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Kinko Tachibana
Happy Mask Metal Smith










Blacksmith and Jewler in the Human Village


Manipulation of Metal


Original Character


Dark Chronicle - Sun


Just over a hundred years ago there was a blacksmith's apprentice who lived in a small village. In order to prove himself, he had to build something extraordinary to impress his master. His master suggested a pan, or a beautiful sword, or even a set of tools that could be used. But the apprentice was stubborn, and he set to work on making the world's finest Safe; something that the Emperor could be proud of. It took him many years, failing multiple times; and even through a deep depression of his master passing after he was taken by illness before the apprentice could finish, one day the Safe was complete. It was just as beautiful as he was hoping it would be. He took the safe to his master's grave and said "I have finally done it, master. I told you I would make the world's finest safe. I shall be back, when I am too old to lift my hammer and have this safe buried with you; housing all of my treasures in appreciation for your teaching." Many years passed. The village grew into a town, and the apprentice, who was now a Blacksmith himself whose skill was very well known. Some even said he had the ability to control metal to his liking, given how anything he worked on ended up a perfect shape. His safe was easily displayed in his shop, his finest work to show customers. Many wonderful items were created by the man, including a steel mask with the shape of a Tengu for a nobleman. He became very rich, and the treasures, both valuable in price and those of memory were put into the safe. Eventually, he gained his own apprentice, who strived to create something as fine as the Safe. One day, however, the old blacksmith realized he lacked the strength to lift his own hammer properly. And he knew it was time. He ordered his workers to help him carry the safe and all of its belongings to his master's grave. They placed the safe in a small shelter surrounding the grave site to protect it from rain and a month after this, the blacksmith passed. Decades went by, and one day, the safe was stolen by a thief who thought he could crack the antique. Frustrated with repeated failures, he discarded the box on the outskirts of Gensokyo where it remained until one day, it began to animate; fueled by the presence of youkai just beyond the border of the realm. This was five years ago the little Tsukumogami came to life, and since then, it had set up shop in the Human Village, always willing to produce beautiful items from metal for people that ask.


Kinko is a very simple youkai, or at least appears to be. Their personality is mostly cheerful, and rather docile. They are most happy when playing with metal; so much so that they were given a Blacksmith's shop in the Human Village. They usually do not serve those that would use the items it lovingly crafts for ill gain, or neglect them after a period of time. Such an example would be to give a deranged man a sword, or a housewife that only has an interest in cooking a pot that might never be used or loved. Kinko is also a very shy Youkai, not wishing anyone to see its face. So they wear a mask. Eventually, they have come to love masks so much that instead of money, they would ask for handmade masks from potential customers. Sometimes even children bring Kinko paper masks and Kinko would make them a pendant or bracelet as thanks. Normally docile, one of the fastest ways to anger Kinko is to try and take one of their masks or to try and swipe one from their face. Each one is a treasure and they hide their face for a reason.

Form I: Happy Mask Metal smith. This is Kinko's original and most comfortable form. In this form, Kinko's max speed is a slow trot due to all of the impossible weight Kinko has to bear carrying everything it does in the pocket dimension of its safe. Flying is near impossible, offering more of a 'moon jump' effect than actual levitation at its worst, or a lazy hover at its best. Offensive options revolve around flinging metallic items from the inside of Kinko's safe at a foe while defensive options involve melting said items down to form shields, or stopping any metal-based danmaku from reaching Kinko entirely, or changing their path to hit something else.

Form II: Arthur's Retribution. This form is set up usually after the 'It's Raining Dosh!' spellcard is used, opening Kinko's safe and drawing from its endless supply of items. Taking the defensive option of melting down metal to form shields a step further, Kinko creates a suit of European plate mail to offer added protection. However, now that there is metal completely covering Kinko, it is easier to manipulate it to allow Kinko to have the illusion of mobility or high-speed flight. Take the concept of powered armor, instead of engines powering the armor, it is Kinko's ability to move metal that gives it that extra burst of strength or speed. Offensive options include morphing various parts of the armor into weapons, such as a gauntlet into a sword, or the fingers of the armor into razor whips. Defensive options... Well it's a suit of heavy armor, it's a step up from a shield.

Form III: Hephaestus' Metal Titan. Kinko's most powerful form, though also the most dangerous to its user. Once again expanding upon the previous form's power, Kinko adds more bulk to turn the humble suit of armor into a towering humanoid metal abomination around twenty feet tall. The added bulk is almost non-existent as far as speed goes, but with so much metal to maneuver, Kinko often is blinded to certain aspects of the battlefield. Coupled with the intense rage or desperation necessary to even reach this state, this form is used primarily for offence, only relying on pure bulk for defense. Offensive options mainly involve making use of the many 'mini-safes' that in today's modern military would operate as an infinitely re-spawning missile launcher; firing propelled cylinders of tin filled with shrapnel that explode shortly after being primed. Other attacks include streaming jets of melted metal that branch and perform quick turns through the air to attempt to strike at a foe and create a web to capture. Still more are wrist and shoulder-mounted Gatling cannons that fire metal spheres in rapid succession. Defensive options are necessary, but mainly forgotten about. Even as Kinko has to move slowly or stand completely still in order to manipulate the sheer amount of metal flying around, Kinko's only defense is the layers upon layers of metallic skin that form its large body.

Form IV: Serene Defense. Kinko's final form is a form all of its own, only activated in desperate situations, completely ignoring the order of forms. As such, this is an 'extra' form that is not part of the main group. Kinko surrounds itself with Osmium (The densest metal on Earth) laced with Diamond (The hardest Mineral on earth), forming a near-impenetrable ball. As this ball completely covers Kinko (and/or anyone it is trying to protect), the chances of any targeted retaliation are very small. Instead, launching small orbs of metal at random in hopes of driving off or injuring an attacker enough for escape.

Masks: From day to day, Kinko will wear different masks, proud to have such a wide varity. However, most of them are of animals, and this has a minor effect on Kinko; they tend to make the noises associated the the animal at random times. If they are wearing a chicken mask, they will bawk. A cat mask? Meow, etc. Spell Card: It's raining Dosh! Kinko opens its safe and what seems like an endless rain of coins, sharp gems and gold bricks pour from the opening and fly at a target; a possible representation of all the money that had ever been stored inside of it when Kinko was still a Safe.







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