Hong Meiling

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Hong Meiling
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Chinese Girl









Gatekeeper and Gardener of the Scarlet Devil Mansion


Manipulation of Chi


Embodiment of Scarlet Devil


Shanghai Teahouse ~ Chinese Tea, Shanghai Alice of Meiji 17


3 (Boss)




Shortly after the Scarlet Devil Mansion first appeared in Gensokyo, Meiling lead an ill-fated attack on the place. She was quickly defeated by the mansion's mistress. Rather than death, she was offered work. After a shaky start, Meiling has acted as the Mansion's guardian and gardener, and has developed strong friendships with the Scarlet sisters.


Meiling is a very proud youkai, both proud to be a youkai and proud of her chinese heritage. This alone can come off as kind of annoying. She takes duels seriously, even against friends, refusing to go easy on anybody. She's a lot less serious about training, though. She occasionally heckles the head maid in order to earn her daily exercise. While she does an admirable job maintaining the garden, Meiling doesn't take her job as a gatekeeper all that seriously. As a result, she can sometimes be bypassed or caught off guard by intruders.

Spell Cards: Meiling's spells are almost always close range, tied in to her martial arts expertise. They're also excessively colorful.



Remilia Scarlet ~ Meiling has a lot of respect and a curious friendship with the mistress of the mansion. She borrows manga from Remilia regularly, and in turn loans the mistress mangas from her own collection. There's a friendship, to be certain, but it always feels tenuous. Meiling tends to leave Remilia to Sakuya, who seems better equipped to deal with a proper young lady.

Flandre Scarlet ~ Flandre is the Scarlet that Meiling resonates the best with. She's playful and spontaneous, and a very physical girl when it comes to play. In many ways, this is just like Meiling. Unlike the other residents in the Mansion, Meiling spends quite a bit of time with Flandre. She understands Flandre is lonely, and therefore goes out of her way to be the younger Scarlet's friend. Meiling also harbors dreams of taming Flandre's more manic tendencies by teaching her martial arts.

Sakuya Izayoi ~ Meiling's friend and coworker, and the cool logic to her own fiery passion. Meiling enjoys having Sakuya around, and views her as the Yin to her own Yang. They're on good terms, though Meiling often cannot resist poking fun at her friend just to see her reaction. Sakuya is the only person in the Scarlet Devil Mansion who Meiling trusts implicitly.


Patchouli Knowledge ~ Meiling just doesn't understand this girl. Patchouli is a brainy type, and the more physical Meiling has trouble wrapping her brain around the way she thinks. She also doesn't appreciate the terse attitude she tends to get out of the librarian.

Rumia ~ A regular visitor near the gates. Meiling figures Rumia is kind of dim in the head, and keeps an eye out for the darkness youkai's attempts to get past her. Most of Rumia's tricks have been pretty simplistic so far, which only reinforces Meiling's opinion of her.

Cirno ~ Another regular visitor who lives at the nearby Misty Lake, Cirno is an odd one for Meiling. On one hand, it bothers Meiling that Cirno occasionally gets past her. On the other hand, she finds the fairy's enthusiasm charming. If only she weren't such an idiot.


Marisa Kirisame and Reimu Hakurei ~ Meiling has a pretty low opinion of these two. She'll keep her peace when they're around, but she keeps an eye on them to make sure they don't try anything. This is because they broke into the mansion a while ago and caused havoc inside, up to and including beating up both mistresses. Meiling recognizes that these two are powerful, but this is all the more reason to be wary of them.



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