Kanako Yasaka

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Kanako Yasaka
Kanako 2.jpg


The Avatar of Mountains and Lakes






Unknown, approximately over 2300 Years old


Goddess of the Moriya Shrine


Manipulation of Wind and Skies(QIAN, the Element of the Sky)


Mountain of Faith


The Venerable Ancient Battlefield ~ Suwa Foughten Field


5 (Final Boss)


1.85 m


Kanako had a long history over the years she lived, however not that much is known about her actuall origin. A lot of her pastlife leaves unrevealed. She herself can't remember everything, since her memory didn't get better over the large lifespan she had. Over 2300 years ago, Kanako invaded the land of another god, Suwako Moriya. After a heated battle, Kanako was victorious and took over the land. Although she defeated Suwako, she allowed her to stay at her side as a fellow god. Over the time, humans started to lose faith in the gods. Since both Suwako and Kanako needed the faith of the people to exist, they decided that there must be a place where they can find enough faith. Thus, the goddesses along with shrine maiden Sanae Kochiya and the land around the shrine moved to Gensokyo, since there would be enough faith for them. After reaching Gensokyo, Kanako forged the plan to shut down the local shrine (Hakurei Shrine) so that the Moriya Shrine would become the dominant shrine. However, this plan failed. Now, both shrines coexist. A while later, Kanako started to experiment on different things. She wanted to have her own industrial revolution, thus researching on different things. One thing she was researching on was to combine divine powers with those of mere youkai. It's rather unclear what she did it for or how many testsubjects she used, but one testsubject in particular stands out. She managed to get a certain Hellcrow to devour a yatagarasu while it was resting in the flames of hell. The Hellcrow developed the ability to control and cause nuclear fission. Kanako herself is found of the experiment, exceeding her expectations. However, this experiment caused another incident. After that, Kanako established the Geyser Underground Center and put it under her own supervision. The Center is meant to be an research facility for Kappas and other Scientists. Kanako created this facility for the technological breakthrough of Gensokyo. The facility is powered by a fusion reactor. Kanako hired Utsuho Reiuji to controll the reactor, since her ability to controll nuclear fusion is more then suitiable. Till now, she have not regreated doing so. She is even very found of Utsuho, since it was Kanako who gave her this power and since Utsuho manages to wield those great powers very well.


As a Goddess that have lived over hundreds of years, she is a very kind person, but still acts superior over others. She is a very calculating personality, always thinking things through and always considerate of the success of her own plans, what ever they may be. Although she acts superior towards others, she often shows mercy towards others, even trying to help them in some cases without any profit for herself. This could be the result of her long life and her existance as a goddess. Although she acts over others most of the time, there are some persons she treats differendly. Since she and Suwako lived alongside a long time, she developed a strong bond with her. She shows a lot of respect towards Suwako, treating her almost equal to herself. Towards Sanae, she acts very gently and kind. You could say that she is treating her almost as if she would be her own daughter.



  • Suwako Moriya - "Fellow Goddess"
  • Sanae Kochiya - Shrine Maiden
  • Nitori Kawashiro - Neighbor


  • Reimu Hakurei - "Friend"/Rival Shrine's Maiden
  • Marisa Kirisame - "Friend"
  • Byakuren Hijiri - ???




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