become good friends.
  • Yuyuko Saigyouji (Elegant mistress of Hakugyukurou): Kogasa was a bit too shy to talk to Yuyuko much, but finds her to be an elegant lady with a brilliant idea.
  • Yuugi Hoshiguma (Drinked with? in Flower View party): Ahahaha. After blocking the Oni from her terrible attempt at befriending Nitori, she got Kogasa a bit too drunk through a series of accidents. -hic- Awesome oni. -hic-
  • Nitori Kawashiro (Met in Flower View party): Kogasa doesn't remember much from the event, but she met with Nitori, and saved the kappa from the rampaging oni... That's all she remember though, weird- where did the kappa go after?
  • Ishimaru Kaito (Met in Flower View party): Hmm. This person is a bit shady, but seems to be trying his hardest to become someone that's likable. There's nothing better than that, right?
  • Utsuho Reiuji (Met in Flower View party): Youmu mentioned something about being disgraced by Utsuho. Well, that and rumor of Utsuho blowing up a mountain nearby at one point. However, each Youkai have their own circumstance and reason, and Kogasa's more than willing to let Utsuho prove her hotheaded self. -HOPEFULLY- not in a danmaku battle, though...
  • Marisa Kirisame (Defeated by in Undefined Fantastic Object): A beam of light, shining and cutting across the sky of Gensokyo. Was that the famed master spark or just rays of normal laser? Kogasa wasn't sure, as she plummets from the sky. However, Marisa seems like a cool person, when compared to the other red-white.

Neutral, Unfriendly[edit]

  • Reimu Hakurei (Defeated by in Undefined Fantastic Object): Calling "Unfriendly" on relationship is perhaps not fair for the Hakurei miko. The Hakurei miko's snide, and a bit distant, but she's genuine about wanting to protect Gensokyo. While Kogasa don't forsee having a pleasant conversation with her without getting exterminated, Reimu's admirable in her motives. Still, it hurts like -crap- getting hit by those amulets.


  • Whichever one that dares to call her Eggplant-Colored Umbrella. At least temporarily.

Danmaku & Spellcards[edit]

  • Kogasa employs all normal patterns from spellcards known from Stage 2 and EX of Undefined Fantastic Object, as well as Double Spoiler (Spellcard 3-2, 3-5, 3-8), all associated powers, as well as the following spellcard or spellcard variations shown in either demonstration, plots, and events:
  • Rainbow Sign: "Over The Rainbow -Practice Mode-": Like the spellcard's name suggest, it's a harmless version of the spellcard "Over The Rainbow" that debut during Aya and Hatate's photo shoot session during the events of Double Spoiler. Considered as a Theatrical Type spellcard under Grimoire of Marisa's classification, this spell card is first confirmed during Hakugyoukurou Flower View Party, performed by Kogasa while hanging on top of Minamitsu Murasa. Much like the original spellcard, streams of kaleidoscopic bullets forms rainbows that spray across the area of effect. Unlike the original spellcard, droplets of water fly around before the rainbow instead of after. The rainbow bullets cause collision with the droplets of water and will send the droplets in random direction, akin to Cirno's Perfect Freeze's scattering effect. Due to difficulty being one step below Easy Mode, this spellcard is mostly harmless: The bullets are not grazeable nor will they cause any damage, and the droplets of water are only deadly to things that find droplets of water to be deadly.

PMiSS-style Report[edit]

Disclaimer: Akyuu may or may not have written this. Do not be fooled by the rabbits from Eientei and their propaganda!

Main Article[edit]

The Umbrella that's Left Alone Forever
Kogasa Tatara

Ability: Ability to Surprise Human
Threat Level: Low
Human friendship level: Low
Main place of activity: Vincinity of Myouren Temple

The umbrella that was left alone forever, a Karakasa Youkai known as Kogasa Tatara.
She can be easily identified by the eggplant-colored (*1) umbrella she always carry.
However, it's not a good idea to call her by that nickname, since she gets easily upset.
Unlike other youkai, it's surprisingly easy to find her in Human Village, disguised as a maiden with an umbrella, despite it being a sunny day.
She likes to play pranks with other human being, so one should be careful around Kogasa.
It's a good idea to keep away from her during night time, when she becomes more aggressive.

She's always a bit moody, with a raincloud (*2) trailing after her.
It's said that she loiter around Myouren Temple, living on the good will of Byakuren Hijiri.
Recently she's been haunting the graveyard near Myouren Temple, and has been getting a few more hits.
However, she's still terrible at her pranks and often ended up being the one surprised by her targets.

Eyewitness Report[edit]

  • That stupid girl slipped a piece of konnyaku (*T1) down my back! What the hell is wrong with that girl?! (Anonymous)

It's really old fashioned prank, isn't it?

  • That idiot slipped a piece of tofu down my back and ruined my dress! But she apologized right after when I shouted at her. (Anonymous)

It's really old fashioned prank, isn't it?

  • That accursed umbrella slipped some ice- (Anonymous)

She must've wanted you to cool down a little.


Because of her terribly old sense of pranks, it's easy to ignore them.
She's extremely polite to targets of her pranks afterward, so perhaps shout at her.
Calling her eggplant-colored umbrella have a good chance to incite her wrath, so do be careful.
However, if you ask her to be your umbrella when it's raining, it's likely to win her favor immediately.


  • *1: Thanks to the Moriya Shrine Maiden for this line.
  • *2: It appears to be her causing the raincloud with her power.
  • *T1: Translation Note: konnyaku can be found under Wikipedia's Konjac article, it's a type of Japanese snack similar to jelly, also commonly used in pranks.



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