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Little Devil












Use of Magic


Embodiment of the Scarlet Devil


Voile, The Magic Library


2 (Midboss)



A summoned devil in contract to Patchouli Knowledge, some rumor that it's just a master and servant relationship but others suggest that she may in fact be a familiar. Having served loyally with the Magician for decades Koakuma had become her assistant in the grand library Voile. Once the Mansion has arrived in Gensokyo she continued her duties but during The Scarlet Mist Incident she had moved to protect not only the library but Patchouli from the intruders but found herself to be no match for the pair as they were able to dispatch her and move through to battle Patchouli. Of course this wouldn't be the last time she would encounter Marisa Kirisame as the witch would begin to at times move to raid the Library and make off with books that she was "only borrowing" but in reality was outright stealing. Even though Patchouli had worked with Marisa during The Evil Spirit Geyser incident it hadn't meant relations had really thawed as well the Black-White Witch is still the Black-White. The little devil's work is never done as upkeep, cataloging the books, tracking which ones have gone missing and of course assisting Patchouli's work as needed. But overall she's not have it any different.


A studious worker and often quite serious about her duties although it might be hinted that there may be more than meets the eye with her demeanor. She may go off into technical discussions with Patchouli and others if she's started but of course there is the nature of a devil, but those impulses are often directed to useful things, such as trying to deal with the Black White or other problems within with creative means.


Koakuma possesses a pair of small leathery black bat-like wings atop her head poking out of thick, straight red hair which would frame her face and crimson eyes, which ran down midback to be nestled between a pair of larger wings on her back. Of course these wings are of a similar style but seemingly more for show with this devil. She'd be dressed in a black dress over a white dress shirt with a tie neatly tucked under a black colored vest.


"Servant Sign "Undine's Contract"" - Koakuma's variant of Patchouli Knowledge's Water Sign "Princess Undine". While similar to Patchouli's card Koakuma's variant has thinner shot patterns and slower moving bullets making it a bit less effective than it could be. But she is only but a servant and student of the Magician thus it is fitting that her cards be less capable.



Patchouli Knowledge - Summoned Koakuma long ago to be a servant, teacher of magical arts and Mistress. Koakuma serves her in a wide range of roles from go-fer to research assistant to taking care of various actions within the Library. Later Gifted Koakuma with her first spellcard and is the closest thing Koakuma has to family.


Sakuya Izayoi - The Head Maid of the Scarlet Devil Mansion. At times she Koakuma does cross paths with her but usually its just business. While Cursed Sakuya did approach Patchouli and Koakuma for help which they were unable to provide due to the nature of this curse.

Remilia Scarlet - The Lady of the House. Remilia will at times request Koakuma to act as go-fer to deliver books to her room. While others may refer to her as Mistress or Milady, Koakuma simply refers to her as Lady Remilia as the other terms are reserved for Patchouli.

Hong Meiling - The Gatekeeper of the Scarlet Devil Mansion. While Koakuma rarely meets her due to their duties they are on good terms.

Flandre Scarlet - While Flandre is usually left in the basement Koakuma has met her at times and even faced her in a spellcard duel. Needless to say there was collateral damage.

Taro Kuroyoko - An Outsider who has shown a some magical talent and skill untrained. To think someone from the Outside could pick up magical ability without being taught at all. He now is also a servant to Patchouli Knowledge and in training by both her Mistress and herself.


Rumia - A youkai who has come into the Scarlet Devil Mansion as a Maid as penance for causing an Incident. While rather childlike and innocent she can get into trouble. Koakuma has offered to teach Rumia to read after catching Rumia having eaten rat poison by accident because she couldn't read the label.

Nori Takeshi - A fellow Devil from Makai. Intimidating in stature and behavior he is a Greater Devil and Koakuma knows of his much greater strength than hers and is wary of him especially due to his behavior around her Mistress. Although during their trip to Makai she could understand a little more what drove him.

Shinki - The Mother of Makai and Koakuma's creator. During their encounter in Makai it seemed that the proud and mighty creator that Koakuma expected to meet was more looking to be a broken woman who lacked much charisma and an aura of command. Koakuma's still divided on how to feel with her.


Marisa Kirisame - The Black White Rat. One of the Library's enemies. Known for deciding to visit and loot the Library of various magical books. Also tends to be quite the pest. An attempt to retrieve a large number of books from her lead to Koakuma being defeated in a rather humiliating matter.

Tenshi Hinanai - The Celestial Pest. During a tour of the Scarlet Devil Mansion, Tenshi decided to wander into the Library and after the Fairies demanded her to leave started a battle which culminating in the dropping of a Keystone through the Roof of the Library and managing to kill or incapacitate the majority of the Fairy Maids in the Library. If Koakuma had only gotten there a little sooner the damage might have been lessened although the Devil did manage to defeat Tenshi but the tricky Celestial managed to escape on a keystone. Later on Tenshi attacked the Scarlet Devil Mansion during a party and attacked Patchouli who was dressed as Koakuma in a case of mistaken identity. While the Tenyo was defeated it only increased the rift between them.



Specific logs[edit]

Cat and Mouse - Patchouli and Koakuma make pay Marisa a visit to retrieve what was lost.

A Darkness Youkai gets taught a Lesson - Koakuma catches Rumia eating Rat Poison and makes her an offer

Moonlight Duel - Remilia's attempt to teach Flandre some manners leads to Koakuma getting a spellcard duel with the Vampire

Devil Patchouli Arc

Devilish Magic - While making Koakuma's first Spellcard there is a bit of an unexpected side effect and a trip down memory lane
Devilish Worries - After meeting Taro, Koakuma and Patchouli go to talk to Remilia and a there is a bit of a wardrobe malfunction
Devilish Hot Springs - Remilia, Patchouli and Koakuma go to the hotsprings to rest and consider what may come
Devilish Bonding - A late night encounter between Koakuma and Patchouli and reveal how deep their bonds are
The Scarlet Devil Mansion Costume Party Part 1 - The Devil Winged and tailed Patchouli and Koakuma go to the party before it is rudely crashed by Tenshi
The Scarlet Devil Mansion Costume Party Part 2 - The Climatic battle between Patchouli and Tenshi
Devilish Resting - In the aftermath of the battle between Patchouli and Tenshi, Koakuma and Taro tend to her wounds.
Devilish Experiments - As Patchouli recovers Koakuma and Taro check in on her and discover a new artifact.

Recruiting Taro Arc

Boss Battle: Patchouli Knowledge - A trip to the village leads Koakuma and Patchouli to encounter an odd Outsider
Devilish Worries - After meeting Taro, Koakuma and Patchouli go to talk to Remilia and see if they have permission to take the boy as an apprentice
Departure! Off to Voile, the Great Library! - With the blessing of the Lady of the House, Koakuma goes to find Taro and bring him to begin his new life