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The Fearsome Well Spirit










Power to fling down demon fire


Subterranean Animism



2 (Midboss)


Kisume had spent most of her time living in the underground, though she would make the occasional foray into the lesser traveled places above ground in Gensokyo. There she would wait in hiding, hoping to steal away any lost or far straying human travelers by catching them off guard, dragging them off back to her home turf. Her encounter with the two humans who invaded the underground was a memorable ( yet painful ) one. Like many Youkai before her she had never encountered any humans with such overwhelming power. The event traumatized her for a while before she got over the experience and was able to make the necessary repairs to her bucket. These days she's spending more time around the Earth Palace group, since she never has to speak up or rely on her feeble communication skills when Satori is around, since Satori always knows what's on her mind at any given moment.


Kisume may be among the lower ranked Youkai, though it's certainly not due to her being slow witted like some are. She's simply weaker than most but is always wary of those who might be around her. Her shy behavior might lead people to mistake her for being none too bright or even antisocial but she simply is just bashful and timid around others. She has a preference for small and confined spaces, which is why she never willfully leaves her bucket. Her instinctual behavior of ambushing others usually means she'll have the urge of introducing herself by appearing all of a sudden to people ( usually by leaping down from somewhere above said people, though on occasions she'll tuck herself completely into her bucket and spring forward when they least expect it ). Sometimes this leaves a bad impression upon others, especially those who don't like being surprised.

Ability: Kisume has the ability to fling down fire onto her enemies in the form of different patterns and displays of Danmaku. She's more or less on the lower end of the power scale among Youkai. She has learned a few clever ambush techniques to surprise her prey, though most of them consist of her dropping down in front of them from above, but this hardly counts as any sort of special power.







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