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Kenta Kurohane
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'So, it all falls together...'


Like most tengu, Kenta was born and raised in Youkai Mountain. Ever since his early years, he was very imaginative, if a little odd, and he often would be thought of as a daydreamer, or a smart, if a little eccentric fellow. He discovered his talent for writing at a young age, and figured he could put it to good use as a novellist, and so he began to write his stories, showing them to his friends and family. Later, his writing became somewhat distinguished, and he gained a modest market for his tales. While not as famous as other tengu writers, such as Aya Shameimaru or Hatate Himekaidou, he tries his best to write things that can be enjoyable by humans and youkai alike. As of now, he's probably writing a new story now, that is, if he doesn't lose the manuscript halfway through writing it. Nevertheless, he's proud of his work, and loves to hear people's opinions on his work, After all, where's a good writer without some critics?


The odd thing about Kenta Kurohane is that while most people run on some sort of underlying logic which makes sense, Kenta's somewhat...different. He enjoys writing, reading and whatnot, but often is a bit quirky, even by tengu standard, and that's saying a lot. Some say that it shows he's a genius, others say that he's lost touch with reality, and most just leave him alone, and let the absent-minded Kenta do his own thing. Despite having odd habits, people manage to overlook it, since he's a very kind, caring person underneath it, and he's remained a decent member of tengu society for quite a long time. Despite his tendancy to lose things, or his scatterbrain tendancies, underneath lies some true genius, but it takes a little digging underneath to reach it.



Aya Shameimaru: Easy to say, he claims he just admires her quite a bit as a friend, or as a fellow writer. Simply put, he's got a serious but hopeless crush on the reporter, and always tries to ineffectually impress her. Kenta mainly thinks it's because he's too poor or not as popular, although his eccentric personality gains him a little bit of likeability. Despite this, poor Kenta remains hopeful, even if he fails, that he'll eventually win her over. Somehow, anyway...

Beatrice: The demon-hunter Kenta met at the village one day. Kenta thinks she's quite a charmismatic one and very brave, from what he's heard of her tales and exploits. He wants to become friends with her because, for one, her adventures make good writing, and secondly, that she's a relatively nice person, something Kenta's not used to finding these days.





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