Kanashii Tatchi

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Kanashii Tatchi
Demon of Profound Sadness of the Battlefield












The power to see one's strength as an aura.


Original Character


Gouken Concept (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SsgXN2_u8lA)


5' 11"


A refugee of sorts, Tatchi is a lost devil. She fled from Makai, wishing to adjust to a different atmosphere than 'hell', and having also learned of other challengers outside of Makai. Before, she was but another demon, who was born blind, and learned to hate being told to 'look' at things, or 'see' how beautiful something is. In her hate, she welded metal over her eyes and onto her head, with a little help. After which, she fled what civilization there was in Makai, into the crystal like forests, where she would live and train, developing a style of her life: No hope. Though she does have a strong sorrowful past, she's actually a little friendly. (See: Attitude). After developing her style of combat, and learning to see auras of power with her newfound abilities, she left Makai to find strong opponents, and test her style of combat on them. And who knows what else...


Tatchi's attitude depends on your level of strength. Around stronger people, she's tense and serious, and almost unforgiving at first. But once someone states they're not looking for a fight, her attitude changes into something softer, a little more open, but not so hostile. She treats those of a 'lesser' power like this as well. She's reluctant to actually call someone a friend, and when she does, they're usually going out of their way to help her more than they are themselves. But she attempts to return the kindness down the line. Because she is a demon, and she avoids contact, she'll talk about the strangest topics, so ones with an open mind will probably get along with her best. The only time she's actually violent to new people is if they're sneaking up on her in some way. In which case, after she notices you, expect a fight.

Fighting Style: Though Tatchi can use Danmaku, she usually engages in a more physical contact sort of fighting. Her uniquely developed style, 'Nozomi no nai gijutsu', is a style where the user is completely blind, and is pouring anger into her fist and attacks, but is showing no signs of rage. Translated, it is 'The Style of No Hope'. One must become the devil to have the mindest for this style, which explains the marks on the metal over her eyes.

RPPRefs: Tatchi has odd preferences in a scene. She's a person that loves to fight, but at the same time, she loves to talk to company as well. It's hard to do both at the same time, so she first needs to struggle with herself in a decision that has to be made quickly. Depending on how strong your character is, you're either looking at a long conversation, or an all out battle. The stronger you are, the more likely you're going to fight, unless you actually state you're not looking for one. Currently, having hid all this time, Tatchi is looking for people to call allies and friends, but she also needs a vile hated enemy. Let's see how things progress...

Spellcards: Many of Kanashii's spellcards are named after various forms from the ITF 'Chang Hun' forms. There are 12 forms in total, so Kanashii has 12 spellcards at her disposal. She claims it to be part of her 'Nozomi no nai gijutsu' style.

Streetwise: The word that goes around about Kanashii, right now, is that she's a strange girl in a black martial arts gi, whom is very /very/ slim. Some thing she's a ghost that wanders Youkai Forest's ruins. Another theory is that she's a widow, who lost her husband to youkai long long ago, and to relieve her pain of having to watch her husband die, she welded a metal plate to her eyes.





Reimu Hakurei~ Tatchi has a personal grudge against Reimu, for her intrusion into Makai many years ago, and besting Shinki. She wants to assert vengence for the sake of Makai, and wants to best Reimu in a battle. She will go to great lengths to meet the Miko in person...



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