Hino Kaji

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Hino Kaji
The Prodigal and Primordial Son of Old Japan






Beast (Hell Salamander)


Unknown (Soul is ancient by the standards of even elder Youkai, but the body is fairly new)



Power to control fire and induce explosions/eruptions


Original Character



5 (Final Boss)



It is said that in the earliest days of Japan's lore, that after Izanagi and Izanami created the world, that soon Izanami became pregnant with a child. In the many recollections and versions of this tale, what sprung from her womb was that of a body cloaked in a raging inferno, and so mortally burned was his mother, that when Izanami succumbed to death was the child slain by his own father with a sword out of anger and vengeance. His life ended before it had even really begun, the body was divided into eight pieces and so fell into the sea, becoming eight great volcanoes that would form the entire nation itself from the body of a dead god. The tale, for that of all things mortal, Youkai, and even God existing in those days; had more or less ended as an explanation for the land's creation, but the story of Kagutsuchi does not end there.

Even a dead God isn't truly dead, and this was proven such in the case of Kagutsuchi, for while his body had long since transfigured into the crust of the earth and the magma flowing beneath, his spirit had not rotted away but had taken refuge in the magma flows themselves to become a sort of pseudo life all on its own. In the womb of the earth, it grew and it desired freedom, but consigned to bide away in these comfortable fires as its home, all the while formulating itself in a time when it had no identity of its own if it was even worthy to be called by its birth name. Alas, however, one day many many many years ago, the realm of Gensokyo was severed off from that of the "Real World" by an impenetrable border, to drift in the realm of dreams…how lucky then that around that same time, the spirit had come to flow directly beneath the then current Hell in a sealed off cavern from the flows of lava, and like an egg, it incubated and lay still in the shifting plates and convulsing crusts.

Eventually, whatever life energy the bodies used as fuel had exhausted while returning into the ground, found a home with the spirit and gathered together. In such a terrible place, where the dead were punished, a soul that had never passed on had steadily begun to reincarnate itself into a proper vessel…though it was not given a long standing leisure. The Yama had soon enough abandoned this Hell in favor of a new one, and so the sun that had long burned the wicked dead was slowly robbed of its source even as the residents continued to work in order to keep it but an ember alive. In that time, the magma flows stopped, the ground cooled, and the crusts formed to seal off what the very chamber which Kagutsuchi had called home in whatever consciousness it possessed in such a time. The body of a Salamander, born from magma and the ashes of the dead, pulsed with life after countless centuries of preservation and pseudo slumber; it had achieved reincarnation from that of a God! Most certainly, it would have probably slept on peacefully given that it hadn't enough strength to force itself out, but that was presuming a certain Goddess *didn't* have other plans for the lands, that she didn't send down the soul of a three legged crow, or that a Hellbeast would chomp it down and attain the powers of the Sun itself! In a magnificent burst unlike anything he had ever felt before, the youkai's chamber was filled overflowing with lava and an energy he had never felt before: solar radiation! He now, not it, could feel consciousness collect itself, he could feel strength flooding into his body; the Kagutsuchi that was never born had finally achieved a body of his own!

Soon, all that collective power would give him the strength to force his way out; soon he would emerge in a blaze of glory in a new world, a place in which he could actually explore and interact with! One might only pray that his idea of "glory" didn't involve flooding the world above with molten rock...


Having never been born does not necessarily equal being devoid of consciousness, and in the newly self-christened Kaji's case, He's had plenty of time to devise who he really is. At most though, he is a kindred spirit who is vastly devoid of the more modern of ways, especially that of a place like Gensokyo which even now is on the fringe of an Industrial Revolution! So like a child, he often approaches things with almost child-like fascination and even a certain pure innocence about him...oh did we forget to mention? He is quite the playful sort as well, though this seemingly innocent little description is rather sadly tied to some more negative aspects of his formed persona. For one thing, Kaji is EXTREMELY hot headed, and is prone to a tantrum or outburst like a volcano on the fringe of blowing its top, and added to that, he's got enough destructive firepower going to make him a real force to be reckoned with! So just don't make sure you try to harm him...or anyone he would ever consider a close friend. Which brings to light a more desirable impulse in contrast, which is to say, Kaji is a consistently warm hearted being if not often coming on as extremely headstrong, eccentric, and even impulsive, but he is more or less a deeply passionate creature in whatever he does, eager to make the most of his strength and make a standing in the circle of life. Something which he has been waiting for, for essentially forever!


As a result of containing such enormous power without little to any real training in it, Kaji's spell cards are vastly unfocused on individual targets as a result, however it stands as a fact that they really don't NEED to be focused, after all they possess such a wide area of effect. This is primarily because of his ability to draw on the powers of volcanic fire and create explosions as a result, so that all of his self devised spells and skills all revolve around casting remote detonations of danmaku instead of directly firing them off (although he can) at an opponent, and though these are sometimes easy for a focused duelist to dodge, they often force the unwary into corners for quick obliteration. Though he DOES possess some terrestrial and alternative purpose spells as well, such as conjuring up a sword of flame to send sweeping waves or attack at close range, his own fists and feet for casting fireballs, or even causing localized eruptions on ground level; they are obviously less destructive in potential than when utilizing above but it does show that he possess' a more compressed means of self defense.

Spell Cards[edit]

Vulcan Sign "Infernal Third Eye"[edit]

Fire Sign "Lord Salamander Rises Unexpectedly From the Hearth"[edit]

Immolation "Volcanic Minefield"[edit]

Divine Tool "Ama-No-Murakumo"[edit]

Final Eruption "Journey to the Center of Gensokyo"[edit]







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